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Introducing Jha Jha Enter Dipsets 1st Lady

Jul 25th 2005
Being the 1st of anything can be stressful, but when youre Jha Jha its anything but!
Straight out of Miami, she was ordained the 1st Lady Of Dip Set by none other than Harlem royalty Killa Cam and Jim Jones, after a brief show and prove session in front of members at their leading label.

Since receiving the thumbs up, Ms Jha Jha has used her all access diplomatic pass to take the rap world by storm, heavily endorsed by her Dip Set brethren and mentor Jim Capo Jones, who says, she is destined to go straight to the top. Jha Jha shes one of the most incredible artists that I know, male or female. She just knows music. I really believe in her sound and her music, I follow her lead, she gave me one of the singles on my album called What You Been Drinkin On and Puffy just jumped on the record. So that goes to show you the type of song she gave me.

The faith that Puffy and Jones have in Jha Jha is there for all to see, as she can now be heard on the remix version of What You Been Drinkin On, and has just finished shooting the up coming video, down in her home city of Miami.

Modest to the very end though, Jha Jha does not seem fazed by all the positive feed back that she is currently receiving, only describing herself as being a diverse and soulful artist.

It is indeed her diversity that will set her apart from the over whelming masses of self proclaimed 1sts, securing her Dip Set title for many years to come.

Visit Official Website: www.dipsetmixtapes.com

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