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(Brisbane, CA--December 16, 2005) - Monster Cable Products- the leading manufacturer of high-performance cable and power for home theater, car, and Apple iPods-recently announced the launch of their new subsidiary set to raise the caliber on the way listeners hear music. The Monster Music Division will provide real music lovers the chance to experience their favorite songs with a surreal sense of quality through the "monstrous" innovation known as Monster Music SuperDiscs. Fully compatible with CD, DVD, iPOD devices, Monster Music SuperDiscs offers advanced features to enhance the consumers' listening experience. The limited edition Monster Music SuperDiscs are carefully mixed and mastered to bring out all the clarity, detail, and excitement of the original performance.

Most SuperDisc packages will include 2 high performance discs. One disc will feature a Stereo mix that plays on any CD player. The other plays in any DVD player format features High Definition Surround Sound in Dolby Digital and DTS 96/24, as well as, High Definition Stereo that sounds exactly the same as the studio master file. In addition, some discs feature multiple mixes that allow listeners with a home theater system to select their own "Surround Experience". Listeners will be able to choose to be "in the audience" of a live concert or "on stage" right in the middle of the band. For consumers who listen to music through their computer and portable music players, SuperDiscs include High Definition Digital Music files encoded directly from the master recordings. These files are ready to drag and drop into any music program including iTunes and Apple iPod. A special incentive for Apple iPod listeners are the Dolby Headphones encoded music files that will give the iPod a surround sound music experience through any pair of headphones. Monster Music SuperDiscs are also the first music releases to be certified by THX for high quality sound and picture, multiple surround experiences, and digital music file quality.

One of the first to be released is a SuperDisc of Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company, winner of 8 Grammy Awards including Album of the Year and Best Surround Sound Album. For Rock, Universal is releasing the latest live DVD of its top group, 3 Doors Down, exclusively through Monster Music. Other titles in the first group of releases include: Vince Guaraldi's Original Soundtrack Recording for "A Charlie Brown Christmas"; David Benoit's brainchild -- a 40th Anniversary Salute to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" featuring guest artists' new interpretations of the classic tracks; a powerful live set by jazz great Peter Cincotti complete with a concert video performance.

Monster Music SuperDiscs will cover all popular genres. However, unlike a music label that signs artists, Monster Music is mainly working with other labels to release SuperDisc versions of their top artists and top releases, often at the same time as the label's regular CD release. The Monster Music SuperDiscs offer listeners a unique opportunity to have a high quality experience of their music and who their favorite artists truly are.

The Monster Music SuperDiscs are guaranteed to change the way music is heard, and the synergy with one of the leading producer of electronic goods ensures that these high quality CD's will guarantee listeners "monstrous" results. Please visit Monster Music's website at www.monstermusic.com for more information. For any press or media inquiries regarding the Monster Music Division, please contact Syreta Oglesby of The T3 Agency at SyretaOglesby@aol.com or (201)-658-3711.

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