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ProHipHop Debuts Talking Hip Hop Business with Tahir On Hood Economics

San Francisco, April 21 /ProHipHop/ -- ProHipHop, the hip hop and rap music business news blog, this week debuts Talking Hip Hop Business with rapper Tahir discussing Hood Economics in a feature entitled "The Revolutionary Heart of the Dirty South."

Talking Hip Hop Business is a new addition to ProHipHop featuring hip hop business people discussing the business of hip hop and rap music. In the first edition, rapper and producer Tahir shares his perspectives on the philosophy behind his third release Hood Economics. Tahir mixes thoughts on self-determination for African people in the U.S. with a basic business perspective derived from his own struggles as a hip hop producer and businessman and the inspiration of such folks as his parents, who ran a neighborhood grocery store, the Jam Pony Express DJs and Roc-A-Fella founders Jay-Z, Damon Dash, and Kareem "Biggs" Burke.

Hood Economics is also the title of Tahir's third solo release. You may know Tahir from his work with Abu as the production team Hedrush. Their work appears on albums from Dead Prez, The Coup, The Roots and Thrill A Playa, as well as in the films Soul In The Hole, Brooklyn Babylon and The Ladykillers. They are now part of a larger project, Hedrush LLC.

Future editions of Talking Hip Hop Business will feature such figures as New Bay artist Balance, the Bay Area Mixtape King, discussing career building and marketing with mixtapes and Phillis Pollack, publicist for NWA and Bushwick Bill, on the life of a hip hop publicist.

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Clyde Smith

About ProHipHop
ProHipHop, based in San Francisco, is a hip hop trade blog serving hip hop business news and analysis on a daily basis. Publisher and author Clyde Smith launched ProHipHop in the fall of 2004 in order to provide a resource for those involved with hip hop business across industry sectors and those wishing to understand the business of hip hop. In addition to attracting business folks, ProHipHop has become a favorite hip hop news destination for hip hop heads as well as the simply curious.

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