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Finally, A Female Rapper that Has More to Say Than Just Talking About Her Physical Attributes...

Theres A New Type of Female Rapper in Town Meet Earths Angel, Kenyona, As She Looks to Take the Music Industry By StormGetting Crunked and Dealing with Real People issues on Her Soon to be Released Album.

Clayton, NJ (PRWEB) July 29, 2005 -- In just a short period of time, Kenyona, otherwise known as Earths Angel, has managed to create buzzes that not even the most known of lyricist/singers can createjust recently being entered into the chart listings of DJs across the Globe, who have found the female MC to be worth making their own personal top 30 industry musical charts. Blessed with an incredible lyrical flow, and an angelic voice, this twenty-something year old Queens, New Yorker, plans on being that new type of female MC in town, that does not only talk about shaking her tail, taking guys for cash, guns, drugs and crime, but things that adversely affect our society, as she does in her musical composition "Departure which addresses a mothers agonizing ambivalence associated with abortion.

With an album that is slated to be released in September, on Beatforce Recordings, entitled Razing Hell Til its Heaven, this young woman prefers her Timbalands to her Manolo Blanicks, and can prove that she can flow with the best of men, as she does just that on her first released song from her upcoming albumthe crunked out, straight derrty south diddy, "Back Up" which also shows a side of Kenyona, that lets you know that she is not to be taken lightly should she be pushed to the limit.

Every now and then there is the sudden emergence of a rising star, and that rising star, which is being guided by the Heavenly father, is Kenyonaa determined lyricist, a skilled singer, and a female MC that is comfortable in her own shoes - be it Timbalands or Manolo Blanicks, and knows her worth as an artist. So, we present to you Earths Angel please remember the name.

For interview opportunities, please contact Renee Mahoney or Kenyetta McKinney at 856.863.1356.
Visit the website at www.kenyona.com.

Renee Mahoney

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