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Call for Papers and Abstracts

Lehman Conference on Hip-Hop: From Local to Global Practice
Lehman College, Bronx, NY, USA
October 21, 2005

We invite paper and abstract submissions. Send all communications to: tmascon@hotmail.com or gothicdancer@hotmail.com

The Bronx is widely recognized as being the birthplace of a cultural form, which has become global in scale (N. George, Hip Hop America. 1998:10) and has influenced everything from art forms to social movements and political organizing. This conference, planned for Lehman College in Bronx, NY, will allow for an interdisciplinary and sociocultural examination of hip-hop (rap music, electronic dance music, graffiti art, break dancing, urban/minority youth cultural _expression, etc.) and will provide an opportunity for extensive dialogue between theorists and practitioners. In addition, the conference will highlight the role of the Bronx in the development of hip-hop, and on the globalization of an initially neighborhood based cultural practice.

Panel Themes (suggested):

*The history of hip-hop
*Race, class, gender and hip-hop
*Visual representation of Black women in rap videos
*Queer rappers performing straightness
*Rebel voices?: The politics of hip-hop
*Global hip-hop
*Ownership and cultural consumption of hip-hop
*Hip-hop, rap, and music
*The art and poetics of hip-hop
*Hip-hop and theory
*Hip-hop, the Bronx, and NYC

Conference Planners:

Siobhan Brooks-King Sociology-Lehman College and New School University
Tom Conroy Sociology-Lehman College

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2005

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