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Maverick Entertainment Group Signs Exclusive Output Agreement with Atlanta-Based Christian Film-Makers Amen Films

Maverick CEO, Doug Schwab, and Amen Films Executive Director, Christopher Play Martin (from former hip hop duo Kid N Play) to collaborate. The first film release is titled: Holy Hip Hop: The Movie.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 25, 2005 -- Advancing its strategy of providing home entertainment clients with the best of Urban, Latino and Horror films, Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEG) is pleased to announce their newest alliance and expansion of their Christian/inspirational label Spirit. Doug Schwab, President of MEG, announces that MEG has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Atlanta based producers of Amen Films. The output deal will help fill the void in programming for the Christian sector and catapults MEGs Spirit as a major player in supplying faith-based films to Americas retailers & rentailers.

The size of the Christian retail industry in total is estimated to be $3.75 billion; up from $2.6 billion in 1991. The Christian entertainment industry is estimated to be $3 billion, and is the industry's fastest-growing genre. The deal is recognition on the part of the film industry of the power of the Christian market. Since Mel Gibson's 'Passion of the Christ', the global audience has exploded for Christian Inspirational films and music worldwide.

Finalized and signed during VSDA Home Entertainment 2005 show in Las Vegas, MEG and Amen Films have agreed to a five (5) year exclusive output distribution deal for faith based special interest programs and feature films under the Maverick Spirit and Amen Films moniker. Amen Films will be handling all marketing and promotion of those films within and throughout the Christian community, leveraging a core network of Radio, Internet, Television, Special Events and Magazine multi-media. MEG will handle marketing and promotion to retailers and rentailers across the country. Martin heads up the Amen Films division and will work very closely with Maverick President Doug Schwab on all aspects of the joint venture.

The first project to be released with the Spirit/Amen moniker will be the much anticipated Urban Christian film titled: Holy Hip Hop: The Movie and is slated to be released within the upcoming months. The Film is produced and edited by Christopher Play Martin (House Party) and HP4 Digital Works. Holy Hip Hop: The Movie delves inside aspects of the rapidly rising Holy Hip Hop music genre and the global movement focused on street ministry evangelism.

Christopher Martin, internationally known to many Hip Hop movie and music fans as Play from the rap and acting duo Kid n Play starring in the box office hits House Party and the sequels House Party 2 and 3, and Class Act. Martin currently serves as Executive Director of Amen Films. As the same creative group heading the Holy Hip Hop Music label distributed globally through EMI, Amen Films will negotiate with some of the best Gospel recording talent to make appearances in Spirit/Amen productions. Amen Films intends to produce and or acquire up to 12 movies a year which will be distributed by MEGs Spirit label.

Martin explains, This Exclusive Film Distribution Agreement, maximizing visibility for Christian and Inspirational films worldwide, is timely and Maverick Entertainment is once again at the forefront. Fulfilling the need for films that inspire, uplift and enlighten is a key objective of Amen Films; and Amen Films is extremely excited and proud to be in a long-term covenant relationship with Maverick Entertainment, as a part of the Spirit Family. Stay tuned, as there's about to be a new house party and a new day in Christian and Inspirational films," said Christopher Martin.

In making the announcement, Doug Schwab stated, "This deal reinforces MEGs position as a leading distributor of niche films. These faith-based films complement MEGs already strong catalog - a catalog that includes films under the Urban, Latino, Fusion, Creep FX and Platinum labels. Amen Films is a major creative force in the Spiritual content arena and we are very pleased to collaborate with them to bring outstanding faith-based movies to our clients across the United States. We look forward to building on this relationship with Amen Films to further explore future distribution projects together.

Along with the new partnership MEG is now positioned to release at least one Spirit title per month starting in 4th quarter of this year and continuing throughout 2006. MEG is very happy with the performance of their already released Christian product under the Spirit label, expanding its borders and moving into licensing of its library of niche product internationally across all media, with worldwide rights in this partnership.

Amen Films, LLC:
Amen Films, LLC, is an Atlanta-based Film and Entertainment company produces, distributes and markets Christian and Inspirational Films within and throughout the global Christian community via radio, television, magazine, special events and internet multi-media. For more information on how to submit Christian film projects for distribution and marketing consideration by Amen Films, as a part of its alliance with Maverick Entertainment, please email: e-mail protected from spam bots.

HP4 Digital Works:
Fueled with a new divine purpose and hope, Christopher Martin is Executive Director of Amen Films, and Founder and CEO of HP4 Digital Works and Solutions. Ready to use a 20 year plus experience in the entertainment business, HP4 Digital Works and Solutions is a production company that provides service for digital motion picture projects. From pre-production to post production for television, cable and, or theatrical presentations Hp4 Digital Works and Solutions can help an artist and, or company through consultation and hands-on service from A to Z. For more information on Christopher Martin and HP4 Digital Works, log on to: www.hp4digitalworks.com. For more information on Holy Hip Hop: The Movie, log on to: www.holyhiphop.com.

Maverick Entertainment Group Inc. (MEG):
A leader in the domestic home video arena, MEG specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of niche films. Founder and President Doug Schwab is a 26-year veteran in the film and distribution industry. He has cemented the eight -year-old company as the leading entity for these fast growing markets with over 400 films distributed in the U.S. under the labels Maverick Platinum, Latino, Creep FX, Fusion, Spirit and Maverick Entertainment.

MEGs films can be found on the shelves of all of the major video stores and retail outlets such as Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Best Buy and Circuit City to name just a few. Maverick Entertainments goal continues to be to produce and package diverse motion pictures for domestic distribution, offering over 50 films per year. For more information log on to the Maverick Entertainment Group (MEG) website at: www.maverickentertainment.cc

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