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7x7 Magazine Names West Coast Rap Author Adisa Banjoko One of the Prestigious Hot 20 Under 40

"The Bishop of Hip Hop" Receives High Honors As He
Readies His Latest Book and new Documentary

San Jose, CA- YinSumi Press, the
worlds first publishing house dedicated to
documenting the social and political trends in the Hip
Hop, is proud to announce that West Coast Rap author
Adisa Banjoko was named one of San Franciscos 7x7
Magazine highly coveted Hot 20 Under 40 in the
October 2005 issue.

7x7 Magazine is produced by a nationally recognized
team of publishers, editors and artists who seized the
opportunity to produce a smart, stylish magazine for a
young, affluent audience. 7x7 Magazine reflects the
lifestyles of, as well as the attitudes and image of
the new San Francisco.

The magazine acknowledges The Bishop as The Bay
Areas foremost Hip Hop Journalist and Motivational
Speaker. He was also applauded for his approach in
taking Hip Hops educational value to juvenile hall
centers and the halls of Harvard University.

This years Hot 20 Under 40 list included Alex Smith
from the 49ers, spoken word poetess Elz Cuya, drummer
Brian Brain Mantia from Primus and Guns N Roses,
Philanthropist Hillary Newsom Callan and yoga
instructor Jason Crandell .

This was an absolute surprise to me on every level
says Banjoko. The most interesting thing for me was
learning about how many different, smart, talented,
beautiful and compassionate people work hard to make
the Bay Area all that it is.

The magazine came out days after Adisa returned from
completing a lecture at Brown University. He addressed
the Islamic Council of New Englands 20th Annual
Conference, lecturing on Islam, The West and the
Question of Reform as well as Hip Hop and Islam: A
Unique Journey.

This November he will keynote at the 3rd annual H2Ed
Summit. His discussion will revolve around how Hip Hop
can be utilized to authentically enrich the failing
American school system. This event will be held at the
Bronx Museum of the Arts Nov. 5th 2005.

His latest release Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside
Rebellion is due to drop November 30th 2005. It
covers the social, political and spiritual trends
within the Hip Hop subculture. It also investigates
Hip Hops fascination with martial arts icon Bruce Lee
and dedicates and entire chapter to the sublime
relationship between Hip Hop and chess. This
extraordinary relationship is also the subject of a
new documentary Adisa is working on with Mike Relm,
64 Squares in the Cipher. It is currently in
production and scheduled for release in 2006.

Lyrical Swords Vol.2: Westside Rebellion features
interviews with some of rap worlds hardest hitting
icons, such as RZA, Nas, Slick Rick, Frontline,
G-Units Spider Loc, Dilated Peoples and Godfather of
Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa.

"I'm thankful to 7x7 Magazine and all the universities
and organizations that continue to invite me to speak.
My focus is, and always will be on trying to use Hip
Hop to educate and empower at risk youth and oppressed
people of all backgrounds. This is what I believe Hip
Hop was created for."

For more information contact Mieko at
flyingsnow@lyricalswords.com or (408) 551-8064.

Visit www.lyricalswords.com or
www.netweed.com/lyricalswords today!!

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