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Branching Out in the Business: A Guide to Mixing Music with Fashion

Kerry Gordy joins top music industry executives and artists who are launching profitable apparel lines. Gordys music business experiences lead him to lucrative ventures within the fashion industry.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2005--Russell Simmons began Phat Farm. Sean P. Diddy Combs created Sean John. Jennifer Lopez launched J. Lo. Britney Spears got Curious. Do we see a pattern here? And, is there a lucrative link between music industry executives and artists with the fashion, cosmetics, and fragrance industries? Apparently so. According to www.hoovers.com, in 2004, the P. Diddy related Sean John made $2.8 million for example.

Celebrities understand the money that can be made by putting their names on multiple products, says one industry insider, Weve all seen this done before, but today we see those who are able to pull it off really well, bringing even more millions of dollars a year.

With his own record and marketing company, Gordy Enterprises, Kerry Gordy, formally of Motown, Warner Brothers, and Paisley Park Studios, intends to accomplish the same type of branding expeditions as other music industry entrepreneurs. Gordy will tap into the merging consumer market where music meets the fashion and beauty industries. Yet, he intends to do it with a different twist. Rather than becoming the front of an apparel line, Gordy has begun to manage fitness guru Debbie Siebers of Slim in 6 fame. Through his connections, Gordy has been able to set Siebers with her own apparel collection through the privately owned and operated Romar Studios, Inc. Siebers collections will touch wide consumer markets and will branch from online to retail stores.

Springing from industry royalty and experience, Kerry Gordy can bring deeply-rooted industry knowledge and a formidable connection force, continues the aforementioned source, the key is that when those who have made it in the industry understand the amazing opportunities that it offers. There was a time when artists, producers, and the like were owned by the giants of record companies and given crumbs of profit from their own work. Now, more industry people have knowledge of the finicky money tree behind and the branch out capabilities of the business.

Being involved with artist management can open multiple pathways for a business savvy individual due to its correlations with the deal structured nature of brand management. Managing a brand is much like managing an artist in that it is based on making a product into a recognizable name. As a brand manager and partner, Kerry Gordy holds a uniquely objective position. He has fiduciary, image, product and branding responsibilities. He is likely to be more accurate and honest about quality, direction and in promoting the line than others who are concerned solely about themselves and their own image.

Kerry Gordy has a natural, God-given feel for why and how to manage personalities. Its in his blood, continues the source, He is persistent, and he gets what he is after. When he believes in something or someone, he follows it through to success.

Sonja Williams

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