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The Only African-American, Woman-Owned and Operated Internet Radio Station is Launched

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) May 15, 2005 -- Baybop Radio is
launched as the first African-American, woman-owned and operated radio
station in the world. Mixing streaming technology and music, founder
and owner Adrienne Anderson programs music by independent artists and
features endangered music or music that wouldnt normally be heard
on todays radio.

Started in June of 2004, Baybop Radios audience has grown. Artists
indie Seattle rappers Optimus Rhyme and underground folk artist Edith
Frost are in regular rotationsomething youd never find on Top Ten
radio. San Francisco-native Adrienne Anderson knows the public is ready
for the next wave in radio streaming. Better equipment and better home
computers have revolutionized how people hear music.
People cant listen to their iPods at work, or keep rotating their

What are they doing? Plugging into Internet radio, says Adrienne. Sick
of hearing the same music and a lot of commercials, Baybop Radio is
ahead of the pack with its creative programming and minimal
commercials. Baybop Radio is streamed through Live 365.com. In June
2005, Baybop Radio will be expanding because the number of listeners
keeps growing.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this
release, contact station owner Adrienne Anderson or visit
http://www.baybop.com . You can click directly to Baybop Radio at

About Baybop Radio:
Baybop Radio was founded in June 2004 and was officially expanded in
2005. Established as a nonprofit, community radio station, it features
endangered music by indie artists, as well as classic soul,
bluegrass, rock, swing, reggae, rap and American roots music. Founder
and owner Adrienne Anderson is also the founder and director of the
International Black Womens Film Festival in San Francisco, California,
and the author of WORD: Rap, Politics + Feminism (available through
Amazon.com). Baybop Radio is the only African American and woman-owned
and operated Internet radio station in the world.

Adrienne Anderson, Owner & Programmer - Baybop Radio
Press Release Available Online at:

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