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Doey Rock Rocks the Streets with a New Sound


LOS ANGELES, CA (June 22, 2005) - Rap and Hip-Hop music continues to tell the street tales of family, survival and pain, but none as provocative and compelling as the life of Jonathan Doe Montana better known as Doey Rock. Doey Rock is the prominent personality, Jonathan is the thinker and Montana is the play maker

Doey Rocks conflict with himself, the streets, his unstable childhood, and his absentee father is reflected through his music. Picking up a pen and pad instead of a piece has been his therapy. Doey Rocks fans best describe his music as a Talib Kweli meets an edgy Xzibit experience. Doey Rocks ability to narrate his story and draw visual pictures through his words is just the prescription to continue the growth of the west coast rise.

During his Hip-Hop journey Doey Rock signed recording deals and patiently waited for his turn to shine, but that never came. Completely fed up with being let down by the people he allowed himself to trust, he took his destiny into his own hands and created Industrial Works. Through his company he intends on showing his fans and doubters his fearless ability to pull up his bootstraps and get down and dirty with his career the Industrial Way.

Doey Rock has recorded songs with Hip-Hop heavy hitters such as Raekwon the Chef, Supa Fly, Daz, and Carlos 'Six July' Broady. He has also shared the stage with Hip-Hop veterans such as KRS-One, The Roots, Nas, and Xzibit to name a few. From coast to coast, Doey Rock has held down the stage and consistently won over fans. Unlike any other time in his life, Doey Rock is focused on his career as a recording artist.

Continuously recording his soul onto digital archives, shaping his identity and discovering his salvation one track at a timeThe Struggle Is Back and his name is Doey Rock.

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Contact: Echoing Soundz, Inc.
Milena Brown/ Adee Drory

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