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Scarface Of The Geto Boys Records Reality Show Track Slated To Appear On Upcoming Debut Album From Houston's Seville

Scarface of the Geto Boys has recorded a reality show track with the soon-to-explode Houston-based vocal group, Seville. Face may often drift when he drives, but not when it involves this Seville. Any self-respecting music connoisseur who has the discriminating taste that Scarface has, will want to grab the keys, and come along on the group's upcoming debut album, 713 Seville Test Drive, to check out their flow, and take in Sevilles smooth-as-silk brand of hiphop and soul-influenced R&B flavor that has made a name for the group, even before the release of their debut album. Like Nate Dogg, whose uniquely identifiable voice became known before the release of his own debut album, Sevilles velvet-throated voices have already graced popular hiphop tracks, including two bangers on Lil Flips platinum-selling Undaground Legend album, notably I Shoulda Listened and Tonight. Now these four talented, grown and sexy, Houston-based vocalists, Stef (Stephen Samuels), C-Moe (Christopher Moore), Geno (Eugene Earls) and Ced B (Cedric Douglas James Bishop III) will soon be pulling up in the Seville, along with Mr. Scarface, himself, who rides shotgun on part of the journey, with seventeen chocolate, melt-in-your-brain tracks, as they take you on the 713 Seville Test Drive.

Scarface, who has a long list of platinum and gold albums to his name, both with the Geto Boys, and alone as a solo artist, became an icon known for hiphop mega-classics like the hiphop classic Mind Playing Tricks, and his duo with the late Tupac Shakur, Smile. For the first time ever in his long and critically acclaimed career, Face has laid down a track with a vocal group, and Seville is honored that it was them with whom he decided to do it. Says Scarface, Its the first time that Ive ever rapped on a song with a group that sung. I thought it was pretty cool. You have to adjust to the situation. Im thrilled to death that they even had me on their song, honestly! Their landmark track together is called The Love Is Gone, and its got a twist to it that could make for an explosive episode on the Montel Williams Show. The song is almost like a sliver of a celebrity reality show, but its on a CD, instead of on television. Sevilles C-Moe explains, The conversation at the beginning of the song is real. That was not a skit. Turns out that in the studio, Scarface was having a conversation on the phone with a girl, and they were having some relationship problems. The tape was rolling, and it ended up in the song. Says Face, Then, I broke up with her. This is as real as it gets, and it gives a fly-on-the-wall view into Scarfaces emotional life. This is real, reports Scarface. Its a great song. When asked what he thinks will happen when his ex hears the song, Face nods his head and says, Shes going to recall the conversation. Both Scarface and the members of Seville feel that anyone who has ever had issues in a relationship will relate to this song.

Scarface is a legend down South, proclaims Gene. Stef adds, The song is jammin. Its definitely going to make people listen. Ced B explains, Theres a man in a situation with a female, and the relationship is all but gone. Geno adds, This is definitely a highlight in my life to be able to record with Scarface. The song was produced by the platinum-selling producer, Joe Traxx.

A music video has just been filmed in support of the track, which also features Scarface.

Sevilles album, 713 Test Drive will be released in early 2006 on Lethal Entertainment, headed by Greedy Greg Jessie and Tommy Bruno.

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