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The Source Magazine's May Issue Delivers Exclusive Bombshell News, Interviews, Analysis and More

NEW YORK, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Source Magazine, the leading voice for the Hip-Hop community for the past 17 years, delivers another timely and exclusive cover story with its May issue when it asks the question, "Is Hip-Hop The New WWF?" The Source goes on to provide in-depth reporting and analysis on the state of Hip-Hop in light of the recent 50 Cent/The Game beef and subsequently staged "truce." The May issue also features an exclusive interview with an insider within The Game's Black Wall Street camp who reveals shocking news on the confrontation at Hot 97 and the truth about Game and G-Unit. In recent weeks, the New York Daily News, Reverend Al Sharpton and others have turned the discussion of responsibility for violence in Hip-Hop from a focus on the artists back into the corporate headquarters of the music industry's largest record and radio companies. This follows over two and a half years of reporting by The Source on forces working to destroy Hip-Hop, including corruption, racism and monopolization within the music industry.

Highlights from The Source's exclusive May issue cover package include:

Profits Of Rage, words by Ryan Ford

"In the world of professional wrestling, actors earn a living with staged violence and drama. With MC's like The Game and 50 Cent cashing in on fabricated gangster stereotypes, it's time to question Hip-Hop's commitment to the truth."

Live From Black Wall Street, interview by The Source Mind Squad

"I think this whole thing has brought real Hip-Hop to a halt. Hip-Hop as a whole loses real big when things like this happens and The Game knows that and he's looking for a productive and positive outcome."

"The Game's beef with The Source was coerced by his labelmates...when he said 'fu*k The Source' and still got 4 mics for his album, that was a big wake-up call for him."

Speak Of The Devil, words by Dasun Allah

"With Tupac's 'One Nation' album he wanted to prove he could sell records by unifying people as opposed to destroying people. Instead of making Tupac's vision of unity available to the public, the late artist's words were married with the works of Iovine's uber-thugs."

The May issue is the first in a series of upcoming exclusive cover stories, leading into the launch of the all-new millennium version of The Source, Hip-Hop's most important magazine. The August 2005 issue will feature a re-design of the magazine's contents including its logo-the first change to its logo in over 14 years-and the introduction of The Source 5.0, a DVD/CD-ROM disc that brings content from the magazine to life, creating a fully interactive experience for the magazine's readers.

Source: The Source Magazine

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