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Relief Records NYC, Serial Sounds and Relief Records EU Presents 'Paris to Brooklyn,' a Trans-Atlantic Hip-Hop/R&B Compilation

Relief RecordsNYC/EU & Serial Sound of Paris announced the official European release of "Paris to Brooklyn" with a promo tour in Europe that took them from Paris to Milan to Bologna featuring some of their finest emcees from Europe and the US.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 9, 2005 -- Relief Records NYC went to Europe to join their partners Relief Records EU and Serial Sounds of Paris to present the Trans-Atlantic hip-hop/R&B compilation Paris to Brooklyn with M-1 of Dead Prez, Umi of P.O.W and Raze from the Lower East Side Manhattan, Zoxea, TH Lonaz Dobaz, Oxmo Puccino and Alibi Montana to name a few of our French associates, and Italys own Inoki.

They opened their tour with exclusive interviews with RAP US magazine, Source Magazine France, Soul & R&B Magazine, and Groove France. Then Cut Killers show on SkyRock Radio Paris featured live performances of M-1, Raze, Umi, and Narhed with a full presentation of the compilation album followed by another live interview/ performance on Generation 88.2 Paris for more of the same. In the meantime they were filming everything to be edited down for an exclusive program to be run five days a week for two months on ZIK TVs (in conjunction with Elite Records Music) Hip-Hop showcase My Life hosted by Scot Lion (DJ and host of the Hip-Hop radio showcase Phat Mix on Generation 88.2 and Clashes of the Hexagon). My Life will be aired to 14 million viewers across Europe, which includes live footage of M-1 (with Umi of P.O.W.), Raze, TH Lonaz Dobaz, and Alibi Montana performing at the Batofar in Paris.

Next they took the crew to Milan Italy on September 29th for a performance at the renowned underground venue La Conchetta for another presentation of the compilation ( with M-1, Raze, Tek, and Inoki performing) which was also filmed and recorded for a video and more footage for My Life.

On October 1st they ended the run at the illustrious Bolognese Hip-Hop venue LINK, ASSOCIATED with performances by M-1, Raze, Tek and Inoki, Oxmo Puccino, and Zoxea which was covered by Groove Italy, SupaFly, Rumore Magazine, and The Bomb, followed by a full length performance by Talib Kweli.

Paris to Brooklyn is a compilation of twenty seven tracks featuring over thirty artists both from New York City and the European capital of hip-hop Paris, and Italy. The aim of this project is to bring together these two major melting pots of race and nationality, breaking the boundaries between the grounded New York style and that of European hip-hop. The result is a very serious compilation rich in content due to the diversity of the talent involved and the quality of the production. This compilation features an eclectic blend of some of the top recording artists in hip-hop from Paris (Oxmo Puccino, Zoxea, Jeff Le Nerf) and New York (M-1 of Dead Prez, Raze, Sean Price, Cole Williams, Miss Knockout, Dionna, and Thulani) with a large percentage of very talented female M.C. s and a strong base of up and coming underground artists.

The backbone of the music for this project was produced by musician/ producer/ engineer Francky Mweley Moulet of Paris who has worked with and/ or produced such greats as Tony Allen, Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Fine Young Cannibals, Mad Professor, Jimmy Cliff, MC Solaar, Oxmo Puccino, and Zoxea to name a few. Executive producers are Patrick Bikou of Paris and Dehran Duckworth of Brooklyn.

Distribution includes agreements with Self distribution (in collaboration with "Vibra Records") and Kiosk, which both have access to a vast portion of the European market. You can peep at two more of the crew, Michelle Bracey aka "Miss Knockout" and Cole Williams in the latest Lil Kim video entitled "Whoa".

The Grand Finale will be the US release November 2005 in New York City! Stay Tuned for upcoming coverage of EU Tour footage on Al Gore's new reality series "Current, the video on Trace TV (Europe), M-6 (Europe) and MTV (Europe) !

Photo and Press by request only.

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Dehran Duckworth
917 592 4870

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