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Internet Music TV Channel Gives Sponsors 45 Days Free Advertising

Music Plus TV develops a unique advertising package plan and extends a trial run to all potential sponsors.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2005 -- Music Plus TV (MPTV) intends to become an advertising hot spot on the web, as the independent live internet TV station announced its Ads Plus package plan to potential sponsors.

The Ads Plus package will regularly extend to all of its new sponsors a free 30-day advertising trial, allowing them to simultaneously place ads in all of MPTVs available media formats. Marc Cubas, MPTVs Business Director, has temporarily added an additional 15 days to the trial period.

I want to invite advertisers to do business with us, and I want them to experience the variety of advertising platforms well have to offer them as we continue to grow, said Cubas. Music Plus TV will be on broadband, cable, satellite, and in print via our Print/PDF magazine. Well have the ability to reach consumers all over the world.

With the official website alone, MPTV has already acquired 250,000 registered domestic and international users, a number which is steadily growing larger everyday.

Dennis Tzeng, MPTVs Creative Director, sees several benefits to advertising with MPTV. Advertisers will reach an audience that is looking for something new and cutting edge, said Tzeng. And because well have a worldwide reach, advertisers looking to brand their name or product worldwide will be able to do so in a low-cost way.

MPTV will have a menu of advertising choices available to sponsors, such as short commercial spots, product placement opportunities, content sponsorship and limited website banners.

Scheduled to officially launch its live internet TV station on June 15th, Music Plus TV will provide 24/7 online exposure for independent and unsigned bands and musicians. By the beginning of next year, MPTV will also have a cable network TV station up and running.


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Global Artists Coalition
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