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FunMail Announces Wallpaper Universe 3.0, An All New Version of America's Biggest Mobile Wallpaper Portal

Improved Previewing, All New Galaxy Structure, Better Search, Open Content Formats and New Personalization Features Top The New Feature List

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- FunMail announced Wallpaper Universe 3.0 today, an all-new version of their leading mobile wallpaper portal. The new version sports a stylish new look, a huge catalog of over 10,000 eye-popping wallpapers, and an expanded feature set including:

-- Content Galaxies: Wallpaper Universe is now organized into "galaxies"
of content each organized for easy browsing. Wallpaper Universe has
always offered the largest and most varied selection of wallpapers, and
the new galaxy structure makes it easier than ever for consumers to
find what they are looking for.
-- New Personalize It! Wallpaper Galaxy: Wallpaper Universe 3.0 offers a
vast selection clever and fun personalized wallpaper, a popular
feature where consumers can enter text which is rendered with FunMail's
Rendering Engine into a unique wallpaper. Selections include Peanuts,
Dilbert, Shrek 2, Harold and Kumar, Classic Horror such as Freddy vs.
Jason or a Nightmare on Elm Street, Love, Hip Hop, and many more.
-- Open Content Formats: Wallpaper Universe 3.0 leverages FunMail's Open
Mobile Media Platform (OMMP), enabling content partners to easily
integrate new regular or personalized wallpaper.
-- Better Thumbnail Previewing: Wallpaper Universe 3.0 now displays one,
four or nine thumbnails, depending on the consumer's phone screen size.
-- Wallpaper Search: Wallpaper Universe 3.0 enables consumers to search by
wallpaper title or keyword. Results are queued into browseable
thumbnails, making it easier than ever for consumers to find exactly
the right wallpaper for their phone.

Wallpaper Universe 3.0 is available in BREW and WAP form, and is expected to be shipping by early June.

FunMail Contact: Andy Baldocchi,
VP Sales & Marketing
Phone: 925-455-1200
Fax: 925-455-1927

About FunMail, Inc.

FunMail creates engaging, unique and fun wireless entertainment products. FunMail offers popular consumer visual services including comics, interactive wallpapers, mobile greetings, ring tones, and community-driven peer-to-peer camera applications. Founded in 1999, FunMail has achieved an industry reputation for creativity, innovation and reliability, and is considered one of America's most fresh and interesting wireless entertainment companies.

Source: FunMail, Inc.

CONTACT: Andy Baldocchi, VP Sales & Marketing of FunMail,
+1-925-455-1200 or Fax: +1-925-455-1927

Web site: http://www.funmail.com/

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