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Hip Hop Rap Artist Cappadonna Of The Wu-Tang Clan Presents New Album

Hip Hop/Rap artist Cappadonna of the Wu-tang clan is set to release a new album "The Transition"

www.wu-international.com -- (ArriveNet - Sep 26, 2005) -- He is known as Cappachino The Great and Donna Cappa Goines, Cappadonna first emerged in 1995, spitting serious darts on "Ice Cream" and "Ice Water" from Raekwon's classic Only Built For Cuban Linx.... The following year he dropped an excellent (and hard to find) 12" called "Drastic Measures." He lent sizzling verses on "Wu-Wear" and "Winter Warz," (from the soundtracks of High School High and Don't Be A Menace...,) and also contributed to several tracks on Ghostface's classic debut Ironman. Known for his colorful slang and dedication to staying dipped, Cappa represented on both Wu Tang Forever and The W. He released his first solo album, The Pillage in '98, The Yin , The Yang followed in '01 , The Struggle '03 and soon to be released The Transition. For most true ghetto-raised and respected emcees that have sipped from the cup of international success...

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