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Multi-Award Winning Documentaries on Urban Hieroglyphics

Hollywood, CA-- Everything that youve ever wanted to know about Urban Hieroglyphics AKA the Graffiti Art Movement, is contained in what Indie Executive-Producer Bob Bryan calls the "most highly anticipated Video to DVD collection release" of the GRAFFITI VERITE Documentary Video Series.

The successful National Educational Media Network "Gold Apple," and CINE "Golden Eagle" Award-Winning Series, produced by Bryan World Productions, LLC.is NOW AVAILABLE for Worldwide DVD product distribution and Foreign Language Videograms. Bryan is geared up for ahuge 2005 marketing push and sell through bonanza.

The multi-award winning Five (5) DVD series, directed by filmmaker Bob Bryan has single-handedly become the most innovative and successful series in the market that explores the eclectic psyches, art and ideologiesthat spawned the underground world of hip-hop and the Urban Graffiti Art Movement. GV is an ideal acquisition to reach the Young Adult, Hip-hop, Graffiti Artist, Art Educator / Student and Teen demographic. As a testament to its crossover appeal, parents even love it!!

"Required viewing for all citizens of Big Cities that dont understand the significance and impact of Graffiti..."
-Rap Pages Magazine

"A must-see Video to understand what is happening to the inner world of today's Urban Children."
-Wisconsin Bookwatch

"If you regard Graffiti as defacement of property - something that Gentrification should erase - you must see this video!"
-Eye Magazine, Underground News

GRAFFITI VERITE hasbeen broadcaston many local PBS stations across the country and has won countless National Film & Video awards and been widely reviewed by National and Underground writers.

"This well-produced examination of an underground art form, explained by the artists who created it will add a new dimension to art classes and to library video collections. We recommend its use in High Schools and College Art Classes."
--School Library Journal

This widely acclaimed, one-of-a-kind series is highly regarded by educators, art students, graffiti artists and librarians throughout the United States and is viewed as the preeminent series on the subject and is considered "Appropriate and useful classroom material..." The Committee for the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

In an innovative bold stroke filmmaker Bob Bryan created GV4: The Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas a how-to video that actually teaches novices and beginners how to create and master the Graffiti Art Techniques so that they can create their own artistic _expression.

DVD Collector's Edition with Special Bonus Features:
* A suggested list price of $34.50 per DVD which includes:
* Public Performance Rights (PPR)
* Shipping and handling
* DVD Amaray Case
* Interactive Chapter Menus
* 30 Scene Chapter Selections
* 60 Individual Still Snapshot Enlargements of Classic Graffiti Art / Images per DVD

According to Bryan, "never before in history has there been such an art movement that has impacted so many people on a worldwide basis. Graffiti Art is both loved and hated and it's freely given away to the anonymous public. The walls are visually screaming loudly and were ignoring its historical and emotional significance. If your child were yelling at the top of their lungs in the next room, could you ignore their agonizing screams? I don't think so...."

Bryan believes that as a culture we cannot afford to be so blind, not to "read the writing on the wall." The canvas walls of our city streets are being used pretty much like newspapers uses paper to tell the story of the people's daily struggle and search for identity. Of course, this controversial public art dialogue is articulated with allot more flava, attitude, passion and conviction. We study hieroglyphics, petroglyphs and cave writings to try to understand its connection to it's culture, but somehow we choose to disregard the messages being blasted loudly and in 3D on today's graffiti filled walls. It doesn't make sense.

The GV Series is currently available on-line at http://www.graffitiverite.com/, Alibris, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Target, Borders, Circuit City, Facets Multimedia, Tapeworm etal. The staff at Bryan World Productions, LLC. islooking forother on-line distributors and e-Vendors interested in becomingdistributors (sellers)of the GV Series. Reps should contact Loida Mariano at bryworld@aol.com

Bob is currently in simutaneous pre-production with GV6, GV7 and GV8. Production to begin Spring / Summer '05.

Contact Info:
Loida Mariano, Account Executive
Email: bryworld@aol.com
Website: http://www.graffitiverite.com/
Tel. Number: 323 / 856-9256 (USA)
Fax Number: 323 / 856-0855 (USA)

Mailing Address:
Bryan World Productions, LLC.
Attn: Loida Mariano, Account Executive
PO Box 74033
Los Angeles CA 90004

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For more information on becoming an
On-line Distributoror Licensee of the
GV series
please contact Loida (bryworld@aol.com) for more information
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