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Hip Hop Music Classic Ranks Top 1% of Hip Hop Websites

Read about how a Hip Hop Music site ranks among top 1 percent of all websites on the internet.

(PRWEB) May 16, 2005 -- Atlanta based Hip Hop Music company www.hip-hop-music-classic.com has hit it big with it's website covering Hip Hop.

In only four short months they have experienced over 400,000 visitors to their website. The U.S.,Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Japan lead the pack in numbered visitors to the site. However, the content has drawn fans, artist, writers and producers in countries as far as Germany, Singapore, Nigeria and Republic of Korea.

www.Hip-Hop-Music-Classic.com ranks among the top 1 percent of all websites in the world according to www.Alexa.com which ranks all websites World-Wide. The Alexa ranking for Hip Hop Music Classic is 81,000 out of over 18 million websites on the internet. Whoa!

Specializing in Hip Hop content the website gives unknown and professional fans, artist, producers and writers all over the world the opportunity to gain important information about Hip Hop history, lyrics, videos, magazines, music and even models.

With as many as 10 main categories on the website a visitor can gain enough information about Hip Hop to satisfy them for months. If you are a Hip Hop enthusiast or fan, it's a must you visit their website.

www.Hip-Hop-Music-Class.com has information for everyone.

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