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Independent West Coast Rap Author Gets Acclaim in the Streets and the Classroom

The Kayslay of Hip Hop Podcasting to talk at Brave
New Voices in San Francisco April 23rd

San Jose, CA, April 18th, 2005: YinSumi Press, the
worlds first publishing house dedicated to
documenting the social and political trends in the Hip
Hop sub culture, is proud to announce Lyrical Swords
Vol. 1: Hip Hop and Politics in the Mix is being used
regularly on various college campuses and high school
classrooms. Equally strong is the street buzz of The
Swords from Los Angeles, CA to Cambridge, MA.

Since it was first released in Nov. 2nd 2004, Lyrical
Swords was instant success. Featuring Russell
Simmons, Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest, Dilated
Peoples, Marital arts legend Royce Gracie and Shaolin
Monk Shi Yan Ming among others, Lyrical Swords takes
the reader on a unique literary journey. Every review
on has it rated as a 5 stars. This has
prompted many in the classroom to incorporate Lyrical
Swords into the curriculum, or as a study supplement.

Joseph Schloss, Ph.D.Tufts University Music Department
and author of Making Beats says Adisa Banjoko
combines a thoughtful, analytical writing style with a
decade and a half of passionate commitment to hip-hop
culture, and the result lives up to its potential in
every sense. He holds hip-hop to the highest
standards, approaching it with discipline, principled
critique, a keen sense of history and - above all -

Because of this approach, virtually every chapter of
Lyrical Swords can spark powerful class discussion
without being divisive. Topics concerning African
American identity, history, social policy, the civil
rights movement, the nature of art and more are
addressed with an engaged, yet objective, eye.

Between selling books and public speaking events, he
sets the internet aflame with his blog: . He regularly podcasts
live play-by-play coverage of professional basketball
games, martial arts tournaments and interviews with
rappers. On he was called The
Kayslay of Hip Hop Podcasting after his discussions
about the inner workings of The Source Magazine.

Adisa Banjoko has spoken across the nation about Hip
Hop, politics and the various philosophies existing in
the sub-culture. His presence at the podium is
undeniable. Adisa Banjoko gave a stirring talk this
February when he was invited to speak by the Harvard
Islamic Society on Islam Hip Hop & Black America.
Those who attended were not disappointed.

He has been seen, heard or read about on KPIX with
Barbara Rogers, KRON with Phillip Matier and Willie
Brown, Air America Radio with Chuck D, KMELs Street
Soldiers Radio, KPFAs Hard Knock Radio, San Jose
Mercury News, East Bay Express, Harvard Crimson, and NPR w/ Ed Gordon among others.

The April 2005 issue of XLR8R magazine remarks
Banjoko takes an almost-conversational approach,
which makes his book a far less intimidating (yet no
less intellectually brilliant) read; its much closer
to The Book of 5 Rings, than The Prince.

Jeff Chang, author of the Hip Hop history book Cant
Stop Wont Stop noted Incisive, real, and always
bold, Adisa Banjoko is one of the rare writers who
really matters. If you care about the destiny of our
generation, you need to arm yourself with Lyrical

Adisa Banjoko stated I am truly grateful that my book
has been so well embraced by high school teachers and
university professors alike. I love that young people
on the streets still buy my book out of the trunk.
These are equal honors to me. Its about time that the
sub-culture of Hip Hop was taken seriously in the
American school system. I work hard to help young
people realize that Hip Hop is a non-violent tool of
self liberation and personal empowerment. By these
schools incorporating The Swords, to me it shows
they see that to. Its beautiful.

April 23rd Adisa Banjoko will be speaking at the
Brave New Voices poetry slam festival with Jeff
Chang, and Oliver Wang at the Yerba Buena Center for
the Arts in San Francisco at 12:00 PM. You can get
more information at .

For more info on Lyrical Swords Vol. 1: Hip Hop and
Politics in the Mix visit, or!!

PR Contact: Mieko of ShinKen Public Relations
(408) 449-9810

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