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Word On The Street Announces New Artist Spotlight

My vision for Word On The Street is to be a free source of entertainment for the people. My primary focus is to keep the memory of those that have paved the way alive, those we call the "Old School" artist but the truth of the matter is that we can't ignore the new artists that are creating trends and paving a new way so I invite you managers, producers and label owners and artists to feature your artists or yourselves on Word On The Street in the "New Artist Spotlight" area.

You are able to post a picture of your choice along with a brief description of what you/they do and links to music samples and/or their/your website. At this time I am unable to host your sound bytes so if you want people to actually hear the music, you'll have to host that yourself and post a link.

This is not limited by genre and is available to all. You may post your information at http://p198.ezboard.com/fwordonthestreet35710frm22

If you or your artist uses adult subject matter or cursing in your music, this will need to be indicated with the parental advisory, explicit content logo.


There is no charge for this service as it's all for the love of music and my wanting to support artists with reaching their musical goals. I would like to ask that you help to spread the word about Word On The Street.

If you have any questions or need help with posting photos or formatting, feel free to email me at info@thewots.info with the words New Artist Spotlight as the subject matter.

Peace, Blessings and Continued Success in All of Your Personal & Professional Endeavors.

Sheila Chadwick
Owner / Editor-in-Chief

About Word On The Street

Word On The Street is an urban monthly online magazine that covers all of the latest celebrity news, updates and interviews as well as sports, movie and music coverage and book reviews. Primary readership is male and females between the ages of 21 and 50 who love music, reading, sports and entertainment news. We average a minimum of 550 hits a day.

Sheila Chadwick the Owner /Editor in Chief, is a freelance journalist who writes on Urban Affairs and has contributed to various publications in print as well as online. Some credits include Crystal Magazine, Mahogany Magazine and liner notes for the Midnight Soul compilation released on the Right Stuff Records label in January 2004.
Sheila is a native of San Francisco, California currently residing in the Midwest.

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