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Joel Silverman's 'Surf School' Is in Session

LOS ANGELES, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Award-winning Writer and Director, Joel Silverman, began production last week on his third feature film, "Surf School." With past projects including "Nailed" starring Harvey Keitel and "Death to the Supermodels" starring Jaime Pressley and Brook Burns, Joel Silverman embarks upon this sexy teen comedy akin to "American Pie" at the beach, boasting a stellar comedic cast, many of whom also happen to be drop-dead gorgeous -- Harland Williams, Corey Sevier, Ryan Carnes, Lee Norris, Miko Hughes, Sisqo, Matt Baker, Laura Bell Bundy, Angie Ruiz, Diane Delano and Taylor Negron.

"A campy comedy with a hip twist set against a surfing backdrop, 'Surf School' combines laughs with a fantasy backdrop for an authentic, hilarious surf-safari tailor made for today's young audience." Silverman adds, "I think 'Surf School' will distinguish itself because the humor is unique and wildly funny, but there's still a realistic heart to this story. It's an underdog struggle, to which every kid can relate."

The story begins when Jordan (Corey Sevier) moves from Maryland to Laguna Beach, California. Jordan quickly finds out that a good looking lacrosse player from "Mary-Land" doesn't exactly equal "cool" in a high school full of California bred surfers. His first day at Laguna Beach High, he encounters popular bad-boy Tyler (Ryan Carnes) who is the school's surfing champ. Tyler and his buddies give Jordan a chilly reception and Jordan quickly realizes he is on the outside looking in. Jordan is befriended by a posse of other misfits including hip-hop rapper Mo (Sisqo), sex crazed loud mouth Taz (Mico Hughes), Larry the school virgin (Lee Norris) and an angry goth mute Doris (Laura Bell Bundy). Out to prove themselves, they enter the annual international spring break surf contest in Costa Rica, where the hilarity continues with modern day kids in a hippy surf commune run by two of the most hilarious but lovable hippies, Boris and Tillie (Taylor Negron, Diane Delano) and a very sexy chambermaid Marianna (Angie Ruiz). What begins as a quest to win a surf contest turns into a coming of age journey full of love, laughs, and self-realization.

Source: Angie Ruiz

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