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Real Talk Entertainment Announces Their Upcoming Projects

Real Talk Entertainment is pleased to announce a list of their upcoming projects from some of the best artists in hip-hop and rap today. From Brotha Lynch Hung, Spice 1, Outlawz, Mc Eiht and Mac Dre check out this huge update

Real Talk Entertainment Press Release -- (ArriveNet - Jul 26, 2005) --Real Talk Entertainment is pleased to announce a list of their upcoming projects from some of the best artists in hip-hop and rap today.

Coming soon from Real Talk are many albums that you will for sure not want to miss out on.

Legendary hip-hop and rap MCs Spice 1 & Mc Eiht have just recorded another album to come on Real Talk Entertainment. The first album The Pioneers turned out to be such a success (Charted on Billboards Top100 Albums for over 8 weeks) that Real Talk Entertainment decided to pair the two most respected industry rap veterans up once again.

With Production by Big Hollis (Snoop Dogg, E-40, C-Bo, Bad Azz and many others) Tron Treez (Tony,Toni,Tone and Messy Marv) and others. The outcome was Keep It Gangsta. The new album has the same quality as The Pioneers, but this time around Spice 1 & Mc Eiht wanted to give the fans more of what they want, an album for the streets.

One of the many highlights of Keep It Gangsta is 187 Hemp (a song about the different Weed Strains) a 2005 Remix of Spice 1s First Platinum Hit 187 Proof (a song about liquors).

Spice 1 & Mc Eiht - "Keep It Gangsta" Track list

1) Spit At Em

2) No One Else

3) Raw Wit It

4) The Bossilini

5) 187 Hemp

6) Im Original

7) No Chit Chat

8) Let It Go

9) They Just Dont Know

10) The Warning

11) Revenge

12) Ohh Sh#t

13) Less Than Nothin

14) *Bonus Track
Produced By : Big Hollis , Tron Treez , Vince V., Kreep

And once again it's on with Tupacs Outlawz. The Outlawz are back with a vengeance. The New album has Just been recorded. The Legendary group brought to you by 2pac returns with their 5th album.

Real Talk Entertainment Presents Young Noble & Edi of The Outlawz "Against All Odds" featuring production by some of today's top beat makers including, Big Hollis (Snoop Dogg,E-40, C-Bo, Bad Azz and many others) and Tron Treez (Slim Thug, Tony,Toni,Tone and Messy Marv). Standout cuts such as Pimpin In My Blood, Same Thang and Leave the Past Behind will definitely please their core fans and gain them scores of new ones. 14 New Bangin cuts from start to finish! So join the new Outlawz movement or get left behind.

Track listing for The Outlawz - "Against All Odds"

1) Ride It Out

2) Outlaw Pride

3) Leave the Past Behind

4) Clutchin On A 45

5) Dont Change

6) Pimpin In My Blood

7) Make You Happy

8) Same Thang

9) Keep On Doin It

10) I Wanna Know

11) Aint No Love

12) All Family,No Friends

13) We Outlawz

14) *Bonus Track*

Produced By : Big Hollis , Tron Treez

Also Brotha Lynch Hung & Mc Eiht release "The New Season".

This album is a complete surprise to all, Real Talk Entertainment put

together Northern Californias own Brotha Lynch Hung and Southern

Californias own Mc Eiht to create what is sure to be considered an instant Classic "The New Season".

The buzz on the street and over radio is this will be the biggest selling independent group album of 2005. The Production alone should hint to the magnitude of this album, with a majority of the production being handled by the artist themselves Brotha Lynch Hung & Mc Eiht.

With Brotha Lynch Hung & Mc Eiht both having Platinum Production Credits under their Belts, Its no wonder why there is such a strong buzz about this album. One of the many highlights of "The New Season" is Agent Double 0 Duece 4 Blocc & CPT (Rest In #### 2005) Its an all new 2005 Remix of Rest In #### one of the most popular songs from Brotha Lynch Hungs First Gold selling album Season Of The Siccness. "The New Season" is Brotha Lynch Hung at his best, back to the Season Of The Siccness Style that made him Famous and as far as Mc Eiht is concerned the new Pairing has brought the Compton We Come Strapped Gangsta back out of him!!! You dont want to miss this Guaranteed Classic!!!!

Track list for Brotha Lynch Hung & Mc Eiht - "The New Season"

1) The New Season pt.1

2) Dreams

3) Thats All U Can Do

4) Agent Double 0 Duece 4 Blocc & CPT (Rest In #### 2005)

5) You Dont Know, Who I Know

6) Neighborhood Boyz

7) Its on Round Here

8) Homiez 4 Life

9) Split Ya Head

10) When You Hear The Shots

11) Ride So

12) Who Knows

13) War outside

14) California Bangers

15) The New Season pt.2

16) *Bonus Track*

Produced By : Brotha Lynch hung , Mc Eiht, Phonk Beta, Big Hollis , Tron

Treez, Vince V.

There is also a new album from Spice 1 - "Life After Jive" (Best Of)

23 Classic Tracks - from his last 10 Independent releases.

Now if that isnt enough how about a few DVDs to add to your library.

Real Talk Entertainment wkk present D-Shot "Bosses In The Booth" (DVD)

With Bosses In The Booth Vol.1, Real Talk Entertainment and Shot Films, Take you where youve never been before, Inside the Recording Studio and into the Recording Booth, with some of todays hottest recording Artist and Producers. Eight Long Years in the making, this film, in its entirety, contains all new, Never Before seen Footage of todays Gold, Platinum and Diamond Hitmakers at work. A must have for any Hip-Hop Fans Collection, and/or anyone Interested in what goes on Behind The Scenes. Bosses In The Booth Vol.1 is a Real Life look at what it takes to stand out in todays Entertainment Industry, and the types of relationships that are Built, Maintained and sometimes even Shattered through Ambition, Love of Music, Fame, Fortune and Tragedy!!!




And if that isnt enough top this one - Mac Dre - "Ghetto Celebrities vol. 2" (DVD)

This DVD contains the last recorded Interview of Mac Dre (RIP) !! Before Mac Dres untimely death, He sat down with a camera crew for an Hour and a 1/2 long Interview, The outcome is this Documentary.

See Mac Dre like youve never seen him before!! Watch Dre as he opens up and tells you, How he honestly feels about Family, Friends, Enemies, Music, Money, Life and even his eerie thoughts on Death and getting Shot.

Dre will take you on a Tour with him to the Studio (Recording New Material), To the Mall (to go Shopping), To the Airport (to pick up Yukmouth), To Concerts (Featuring San Quinn and B.A of 3xkrazy) and much moreSo you can see what a day in the life of Mac Dre is like.

Through out this DVD, youll see the actual Penatentiary, School and

Neighborhood (CrestSide of Vallejo,Ca) that Mac Dre grew up in.

This Full Length Documentary also Includes Never Before seen Footage
of..Mac Dre with his Mom (Their First and Last Interview ever recorded together) Hear his Mom speak about the Good & Bad times she had raising Mac Dre.

Youve Heard His Music For YearsNow You Can Meetem.

Now there is your Real Talk Entertainment update.

Visit Real Talk Entertainments Official Website and get all the latest on these projects and more. Go to www.ghettodvd.com

Contact them by Email at - realtalkent@hotmail.com

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