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Bay Area Hip-Hop Label Familia Inc. Announces Debut Releases From Premiere Artist Roster

December 16, 2005, Los Angeles -
San Francisco Bay area hip-hop label Familia Inc is set to make their initial mark on the hip hop community with the release of their premiere artist releases, both set for March 2006 street dates.

The first release will come from premiere artist, L Matik, with the release of his debut, Still On The Block, to be released on March 14, 2006. Still On The Block, was produced by Anthony Ant Banks and will contain the forthcoming radio single, Ima Stay Ghetto.

L Matik has a rapping style all of his own, but occasionally there are comparisons to some of the greatest rap artists of all times. Possibly due to his aggressive, in your face lyrics such as on the track, Task Force is Haulin, or even on the spiritual side of Holy Raindrops, the resemblance is there to some people but to L Matik its purely coincidental.

L Matik recruited one of the top pioneers of Bay Area Rap, Too $hort, to make a special appearance on the forthcoming single, Weekend Hoez, which will be released soon. Still On The Block, has 17 singles and not one weak link in the chain from start to finish creating one of the cleanest start to finish releases to come out in years.

Familias second release will follow two weeks later with the debut from the artist Global and his release, Global Warning, set for a release date of March 28, 2006. Global Warning was produced by Heat Rocks and contains the future smash hit, It Aint Personal.

It is said by many bay area rap industrializes that Global is the hottest Bay Area prospect to come out in years with his upcoming singles, It Aint Personal, Anytime, featuring Cozmo, and the new Bay Area Anthem, Yadadamean. This album is pure fire, and the hottest ensemble to hit this side of the globe in years.

To find out more information about Global or L Matik, please visit the official Familia Inc website at http://www.familiainc.com or to hear sound clips, please visit Familia Incs Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/familiainc .


Familia Inc. was founded by President, CEO, Joe Salazar; and Vice- President, COO, Alfonso Castro on January 2004. Through the state of California Familia Inc incorporated their company in November 2004 and secured a business license in Solano County shortly thereafter. Currently they are building additional subsidiaries of the corporation as in Familia Music Publishing, Familia Entertainment, and Familia Studios.

Familia Inc. is a Record Label designed to identify, develop record, promote, and distribute our Artists. The concept as an independent record label is simple. Identify the Artists with the sound, marketable background, and the person that truly defines Familia. We have a panel of industry leaders that along with the Board of Directors have a voice in this identifying and developing process which includes Artist/Producer, and Executive Producer for our first project Anthony Ant Banks, Alan Hubbard Regional Media Marketing Manager with Best Buy, Rob Nonies with Bayside Distribution, and longtime Entertainment lawyer Michael Ashburn amongst a cast of others.

For more information on Familia Inc, Global or L Matik please contact Chip Schutzman at Miles High Productions (chip@mileshighproductions.com) or at 323-806-0400.

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