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NEWSWEEK POLL: Fifty-Seven Percent of Americans Have Lost Confidence in Government to Deal With Another Natural Disaster

52% Do Not Trust President to Make Right Decisions in a Crisis

Bush's Job Approval At Record Low: 38 Percent Sixty-Six Percent Dissatisfied With Direction of Country

Sixty-Five Percent of Minorities Believe Race Was the Reason For Slow Response: 47 Percent Say 'Major Reason;' 64 Percent of Whites Say it Was Not a Reason at All

NEW YORK, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- President George W. Bush's approval ratings have fallen across the board in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and a seemingly flawed government response to the disaster, according to the latest Newsweek Poll. Bush's job-approval rating dropped to 38 percent, the lowest ever in the Newsweek Poll. Sixty-six percent of those polled say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time; just 28 percent are satisfied, another record low in the poll.

A 52-percent majority of Americans say they do not trust President Bush to make the right decisions during a domestic crisis, 45 percent do. The same number-52 percent-do not trust him to make the right decisions during an international crisis, again, 45 percent do. In addition, 57 percent of Americans say the slow response in New Orleans has caused them to lose confidence in the government to deal with another major natural disaster, 41 percent say it has not; 47 percent say it has made them lose confidence in government to prevent another 9/11-type attack; half (50%) say it has not, the poll shows.

The president's ratings on issues having little if anything to do with domestic disasters also declined. Bush's approval on handling terrorism and homeland security is 46 percent, a five-point drop from the August 2-4, 2005 Newsweek Poll. For the first time in the Newsweek Poll, more Americans disapprove of Bush's handling of terrorism and homeland security (48%). And almost half (49%) of all those polled say taking military action against Iraq two years ago was not the right thing to do; 46 percent say it was. This is the first time ever in the Newsweek Poll that more Americans have said going to war was not the right thing to do than said it was.

A plurality of Americans also rates the federal government's response to the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina as poor (40%). Thirty-two percent say the Feds' response was "only fair;" and 21 percent believe the response has been "good," the poll shows. State and local governments did not fare better: 35 percent say they did a poor job and 34 percent say they did a fair job.

However, views are starkly different when examined by political party. Fifty-three percent of Democrats polled say the federal government did a poor job vs. just 19 percent of Republicans. Thirty-seven percent of Republicans believe the federal government did a good job and 11 percent believe it did an excellent job. The Democrats are more forgiving of local and state governments, though not as forgiving as the Republicans are of the Feds. Twenty-four percent of Democrats believe the state and local governments did a good job and four percent say an excellent job. Thirty percent of Democrats believe the local and state governments did a poor job, vs. 43 percent of Republicans; 35 percent of Dems and 29 percent of Republicans say they did a fair job.

While 66 percent of all those polled say a "major reason" for the government's slow response to the disaster was because of poor communication between federal, state and local government officials, 57 percent say a major reason was that the amount of destruction was unexpected and overwhelming. Fifty-five percent believe that incompetence of federal officials whose job is to prepare and deal with natural disasters is to blame and 57 percent believe state and local officials incompetence is to blame.

Whites' and non-whites' opinions also differ sharply. Twenty-two percent of all those polled say a "major reason" the response was slow was that it was not a priority because the people affected were mostly African-American. However, 47 percent of non-whites believe race was a major reason, while only 13 percent of whites believe it. And 29 percent of all those polled and 53 percent of non-whites say a major reason was that the people affected were mostly poor. (Only 20 percent of whites feel that way.)

In general, 35 percent say that the heads of federal agencies such as FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security are most to blame for not getting help quickly enough to the people in New Orleans; just 17 percent say that President Bush himself is to blame and 48 percent do not feel that someone in the administration should be held accountable and fired.

On the topic of rising gasoline prices, 36 percent of those polled say major oil companies are to blame for the rise and 22 percent say the federal government, the poll shows. Seventy-one percent say they have cut back on driving in some way in response to the increase in gas prices and 57 percent say they have given serious thought to buying or leasing a car with that gets better gas mileage. Just 31 percent have actually started car-pooling, ride sharing or using mass transit more often. And 65 percent of Americans say they have taken special steps to conserve energy at home because of rising costs of other fuels like oil and natural gas

On the topic of President Bush's appointments to the Supreme Court, 44 percent say that John Roberts should be confirmed to succeed William Rehnquist as the new Chief Justice. Sixty-six percent say Bush should strongly consider naming another woman to serve and 60 percent say he should strongly consider naming another black or Hispanic, the poll shows.

For this Newsweek Poll, Princeton Survey Research Associates International interviewed 1,009 adults aged 18 and older on Sept. 8-9, 2005. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points. This poll is part of the September 19 issue of Newsweek, on newsstands Monday, September 12. To interview Senior Editor Marcus Mabry on the poll, call Jan Angilella at 212-445-5638 or Natalia Labenskyj at 212-445-4078.

Source: Newsweek

CONTACT: Jan Angilella of Newsweek, +1-212-445-5638

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The Hip-Hop Association joins forces with the Media Coalition

New York, NY Sep 08, 2005 The Hip-Hop Association (H2A) recently became the Media Coalitions latest member. The media coalition is an organization created to serve as a vehicle for cooperative and collaborative efforts by media organizations of color based on their shared mission of empowerment and creating opportunity in film, television and new media.

Current members of the media coalition include African American Women in Cinema, Asian Cinevision (ACV), Black Documentary Collective (BDC), The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, Inc. (CAPE), DV and The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). Given the Media Coalitions mission, it makes perfect sense that the Hip-Hop Association would add our name to this incredible roster of organizations states Martha Diaz, executive director of the Hip-Hop Association.

Since 2002, the Hip-Hop Associations mission has been to encourage critical thinking, social change and unity while empowering communities through educational and media initiatives. The organizations annual Hip-Hop Odyssey (H20) International Film Festival has screened over 200 films by aspiring filmmakers nationally and internationally. The festival is the largest Hip-Hop film festival in the world and has served over 15,000 attendees to date. Additionally, the H2Os Freshest Youth Program is the worlds only youth curated Hip-Hop video and film festival. For more information about the Hip-Hop Association visit their website at

About The Hip-Hop Association

Founded in March 2002, the Hip-Hop Association (H2A) was formed to facilitate, foster, and preserve Hip-Hop culture. Our mission is to utilize the culture as a tool to encourage critical thinking, social change and unity, while empowering communities through media, education, and preservation initiatives.

Seitu Jemel Hart
phone: 212.694.2795

The Hip-Hop Association
Rolando Brown, Director of Brand Development
phone: 212.500.5970 ext 4

During BET Telethon, Former President Clinton Expresses Concern With Government Response to Hurricane Katrina

Clinton Says Congress Should Consider "Reorganizing" FEMA with "Qualified" Director

NEW YORK, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- In a surprise call-in guest appearance during last night's S.O.S. (SAVING OURSELVES): THE BET RELIEF TELETHON for Hurricane Katrina, former President Bill Clinton expressed his thoughts about the controversy surrounding the response by federal relief agencies to the tragedy. The focus of Mr. Clinton's comments was the structure and leadership of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The following are excerpts from comments made by Mr. Clinton when BET telethon co-host Steve Harvey asked for his assessment of the government's response to Hurricane Katrina:

BET Telethon Co-Host Steve Harvey: "How do you think that the response to the tragedy could have been handled? If you were in office, what would you have done differently, if anything?"

Former President Bill Clinton: " . . . FEMA was a cabinet-level position when I was in office, and all the departments worked for the FEMA director on the site of any disaster. It worked better that way. Secondly, the man I appointed to head it -- James Lee Witt -- was a proven professional who'd dealt with very, very severe natural disasters as the Director of Emergency Management in our home state (Arkansas) where we had the largest tornado death rate in the country. So, I think it was organized well. I think it was led well . . . We always thought faster was better than slower . . . The Congress should, I believe, consider reorganizing FEMA back to the way it was. I think there should be someone who's qualified to be a director. But the most important thing now is to worry about the people in Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama . . ."

For the telethon, BET brought together stars of music and entertainment for a primetime event to raise much-needed aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The evening featured a parade of superstar artists and special guests, many with ties to the affected areas. Throughout the event simulcast on BET, BET Jazz, and a host of radio stations across the country, viewers and listeners called a designated toll-free phone number, logged on to or used special wireless access to make financial pledges to the Red Cross relief efforts.


BET, a subsidiary of Viacom, Inc. (NYSE:VIA) (NYSE:and) (NYSE:VIA.B) , is the nation's leading television network providing quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs programming for the African-American audience. The BET Network reaches more than 80 million households according to Nielsen media research, and can be seen in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. BET is a dominant consumer brand in the urban marketplace with a diverse group of branded businesses:, the Number 1 Internet portal for African Americans; BET Digital Networks - BET Jazz, BET Gospel and BET Hip Hop, attractive alternatives for cutting-edge entertainment tastes; BET Event Productions, specializing in a full range of event production services, including event management, venue selection, talent recruitment, sound, lighting and stage production; and BET Books, the nation's leading publisher of African-American themed romance novels under the Arabesque imprint which also publishes compelling fiction under the Sepia imprint and inspirational fiction and nonfiction under the New Spirit imprint.

Source: BET (Black Entertainment Television)

CONTACT: Michael Lewellen of BET (Black Entertainment Television),

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Making the Planet Less Lonely with Critically Acclaimed Musicians Michael Franti and Karsh Kale in New York, Chicago and San Francisco

World leader in travel publishing Lonely Planet teams up with musicians Michael Franti, Karsh Kale and more to promote passport awareness and congressional initiatives.

(PRWEB) September 10, 2005 -- Critically acclaimed musician / activist Michael Franti and electronic world music pioneer Karsh Kale have teamed up with the world's leading travel publisher Lonely Planet to promote its national passport / travel movement with three exciting events this September.

The global leader in travel publishing, Lonely Planet has been working with Congresswoman Barbara Lee to have Congress declare every September National Passport Month. The facts show that fewer than 23% of Americans hold a passport. This means that literally millions of Americans are unable to take advantage of the personal rewards offered by international travel. The resolution has received extraordinary bi-partisan support and has quickly garnered 49 co-sponsors. Simultaneously, petitions supporting this effort have been circulating online and offline with thousands of endorsements received from institutions, organizations and individuals.

To increase awareness of the benefits of worldwide travel, specifically to the 18-34 demographic, Lonely Planet has joined forces with globally respected musicians Michael Franti and Karsh Kale to headline music / travel events this month. The "Passport to the World" events will take place on September 22 at the Spirit Club in New York City, September 24 at Chicago's Park West and September 30 at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. The events will feature performances from Franti, Kale and local world beat musicians in each city and much more. Attendees will be able to have their passport photos taken and receive passport applications, meet and talk to Lonely Planet authors and experts, tape video testimonials about their greatest travel story (or greatest travel dream), and experience the sights and sounds of world travel in the Lonely Planet Lounge. Local booksellers will be selling Lonely Planet guides at each event and a portion of the proceeds will go to local charities (NYC -, Chicago ( and San Francisco Event pricing will be $15 in each market.

Lonely Planet is passionately dedicated to the promotion of travel, and to sharing the riches that travel bestows. The company knows from decades of exploration and interaction that international travel helps individuals everywhere learn understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for other cultures.

Other musicians confirmed for the September shows include Globesonic, Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco), Haale (Israel), Carol C (Si Se / Puerto Rico) in New York, Goran Ivanovic (Croatia), Yang Ying (China) in Chicago and Los Moscosos and Soul Salaam's Hypnomadic in San Francisco. More performers will be announced.

Lonely Planet has also just released a book entitled Don't Let the World Pass You By! 52 Reasons to Have a Passport. Written by eight Lonely Planet authors from across the country, this one-of-a-kind book presents 52 reasons, along with humorous personal anecdotes that illustrate the value of getting a passport and traveling abroad. The book features an Introduction by Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler and a foreword by Phil Keoghan, host of the award-winning, world-exploring television show "The Amazing Race."

Lonely Planet has established a website,, where Internet users can sign the passport petition. In the fall, this site will also present National Passport Month resolution updates and announce a wide range of passport-related events and trip giveaways/sweepstakes which Lonely Planet will be sponsoring around the country.

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Wendy Weisberg
818 762 7063


The Orchard Announces South Africa Partnership With Next Music

The World's Leading Distributor and Marketer of Independent Music Continues Global Expansion

- Next Music Helmed by Charles Kuhn, Formerly CEO of Gallo Music Group -

NEW YORK, and SANDTON, South Africa, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Orchard, the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, today announced its expansion into Southern Africa through a partnership with Next Music. Southern Africa marks the thirteenth non-US region to launch Orchard operations to sign local music for global distribution.

Next Music is a dynamic new independent music company, based in South Africa. The company was launched in April this year under the executive management of Charles Kuhn, who left his long-serving position of CEO at Gallo Music Group and Gallo Africa Limited to create and develop Next Music. During his tenure at Gallo, Kuhn steered the company to market dominance with representation of the Warner Music International license and the development of major domestic artists like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Lucky Dube. Kuhn is joined at Next Music by former key Gallo management, including Paul De Klerk, who previously helmed Gallo's independent labels division RPM Records.

As part of this initiative, The Orchard will market and sell Next Music's catalogue - including major domestic South African artists such as Stefan Ludik, 2 Khaphulasi, Elizma and Thabonage - across its global distribution platform, which encompasses more than 125 of the world's leading digital music stores globally, including iTunes, eMusic, Napster, MSN, Real/Rhapsody, and Yahoo!/Musicmatch. In addition, The Orchard will supply the content through its distribution partnerships with the leading mobile companies around the world, the largest mobile network of any distributor, spanning over 200 global services including Sprint, Dwango Wireless, Zingy, 9 Squared, IAM Mobile, Arvato Mobile and Hudson Soft.

The addition of Next Music further extends The Orchard's global partner network, which includes The Orchard Japan, Carmel Music (Middle East & North African), EPSA (South America), Amped Music (Australia & Pac Rim), ECD/AMDL (China & Phillipines), Saregama (India), New Sound (Palestine), K-Digital (Spain), The Orange Record Label (Canada) and many more.

The Orchard has a proven track record introducing indigenous music styles to western audiences. It began distributing the music of India in September 2004, highlighted by the leading Indian label, Saregama, and is about to launch a major initiative around the music of China in late September 2005. Thus far, The Orchard's international programs have performed exceptionally well, providing unique content to digital retailers and new revenue streams to non-Western music copyright holders.

"Early on, we made a commitment to establish a powerful international network of savvy and strongly-positioned music companies to take advantage of The Orchard's leading market position and marketing capabilities," said Greg Scholl, chief executive of The Orchard and managing director of Dimensional Associates, the company that owns The Orchard, eMusic and Dimensional Music Publishing. "Our partnership with Next Music significantly extends our reach in Africa. Charles Kuhn is a major figure in the South African music scene- someone who's always been on the cutting edge of global artist development and distribution. We look forward to introducing South Africa's rich musical heritage to global audiences digitally, and similarly to exposing South African audiences to The Orchard's unrivalled catalogue."

"I am delighted that The Orchard has chosen Next Music as its partner for Africa. The distribution and development of The Orchard's impressive catalogue of leading independent artists and labels in the digital and mobile space is an exciting opportunity for us to be part of," said Charles Kuhn. "The marketing and revenue generation opportunities in our region are bound to increase exponentially and we want to be at the frontline with each new progression. The Orchard offers a dynamic distribution platform to reach global music consumers and fans for our own artists, as well as other South African and African labels with which I anticipate us working closely with."

About The Orchard

The Orchard ( is the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, representing thousands of labels spanning 73 countries and every music genre. The Orchard supplies its catalogue of more than 600,000 tracks to all of the leading legal digital music retailers and mobile operators throughout the world. The company is headquartered in New York and London, with operations in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Toronto, Kolkata, Johannesburg, Moscow and Melbourne, and local representatives in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Ramallah.

About Dimensional Associates, Inc.

Dimensional Associates, Inc. is the New York-based private equity arm of JDS Capital Management, Inc. Its portfolio companies include eMusic, The Orchard and Dimensional Music Publishing (formerly DreamWorks Music Publishing).

Andy Morris & Company
Andy Morris
(212) 561-7465

Source: The Orchard

CONTACT: Andy Morris of Andy Morris & Company, +1-212-561-7465,

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Glittering Line-Up of Music Stars in New Motorola ROKR Advertising Campaign

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) together with world-renowned music heavyweights is launching a new advertising campaign introducing the Motorola ROKR -- the world's first mobile phone with iTunes -- enabling music lovers to transfer up to 100 of their favorite songs from the iTunes jukebox on their Mac or PC to their mobile phone*.

The campaign brings together a host of past and present music legends including Madonna, Little Richard, The Bravery, Iggy Pop, Biggie Smalls, Ahmir, Common and Beethoven, in a screen-first, directed by a new breed of Hollywood filmmaker, Jesse Dylan.

The month-long 'Phone Booth' campaign devised by BBDO New York, supports the launch of the ROKR and debuts in the U.S. on September 8th and will roll out across Hong Kong and select markets in Europe over the following weeks.

Geoffrey Frost, chief marketing officer of Motorola says, "Just as MOTOROKR is the first great fusion of music and phone, 'Phone booth' is the perfect fusion of genres and generations -- a great metaphor for how we all express ourselves through the music we love. It's a nice way to show how "the device formerly known as the cellphone" continues to evolve."

Set to the soundtrack of Madonna's 'Hung Up' -- due to be the first single release from her forthcoming album -- the broadcast campaign combines computer wizardry with location shoots in New York and London. The TV spot is scheduled to appear on multiple MTV Network stations such as MTV, VH1, MTV2 and Comedy Central along with ABC's NFL Season Opener -- New England vs. Oakland. It will also be seen during several primetime premieres including The Apprentice, The Simpsons, and Lost.

The inspiration for the ad came from the phone booth packing craze of 1959 and creatively demonstrates how consumers can now enjoy the iTunes experience on their mobile phone.

Editor's Note:
To view the commercial, check out .

About Motorola

Motorola pioneered mobile technology in the 1930s with car radios and public safety radio networks, the walkie-talkie in the 1940's and space-to- earth communication for the Apollo program in the 1960s. In the 1980s, Motorola revolutionized personalized communications with the first commercial handheld cellular phone. Today, its new smart devices, networks, and software are making communications not just mobile, but seamless. Continuously redefining "the device formerly known as the cellphone," Motorola also leads the industry in design, with award-winning products like the iconic RAZR. Motorola had sales of U.S. $31.3 billion in 2004. For more information, please visit .

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

*Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs. Storage capacity is approximate and based on four minutes per song and 128Kbps AAC encoding.
Photo: NewsCom:
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Source: Motorola, Inc.

CONTACT: Media: Jennifer Weyrauch of Motorola, Inc., +1-847-435-5320,

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Podcast Alley, the Premier Podcaster Community, Becomes the Latest Member of the PodShow Podcast Network

PodShow's Podcast Alley Team Relocates to PodShow Headquarters, First 30 Days Set Community Growth Milestones

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- PodShow, Inc., the premier network in podcasting, today announced that Podcast Alley(TM) (, the number one online podcast community, has joined the PodShow(TM) family. The Company also announced that during its first 30 days Podcast Alley has surpassed key milestones in membership, podcast episodes, listeners and articles contributed on the site. In early August of 2005, Podcast Alley exploded to over 5000+ forum members, 7000+ podcast programs, 100,000+ podcast episodes tracked and 25,000+ articles contributed. According to management, many millions of podcast episodes are now finding their way to millions of listeners through Podcast Alley, firmly placing Podcast Alley at the epicenter of the podcast phenomenon.

First available as a beta forum site in early 2005, Podcast Alley originally provided a community focused forum, a directory and a user-driven knowledge base for all things podcasting related. More recently, Podcast Alley has successfully expanded to include tips from leading podcasters, reviews of podcast production software, podcast reviews, podcasting's most coveted Top 10 Podcast list, online podcaster discussions and member-contributed articles. As part of the acquisition, the Podcast Alley team has relocated from Nashville to San Francisco where PodShow has established corporate headquarters.

Podcast Alley's recent explosive growth is due in part to its relationship with PodShow. Exposure was initially driven by podcaster word-of-mouth. Through a steady stream of innovation, Podcast Alley has emerged as the community for the podcasting industry, and now adds hundreds of podcast submissions on a regular basis to its list of programming. As part of the PodShow Network, Podcast Alley has added many features to service podcasters, providing additional editorial insight, voting and feedback, and is enabling a constantly increasing fan base to discover and enjoy the best in podcasting.

"Podcast Alley is something that can not be architected ... it is proof of the adage that a community must be built by its members," said Ron Bloom, PodShow co-founder and CEO. "Chris is already proving himself a great addition to PodShow, and this is just the beginning. I think the entire community of podcasters and listeners will be amazed at where we are going, and we look forward to having more innovators and leaders join our ranks."

Podcasting is the fastest growing area in new media. Introduced less than a year ago by PodShow co founder Adam Curry (the PodFather), industry analysts estimate that podcast listenership was over 6 million people in April, and that number is increasing dramatically.

"Almost since the beginning of podcasting, I have watched Chris and Podcast Alley. He has been a great resource for the entire industry and we are delighted to have him in the family," said Curry. "We have been successful in working with Chris to take Podcast Alley to the next level and are blown away by the attention the site is receiving. We now look forward to adding new features and functionality that will continue to keep Podcast Alley at the forefront of the podcasting revolution, bringing podcasters and listeners even closer together."

"I built the beta Podcast Alley site while my wife drove us from Chicago to Nashville," said PodShow's Podcast Alley founder, Chris McIntyre. "The first version of the site was actually up-loaded in a Starbucks. And, after just a few days, this outspoken community of podcasters found Podcast Alley and began to occupy my every waking hour. Since joining PodShow, I'm totally amazed at how far we've come, and I'm really looking forward to where we are going."

About PodShow, Inc.

The PodShow Podcast Network is the premier network in podcasting, assembling the leading communities in podcasting, as well as a host of the most popular personalities and podcasts in podcasting. PodShow's CastBlaster(TM) production suite provides tools for podcasters to produce and promote their podcasts. PodShow also provides professional production and directory services to major media companies and traditional businesses. PodShow was founded in 2004 by podcast pioneers Adam Curry and Ron Bloom to validate podcasting as both a medium and a business, making podcasts more accessible to a growing legion of listeners, providing a resource for podcast producers, and enabling marketers to take part in the podcast explosion. In the process, the company has greatly simplified the podcasting experience for artists, producers and listeners alike. PodShow is a privately-held company, backed by leading venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. More information is available at

NOTE: PodShow, PodSafe Music, CastBlaster and Podcast Alley are trademarks of PodShow, Inc.

Source: PodShow, Inc.

CONTACT: Aaron Burcell of PodShow, Inc., +1-415-227-0400, or cell,
+1-650-740-3134, or

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An Exciting New Opportunity for New Music Makers

New on-line site dedicated to giving independent musicians and filmmakers a distribution platform to present their work to the world.

Sydney (PRWEB) September 9, 2005 -- Around the world, each year, thousands of top quality independently or privately recorded music tracks fail to find an audience. Not because of a lack of ability on the part of the artists who make them but because of a TOTAL LACK of adequate distribution channels available to independent musicians.

To the rescue...BOOST DIGITAL.

BOOST DIGITAL is dedicated to giving independent music performers, writers and producers a distribution platform to expose their talent to the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, streamed for FREE on the world wide web.

BOOST DIGITAL is also committed to representing musicians by actively marketing their work in traditional and new media channels and by offering them free services to help promote both themselves and their work.

If accepted, music submitted to Boost Digital will be featured on Boost Radio, an on-line radio station programmed and operated by experienced radio industry professionals. Boost Radio will be accessed from the home page of

Prior to the official launch of Boost Radio the search is now on worldwide for music content. ONLY new and unexposed music will be featured. All genres of music are acceptable. Artists who would like to present their work are invited to print the official Submit Music form on the web site and include it with their work on CD or tape.

Boost Digital is also currently looking for new, independently produced short films.

Be first to be seen. Be first to be heard. Be first to be part of Boost

“Boost will become the most important resource the independent film and music industries have ever had.” Graeme Logan : Boost Digital CEO.

For more information about this exciting new project please see contact information.

From: Boost Digital
Contact: Ian MacRae
Phone: +61 2 9555 8671. Cell: 0411 794 445


Ian MacRae
Boost Digital Group
61 2 9555 8671

Sirius Satellite Radio to Air Three Major Televised Hurricane Relief Concerts on Sept. 9 & 10

Live broadcasts of "Shelter From the Storm" and "S.O.S.: Saving Ourselves" on Fri. Sept. 9; "ReAct Now: Music & Relief" on Sept. 10

NEW YORK, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) today announced that it will broadcast three major televised hurricane relief concerts taking place on Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10.

(Photo: )

On Friday, September 9 at 8 pm ET, SIRIUS will broadcast the "S.O.S.: Saving Ourselves" hurricane relief telethon on BET, starting at 7:30 pm ET on SIRIUS channel 50, Hot Jamz. Featuring live performances from Stevie Wonder, Omarion, Common, David Banner, Jay-Z, Juvenile, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Master P and many more, the telethon's proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Also on Friday, September 9, SIRIUS will broadcast the "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast" benefit concert on commercial-free music channel 9, The Pulse. SIRIUS will re-air the broadcast at 11 pm ET.

"Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast" will feature scheduled performances by Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, U2, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Kanye West and Neil Young, along with celebrity appearances. The live, commercial-free, one-hour event, which will benefit the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, will be broadcast on television networks ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The WB and UPN.

SIRIUS will also air MTV Networks' hurricane relief benefit concert, "ReAct: Music & Relief" live on Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 8 pm ET. The concert will be heard on commercial-free music channel SIRIUS Hits-1, channel 1, starting at 8 pm ET.

"ReAct Now: Music & Relief" will feature scheduled performances by artists including Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Audioslave, Neil Young, Alan Jackson, Staind, Melissa Etheridge, Motley Crue, Dashboard Confessional, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Common, Sheryl Crow, Goo Goo Dolls, Ludacris, Dave Matthews Band, Gretchen Wilson, John Mellencamp, Green Day, Usher, Rob Thomas and more.

The special will feature artist performances from four U.S. cities -- New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Nashville -- and will air live in its entirety on MTV, VH1 and CMT. Additional artists may appear in the lineup and all proceeds from the show will go to the American Red Cross.


SIRIUS delivers more than 120 channels of the best commercial-free music, compelling talk shows, news and information, and the most exciting sports programming to listeners across the country in digital quality sound. SIRIUS offers 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music, and features over 55 channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather for a monthly subscription fee of only $12.95. SIRIUS also broadcasts live play-by- play games of the NFL, NHL and NBA and is the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL and NHL.

SIRIUS radios for the car, truck, home, RV and boat are manufactured by Alpine, Audiovox, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Delphi, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sanyo, Sony and XACT Communications. Available in more than 25,000 retail locations, SIRIUS radios can be purchased at major retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Crutchfield, Costco, Office Depot, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart and RadioShack. SIRIUS is also available at heavy truck dealers and truck stops nationwide.

SIRIUS radios are currently offered in vehicles from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep(R), Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln-Mercury, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan, Scion, Toyota, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo. Hertz currently offers SIRIUS at major locations around the country.

Click on to listen to SIRIUS live, or to find a SIRIUS retailer or car dealer in your area.

Any statements that express, or involve discussions as to, expectations, beliefs, plans, objectives, assumptions, future events or performance with respect to SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. are not historical facts and may be forward-looking and, accordingly, such statements involve estimates, assumptions and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Accordingly, any such statements are qualified in their entirety by reference to the factors discussed in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Among the key factors that have a direct bearing on our operational results are: our dependence upon third parties, including manufacturers of SIRIUS radios, retailers, automakers and programming partners, our competitive position and any events which affect the useful life of our satellites.

Contacts for SIRIUS:

Elise Brown

Michelle McKinnon

Jaymie VanValkenburgh

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Source: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

CONTACT: Elise Brown, Media, +1-212-584-5290,,
Michelle McKinnon, Analysts, +1-212-584-5285,, or
Jaymie VanValkenburgh, Investors, +1-212-584-5158,, all of SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Web site:

CMJ and A&R Worldwide Endorse Mediaguide A&RMonitor(TM) Service and Display A&R Charts

BERWYN, PA -- (Market Wire - Sep 08, 2005) --  Leading college radio and independent music resource, CMJ Network, and global artist discovery and development company, A&R Worldwide, have both expanded their relationship with Mediaguide to publish the top three positions from selected Mediaguide A&R airplay charts. The A&R charts are part of Mediaguide's new A&RMonitor(TM) service, which highlights self-released and emerging artists receiving airplay across Mediaguide's electronically monitored panel of nearly 2,500 U.S. radio stations.

CMJ will exclusively publish the Top 3 self-released albums played on college and non-commercial radio across the Mediaguide network on The initial chart will present overall self-released college airplay with genre-based charts coming in the future. gets two million hits a month and serves as a digital music discovery tool, information resource, and interactive community to new music fans, professionals, and artists.

A&R Worldwide will exclusively publish the Top 3 self-released Alternative songs, self-released Commercial Triple A songs and self-released Non-Commercial Triple A albums in its weekly A&R newsletter. Over 10,000 top major and independent label executives, managers, artists, attorneys, commercial radio and alternative specialty radio programmers worldwide subscribe to A&R Worldwide's newsletters.

The full Top 25 chart positions for these formats, including play counts, station detail and 30-second audio clips are available through Mediaguide's A&RMonitor(TM) service.

A&RMonitor(TM) is a set of reports within Mediaguide's flagship MusicMonitor(TM) service which provides electronically monitored airplay data on approximately 2,500 college, non-commercial and commercial radio stations in the United States. The A&RMonitor(TM) reports are designed to inform A&R professionals, music supervisors, music distributors and others seeking new talent of self-released and small independent label artists receiving radio airplay on college and commercial radio stations. With A&RMonitor(TM), users can search for new talent by radio format, market and genre and even listen to 30-second audio clips of the music they find. Please visit for more product information.

"CMJ has always championed independent artists," says Robert K. Haber, CEO and Founder of CMJ Network. "Our new venture with Mediaguide's A&RMonitor charts allows us to employ a dynamic new channel to discover new talent and help deserving unsigned artists attract greater attention. Independent artists have come to CMJ for over 25 years to launch their careers and now we're able to give even more back in return."

Sat Bisla, Executive Vice President, Creative & Media, A&R Worldwide, stated, "A&R Worldwide is one of the most trusted global resources for the discovery and development of new talent. By us providing the weekly top 3 unsigned artists as determined by Mediaguide's A&RMonitor service, the global A&R, publishing, management, live entertainment circuit and radio programming communities will discover unsigned artists who achieve support on US radio more effectively."

"The goal of A&RMonitor(TM) is to provide music industry professionals with an efficient way to find self-released and emerging artists who have caught the attention of commercial and non-commercial radio programmers," states Erik Maier, Vice President of Music Sales & Marketing for Mediaguide. "We are proud to have CMJ and A&R Worldwide as publishing partners for our A&R charts and to present independent artists with a new platform to be discovered."

To be eligible for the charts, independent artists should visit or for information on having their songs and albums monitored by Mediaguide.

This week's Top 3 A&R chart positions are as follows:

College Albums

Zion I - "True & Livin'"
Organnismo - "This Is The Place"
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"

Alternative Songs

Harsh Krieger - "Home"
The Churchills - "I'm A Sucker For A Girl In Uniform"
Rehab - "Last Tatoo"

Commercial Triple A Songs

Sinead O'Conner - "Downpressor Man"
Tim Mahoney - "Theme Song"
Hayes Carll - "Down The Road Tonight"

Non-Commercial Triple A Albums

Organnismo - "This Is The Place"
Sinead O'Conner - "Throw Down Your Arms"
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"

About A&R Worldwide

A&R Worldwide is an internationally respected independent artist discovery and development resource whose team has played a pivotal role in the early discovery and/or development of artists such as Keane, Missy Higgins, Dido, Faithless, Sixpence None The Richer, Fatboy Slim, H-Blockx and many others.

A&R Worldwide publishes weekly industry newsletters, which are read by over 10,000 music and media executives (radio, Film/TV, A&R, publishers, managers, trade organizations, new media, bookers/promoters, etc.) worldwide. In addition, A&R Worldwide hosts the international music and media conference MUSEXPO (, which features some of the world's top creative and business leaders from the entertainment industries. For more information on A&R Worldwide, log on to

About CMJ

The CMJ Network connects music fans and music industry professionals with the best in new music through print, interactive media, and live events. CMJ New Music Report, a weekly music business trade magazine launched in 1978, is the primary source for proprietary charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay and independent and trend-forward retail sales. CMJ New Music Monthly, launched in 1993, was the first consumer magazine to include a bound-in CD sampler. and CMJ Blast harness the interactive and multimedia capabilities of the Internet to offer a digital music discovery service, information resources, and community to new-music fans, professionals, and artists. CMJ Events produces live music events and conferences, including the legendary CMJ Music Marathon, the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in New York City on September 14, 2005, and the new CMJ/Rock Hall Music Fest produced in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. CMJ Access is an integrated marketing agency specializing in providing its clients unparalleled access to the college and young adult demographic and emerging music world. Log on to for more information about all of CMJ's products and services.

About Mediaguide

Mediaguide's proprietary digital fingerprinting technology monitors over 2,500 college, non-commercial and commercial radio stations across the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- that's more than the combined number of stations monitored by its closest competitors.

Mediaguide's Monitor brand of services provides music industry professionals, independent artists and radio station directors with online, real-time access to the most comprehensive and cost effective radio airplay information available. Based in Berwyn, PA, Mediaguide is a joint venture of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and ConneXus Corporation. Learn more about Mediaguide at

Pauline Stack

Distribution Source : Market Wire


Stars Align From Across Genres to Support BET S.O.S. Telethon to Benefit Victims of Hurricane Katrina on Friday, September 9

'S.O.S. (SAVING OURSELVES): THE BET RELIEF TELETHON' Features the Best in Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Comedy, Television, Cinema and More in United Effort to Help

NEW YORK, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Their mission will be a serious one -- to do all they can to bring aid and relief to the millions of victims whose lives have been shattered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. BET is bringing together stars of music and entertainment in alliance with the National Urban League, American Red Cross, Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Essence Communications and major recording labels for a primetime telethon on Friday, September 9, starting with a special benefit episode of 106 & PARK: BET'S TOP 10 LIVE at 6 p.m. ET*, followed by the commercial-free telethon from 7:30 - 10 p.m. ET* (*telethon is tape-delayed to the West Coast; toll-free pledge phone lines will be open). The telethon will also be streamed simultaneously on-line at, with video clips and highlights available on the website after the event.

Queen Latifah along with comedian Steve Harvey are lending their talents as co-hosts for the evening featuring musical performances, testimonials, special presentations, pleas to the public for financial pledges to help the victims and video packages by BET News covering developments from the affected region. Throughout the telethon, viewers can call 1-888-BET-3598 or go on- line to to make their donations.

The telethon boasts a roster of superstar artists, many with ties to the affected areas, including Wynton Marsalis, Master P, David Banner and Juvenile along with Jamie Foxx, Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Morgan Freeman, Alicia Keys, Diddy, Jay Z, Kanye West, Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid, Common, Usher, Nick Cannon, Omarion, Pharrell Williams, Ciara, Keyshia Cole, Avant, Lyfe, Twista, Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Wyclef, Erykah Badu, Al and Star Jones Reynolds, Chris Rock, Sheryl Underwood, Chris Tucker, Patti LaBelle, Floetry, Cedric "The Entertainer", Nelly, Rhianna, Big Boi, D. L. Hughley, Marques Houston, Choppa, Twista, Paul Wall, Kirk Franklin, John Legend, Ice Cube, The Game, Bow Wow, Musiq, Monica, Aaron Neville, Samuel L. Jackson, Chaka Khan, Chuck D, Shakim, Swizz Beats, Kem, Smokey Robinson and more. All celebrity participants will give of their time and resources in an inspiring effort to address the tremendous devastation in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and elsewhere.

There will also be special messages from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois). Representatives from the Congressional Black Caucus, National Black Caucus of State Legislators and the National Conference of Black Mayors will also participate in the telethon.

BET is supplementing the direct fund-raising effort with an on-line charity auction of celebrity-autographed and special one-of-a-kind items and memorabilia. Among the items featured are special edition sports jerseys, rare jewelry, tour jackets, hats, signature clothing pieces and other items. The auction will be promoted throughout the telecast as well on the website, and lasts until Noon ET on Friday, September 16.

Viewers will also have the option of using mobile telephone and text messaging services as a means of making donations, with cellular carriers Cingular, Alltel, Nextel, Sprint and Verizon Wireless participating in the BET fund-raising effort starting with tomorrow night's telethon and lasting through September 30. Users can donate a minimum of $5.00 to a maximum of $25.00 by sending the text message BET to 24357 (2HELP) and following the on- screen instructions to execute the donation.

In addition to the BET telecast, the telethon will also be radio simulcast on XM Satellite Radio Channel 67 -- The City, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 50 -- Hot Jamz and Inner City Broadcasting stations WBLS (107.5-FM) in New York and WWDM (101.3-FM) in Columbia, South Carolina. Radio One will promote the BET Telethon on the nationally-syndicated program The Russ Parr Morning Show and throughout the broadcast day on its radio stations in 19 urban markets across the country. Other radio stations around the country are joining the BET simulcast effort, and there will be further updates on those stations tomorrow.

Making optimum use of its television platform isn't the only way BET is joining in the massive effort to provide hurricane relief. Hundreds of BET employees have also collected more than 1,000 pounds of non-perishable items and dry goods which have already been shipped to Gulf coast locations housing evacuees from the storm-ravaged areas.


BET, a subsidiary of Viacom, Inc. (NYSE: VIA; VIA.B), is the nation's leading television network providing quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs programming for the African-American audience. The BET Network reaches more than 80 million households according to Nielsen media research, and can be seen in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. BET is a dominant consumer brand in the urban marketplace with a diverse group of branded businesses:, the Number 1 Internet portal for African Americans; BET Digital Networks -- BET Jazz, BET Gospel and BET Hip Hop, attractive alternatives for cutting-edge entertainment tastes; BET Event Productions, specializing in a full range of event production services, including event management, venue selection, talent recruitment, sound, lighting and stage production; and BET Books, the nation's leading publisher of African-American themed romance novels under the Arabesque imprint which also publishes compelling fiction under the Sepia imprint and inspirational fiction and nonfiction under the New Spirit imprint.

For additional information, log on to

Source: BET (Black Entertainment Television)

CONTACT: Michael Lewellen, +1-202-608-2003,, or
Marcy Polanco, +1-212-975-4048,, both of BET (Black
Entertainment Television)

Web site:


Houston, Texas - Sept. 8, 2005 - As part of a world-wide effort to
further help
the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana rap artist X-CONN and his
label has begun manufacturing custom t-shirts to
help raise
much-needed money. These unique and creative t-shirts feature designs
illustrate the struggle and strife experienced by the hurricane
combined with lyrics from the Louisiana natives very own songs. X-CONN
very strongly that he must help the survivors by any means possible.

Why are we doing this, Chief Executive Officer
Phillips asks, Everybody at my label watched the horror and
destruction unfold
on television with the rest of the world; however for us its
personal. The
number one artist on our label is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we
are based
in Houston, Texas. These are the two cities that are hosting the
majority of
the survivors we just got tired of watching and feeling helpless, we
do something positive to provide help instead.

The t-shirts with a soundtrack campaign has two main purposes: to
raise money
to be given to the American Red Cross and other charitable
organizations on the
front line helping the Hurricane Katrina survivors reconstruct their
lives and
to inspire others especially in the rap music community to get
involved, to
get moving and to do something to help others in need.

Why call them t-shirts with a soundtrack? The reason is that each
purchased comes with a limited edition compact disc that features two
of X-
CONNS radio singles, Still Holdin it Down and A Victim of Poverty,
from both songs appear on the t-shirt designs themselves. In a cruel
form of
irony the singles have been made truly relevant by the destruction and
devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

Man every time that I hear those songs since last week they take on
totally new meaning for me, remarked X-CONN, when I hear them now, I
think of
the strength and perseverance of the survivors and when I drive near
Astrodome or the other shelters in Houston, I cant help but to think
of the
present uncertainty and future rebirth of the people from my home
state I plan
to be a big part of the rebirth process says the Louisiana rapper.

The first in a series of custom t-shirts with a soundtrack are now
to the public on the website and will remain so
until all
the life-rebuilding needs of the hurricane survivors are satisfied. We
actively trying to expand our program and have these t-shirts available
other websites with the main goal of increasing the benefit to the
survivors, Kirk Phillips declared I made a call to the television
Byron Allen, the C.E.O. of, last Friday and
with his assistant. Byron is a great guy with a great staff, if God
willing he will help us exponentially multiply our efforts on for the
Katrina survivors on a global scale said Phillips.

So much is reported about the selfish nature and irresponsibility of
the Hip-
Hop community, says X-CONN but that is not true of all rappers and
and I am doing everything in my power to prove the opposite. So much
written and reported about the jewels, cars and homes that rappers
have X-CONN
goes on to say, I dont own a Bentley or a mansion, but I do have my
music and
my creativity I plan to use them both to help somebody else for a

X-CONN is a former rapper on New Oleans native Master Ps No-Limit
Records and
has been with his new music family since 2002. For
information on X-CONN and his new t-shirt campaign see his page at Photographs of X-CONN are available on his website
and by
request from his office staff.


Sept 8th, 2005 (Jacksonville, FL) 6 Hole Records proudly presents the long-awaited debut album from Jacksonville's native sons Asamov "And Now" dropping on October 18th, 2005.

"And Now" follows the success of Asamov's lead single "Supa Dynamite" (feat Mr. Lif) which is currently being serviced to college/independent radio through out the US and Canada. Asamov's full-length effort "And Now " features Jay-Z/Destiny's Child super-producer 9th Wonder, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, J-Live, Wordsworth and Cassidy. Asamov, a group comprised of Therapy, Willie Eva Jr., Basic and J-One-Da, deliver 15 choice cuts of unadulterated hip-hop classics that inject crisp beats and wordplay back into the veins of an urban music world infected with false bravado, unoriginality and soft-hop crossover radio jingles.
To support the release of "And Now" Asamov is available and seeking interviews, CD reviews, and bookings.

Asamov's debut album "And Now" drops on October 18th, 2005 on 6 Hole Records.


Asamov is without a doubt one of the most creative and refreshing groups on the underground urban music scene. With four gifted MCs and two genius producers, they tell down-to-earth, authentic stories laid over brilliant soundscapes.

Originating from Jacksonville, Florida Asamov centers around MCs Therapy, Basic, J-One-Da, and Willie Evans, Jr. Each member of Asamov is at least a triple threat referring to the fact that each member either rhymes, produces, or DJs making them an abnormality on the Hip-Hop scene. Asamov's diversity is evident at their live shows which have become legendary for the way they "Wow" the crowd by changing up roles on stage and behind the turntables showcasing their Golden Era of Hip-Hop music skills. High energy, innovative, memorable, and "Fresh!" are perfect adjectives to describe what an Asamov live show is like!

In 2003 Asamov was signed to Major League Baseball player Desi Relaford's (Toronto Blue Jays) 6 Hole Records as the label's first act. Asamov's name is from the 21st century science fiction writer Isaac Asimov who wrote about technology and different worlds to inspire and challenge the reader to seek more in their creativity.

6 Hole Records

Founded in 2003 by Major-League Baseball player Desi Relaford, 6 Hole Records is one of the most prolific indie Hip-Hop labels in the under-ground scene. Focused on artist development and remaining true to Hip-Hop music's roots, 6 Hole has released 4 full-length albums and multiple 12" singles to date including the debut solo album from Little Brother's Rapper Big Pooh Sleepers in February '05. 6 Hole Records is also the home to Little Brother's 9 th Wonder, Rapper Big Pooh, and Hall of Justus crew The Away Team and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

For more info. and audio samples on Asamov please visit: or


For more information, contact:
Damian Marley
(904) 803-1925





Universal City, CA, September 08, 2005 Universal Pictures has acquired worldwide distribution rights to HBO Films untitled original motion picture musical starring multi-platinum and Grammy-winning LaFace/Zomba Label Group artists OutKast, it was announced today. OutKasts Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton both star in the film, which will feature new songs from the duos next album, which will be a soundtrack album. Bryan Barber, the award-winning director and longtime OutKast music video collaborator, makes his feature film directing debut on the film. The films soundtrack will feature all new songs by OutKast and will be released on LaFace/Zomba Label Group in the fourth quarter of 2005. Universal Pictures will wide release the film in 2006.

Seeing a very rough cut of this film was an incredibly exciting experience, announced Adam Fogelson, President, Universal Pictures Marketing and Eddie Egan, Co-President, Universal Pictures Marketing. We very much wanted to be part of bringing this film to a wide audience, and were delighted to be partnering with HBO Films and Charles Roven.

Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton are artists without parallel on the cultural landscape, said HBO Films President Colin Callender. Together with director Bryan Barber, their videos have taken the synthesis of music, cinema and style to a whole new dimension. We are proud and excited that they have chosen to work with HBO to bring their unique vision of an original musical to the screen, and we are delighted to be working with Universal Pictureswhose unbridled enthusiasm for the film promises to turn this into a major motion picture event.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Bryan Barber and OutKast in 2002, and I knew then that their talents would translate across all creative mediums. I am thrilled we at Mosaic were given the opportunity to work with them again and to help make this project a reality, said producer Chuck Roven.

Set amidst the backdrop of a 1930s southern speakeasy, the film follows two characters, Percival (Andre Benjamin), the clubs piano player, and Rooster (Antwan Patton), the clubs lead performer and manager, through intersecting stories of love and ambition.

The cast also includes Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible), Terrence Dashon Howard (Hustle & Flow), Faizon Love (Elf), Malinda Williams (Soul Food), Paula Jai Parker (She Hate Me), Jackie Long (Lovewrecked), newcomer Paula Patton and legendary recording artist Patti LaBelle (On the One). Also cast in the film are singer Macy Gray (Training Day), Tony Award winner Ben Vereen (Why Do Fools Fall In Love) and Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Cicely Tyson (Fried Green Tomatoes).

The as-yet-untitled film was shot on location in Wilmington, North Carolina and at Universal City, CA.

Universal Pictures and HBO Films Present A Mosaic Media Group and Forensic Films Production. The screenplay is written by Bryan Barber, and the dance sequences are choreographed by legendary performer and three-time Tony winner Hinton Battle. Mosaics Charles Roven (Batman Begins) and Robert Guralnick serve as producers. William Green and Forensic Films Robin OHara and Scott Macaulay are the executive producers, and Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Michael Blue Williams, Bryan Barber and Erika Conner are co-producers. Keri Putnam, senior vice president, HBO Films, is the executive in charge of the project.

OutKasts fifth album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below has been certified diamond in the U.S. and won three Grammy Awards last year, including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album. The disc also had several top hits including Hey Ya, The Way You Move and Roses.

OutKast launched their career with the infectious single Players Ball, which lead to a record deal. Their first three disks, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, ATLiens and Aquemini have each sold more than a million copies. Their 2000 release Stankonia went triple platinum in only 12 weeks and produced the hit singles Bombs Over Baghdad and Ms. Jackson.

Andre Benjamins acting credits include the current hit Four Brothers, Be Cool and for television, The Shield. He will launch his own clothing line next year.

Antwan Patton has appeared in acting roles on televisions Martin and as a featured voice in the MTV series Volcano High, about a teenager with special martial arts skills, and in two episodes of Comedy Centrals Chappelles Show.

Ving Rhames received a Golden Globe for Best Actor for the title role in HBOs Don King: Only in America. He starred in both Mission: Impossible films and is currently shooting the third in the series. His additional credits include Dawn Of The Dead, Out of Sight, Striptease, Con Air, Bringing Out the Dead, Dave, Rosewood and his breakthrough role as Marsellus Wallace in Quentin Tarantinos cult indy film, Pulp Fiction.

Terrence Dashon Howard has starred in a wide array of films including Four Brothers, Hustle & Flow, Crash, Ray, Harts War, Big Mommas House, Butter, The Best Man and HBOs acclaimed Boycott and Lackawanna Blues.

Faizon Love has starred opposite Will Ferrell in the blockbuster Elf and has also been seen in Blue Crush, The Fighting Temptations and Wonderland.

Malinda Williams is best known for her television role as Tracy Bird Van Adams in Soul Food, for which she garnered a NAACP Image Award nomination. In addition to her other television roles on Roc and My So-Called Life, Williams has also starred in such feature films as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and The Wood, as well as HBOs Dancing In September and Laurel Avenue.

Paula Jai Parkers film credits include Spike Lees She Hate Me, Phone Booth, High Crimes, Get On the Bus, Friday, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and HBOs Always Outnumbered.

Jackie Longs credits include African-American Idol: The Search for the Next Black Leader, Roommates and Playas Ball. He will soon be seen in the romantic comedy Lovewrecked, starring Amanda Bynes, Chris Carmack, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, NSYNCs Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin and Fred Willard.

Newcomer Paula Patton has been seen in this years smash comedy Hitch, starring Will Smith.

Vocalist Patti LaBelle is a legend in R&B and gospel music. Winner of two Grammy Awards for Burnin and for her performance in Live! One Last Night, LaBelle is also the recipient of the 1993 American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist. Among her long list of hits are the 1975 version of Lady Marmalade, her duet with Michael McDonald, On My Own, My Love, Sweet Love from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, and the smash hits New Attitude and Stir it Up from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. LaBelle has also performed in the films Carlitos Way, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Bruce Almighty, and appeared in the popular television series, A Different World, The Nanny and Roseanne. She was most recently seen in On the One alongside Eartha Kitt.

Singer Macy Grays debut album, On How Life Is was certified triple platinum by the RIAA and her hit single, I Try won a Grammy in 2000. In 2003, she released her third disk, The Trouble With Being Myself, and last year a greatest hits compilation, The Very Best Of Macy Gray. She has composed songs for the television show Miss Match as well as the feature films The Sweetest Thing and Spider-Man. Gray received critical acclaim for her role in Training Day, and she also appeared in the films Mona Lisa Smile, Around the World in 80 Days and Scary Movie 3. Additionally, she has appeared in HBOs Lackawanna Blues and in The Crow: Wicked Prayer.

Legendary actor, singer and dancer Ben Vereen won the Tony Award for his performance in Pippin. His extensive stage career includes Im Not Rappaport, Hair, Jellys Last Jam and Jesus Christ Superstar, for which he was also nominated for a Tony. His television credits include HBOs Oz, Fosse, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, The Jesse Owens Story and the seminal miniseries Roots. Mr. Vereen is currently starring on Broadway as the Wizard of Oz in Universal Pictures smash Broadway hit Wicked.

Celebrated actor and teacher Cicely Tyson won an Emmy and was nominated for a BAFTA for her memorable title role in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Tyson also won an Emmy and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role in Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All and won an Emmy for her portrayal of Coretta Scott King in the miniseries King. She received an Academy Award nomination and won a Golden Globe for her role in Sounder. Her extensive career also includes the film Fried Green Tomatoes and the television credits Roots, The Rosa Parks Story, Ms. Scrooge, A Woman Called Moses, Heat Wave and HBO Films Always Outnumbered and A Lesson Before Dying, for which she received nominations for both an Emmy as well as an NAACP Image award.

Bryan Barber has directed many of OutKasts videos including Hey Ya, which was Grammy-nominated for Best Short Form Video last year, and which was previously honored with four MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video, Best Special Effects and Best Art Direction. His previous collaborations with OutKast include The Way You Move and Roses from their disc Speakerboxxx/Love Below. He was honored by his peers in London in May 2004, when he won three Music Video Production Awards (MVPA) for Hey Ya, including Video of the Year. Canadas MuchMusics Awards honored him with two wins for Hey Ya for Video of the Year and Best Hip Hop Video. His diverse slate of projects includes directing videos for Bow Wow, Faith Evans, Destinys Child, Anastacia, G-Unit, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Macy Gray, Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott and JC Chasez. His striking video work has put him in high demand for commercials, including Victorias Secret and Sunkist.

Hinton Battle won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in Sophisticated Ladies, Miss Saigon and The Tap Dance Kid, which was also honored with an NAACP Image Award and The Fred Astaire Award. His esteemed career started early in his life when he received a scholarship to attend The School of American Ballet where he studied under George Balanchine. At the age of 15, he made his Broadway debut playing the Scarecrow in The Wiz. His additional stage credits include Ragtime, Dancin, Dreamgirls and Chicago. He also founded the non-profit organization Hinton Battle Theatre Laboratory to develop ethnically diverse theater projects. His television credits include choreographing the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Mosaic Media Group, launched in July 1999, unites film and music company Atlas Entertainment with the talent management group The Gold/Miller Company. Its diversified interests include roles as the controlling shareholder in dick clark productions So You Think You Can Dance, Golden Globe Awards, American Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and an entertainment marketing division through its joint venture with Elevation Entertainment.

Distinguished by over two decades as a producer of motion pictureswhich have collectively grossed $1.7 billion worldwideMosaic Media Group partner Charles Roven is co-founder of Atlas Entertainment and its affiliated company Atlas/Third Rail Management. His most recent credits include the Terry Gilliam directed The Brothers Grimm, starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as well as Batman Begins, which was number one in the U.S. box office two weeks in a row and has had a worldwide gross of over $365 million. Roven also recently executive produced Universal Studios family comedy Kicking and Screaming, starring Will Ferrell, which opened to over $20 million at the U.S. box office. Previously Roven produced the $275 million grossing-hit Scooby-Doo and the sequel Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

Roven has spearheaded a broad slate of projects, overseeing production or producing the films Final Analysis, Honey, I Blew Up the Kids, Cool Runnings, Mans Best Friend, Sister Act II: Back in the Habit, Angus, Twelve Monkeys, Fallen, City of Angels, Three Kings and Bulletproof Monk. Previously, as an independent producer, he shepherded films such as Cadillac Man. While focusing on Mosaics feature film activities, Roven also participates in the music management division. He was involved in the soundtracks for Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo 2 and City of Angels, which won three Grammy Awards and featured the companys client the Goo Goo Dolls as well as Alanis Morissette.

Robert Guralnick spent two years as president of production for Mosaic Media Group. Prior to that he was executive vice president at Warner Bros. for twelve years and shepherded projects such as Scooby-Doo, Collateral Damage, Angel Eyes, Youve Got Mail, Devils Advocate, The Pelican Brief, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Bodyguard.

Independent producers Scott Macaulay and Robin OHara are the founders of the New York-based production company Forensic Films. Their recent productions include Peter Sollett's award-winning debut feature Raising Victor Vargas, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, received its American premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and was cited by the New York Times as one of the ten best films of 2003. Previously for HBO they produced John Leguizamo's directorial debut Undefeated, and they also recently co-produced Olivier Assayas's Clean, which received the Best Actress prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival for Maggie Cheung. Their other producing credits include Harmony Korine's Gummo and julien donkey-boy, Jesse Peretz's The Chateau and First Love, Last Rites, Frank Whaley's Joe the King, and Tom Noonan's Sundance Grand Prize-winning What Happened Was... Macaulay and O'Hara are recipients of a special IFP/Los Angeles Spirit Award for their work producing independent film.

Grammy-nominated producer William Green is an executive producer on the film. In addition to working in commercial and music video production for over ten years, Green has produced such films as The Hesketh Project and Ali Gs In Da House.

Michael Blue Williams is the president of Family Tree Entertainment. As the manager for Grammy Award-winning artists such as OutKast, Blue has moved to the forefront of the music and entertainment world. His longtime list of clients under the branches of Family Tree Entertainment includes OutKast, Nick Cannon, Case, Lyfe, Jagged Edge, Killer Mike and Scarface. With new ventures into the film world, Family Tree Entertainment continues to grow.

For the last two years, Erika Conner managed the day-to-day operations, including development and production, of Mosaic Media Groups urban film division. She also worked closely with Mosaics other film divisions, Atlas Entertainment (Three Kings, City of Angels, Scooby Doo), the Gold/Miller Company (Scary Movie 1 & 2, Bruce Almighty, Elf, Finding Nemo), and dick clark productions (The Golden Globes, American Dreams). Prior to joining Mosaic, Erika was director of film development for Naaila Entertainment, the production banner of video director Hype Williams.

HBO Films, a division of Home Box Office, produces movies for the network and for theatrical release.

Earlier this year, HBO Films received two Oscar nominationsCatalina Sandino Moreno in the Best Actress category for Maria Full Of Grace and Yesterday in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Other recent accolades for HBO Films include top honors at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, where Elephant and director Gus Van Sant were awarded the Palme dOr and Best Director prizes, while American Splendor captured the International Film Critics Association Award. American Splendor was also named Best Picture by both the Los Angeles Film Critics and National Society of Film Critics and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

For three years in a row, HBO Films presentations have received a top award at the Sundance Film Festival, among them Maria Full of Grace (Audience Award, 2004), American Splendor (Grand Jury Prize, 2003) and Real Women Have Curves (Audience Award, 2002). In 2004 HBO Films won an unprecedented number of Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for Mike Nichols landmark production of Angels in America starring Meryl Streep and Al Pacino.

Universal Pictures is a division of Universal Studios ( Universal Studios is part of NBC Universal. NBC Universal is one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. Formed in May 2004 through the combining of NBC and Vivendi Universal Entertainment, NBC Universal owns and operates the No. 1 television network, the fastest-growing Spanish-language network, a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, and world-renowned theme parks. NBC Universal is 80%-owned by General Electric, with 20% controlled by Vivendi Universal.

Jami Stigliano
Manager, New Media Marketing
Zomba Label Group
212-824-1886 Office
646-486-1481 Fax
AOL IM: jamistig

Clinton Sparks Launches "Dare to Care" Campaign for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Boston, MA September 7, 2005 In response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Award-winning radio show host/DJ, producer and entrepreneur, DJ Clinton Sparks, has launched "Dare to Care", a campaign created to support the relief for the thousands of people young and old who are displaced without food, shelter, or electricity - and untold numbers were killed in the fierce storm that left a path of destruction across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida in recent weeks.

Clinton dares top party promoters across the country to step up and coordinate events where he will donate his legendary DJ sets free of charge in exchange for 100% of each event's proceeds being donated to the victims of one of the most devastating and destructive storms in the history of our country. Clinton will also bring celebrity friends to each venue along with giveaways donated by several popular lifestyle companies.

Five promoters in any city in the United States who can provide the biggest and best turnout will be chosen to host a "Dare to Care" Event. The promoters chosen and their parties will be promoted locally and nationally through radio, print & television media, and 100% of the proceeds from these events will be donated in their names to the variouscharitable organizations such as The American Red Cross, AmeriCares, United Way, & The Salvation Army. He also hopes to team with other leading DJs to start the first hip-hop fundraiser of its kind.

"Dare to Care" is a groundbreaking relief effort designed to prove DJs, promoters and club goers can all party for a cause. Do not miss out on a great opportunity to help those who are in dire need while working with one of the most respected and sought-after DJs in the world. For more information regarding the "Dare to Care" campaign, please send all event proposals to

About Clinton Sparks
In 2005, Clinton Sparks has been awarded several top honors for his work as a syndicated radio show host and DJ on stations in the US and Canada, including Justo Mixtape Awards "Best Satellite DJ", Global Mixx Conference "Power Player of the Year", and the Core DJs Convention "East Coast Mix Show DJ of the Year". He has also been nominated for the 2005 Mixshow Power Summit "East Coast DJ of the Year" and "Syndicated DJ of the Year" honors. Currently, Clinton Sparks has a #1 rated mix show, "Smash Time Radio" in 7 of the top markets in the country (Boston, Hartford, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Seattle and North Carolina). He also has hosts a weekly show on Eminem's Sirius satellite radio station, Shade 45. In addition to his on-air feats, Sparks is also a respected club and mixtape DJ. For more information about Clinton Sparks, his current work and past accomplishments, GET FAMILIAR @

Matt Conaway
Movement Marketing
Alternate E-Mail Address:
AOL IM- Matthewbrn

Platinum Recording Artist TWISTA Will Join Nate 'E' Entertainment, D-Town Records and COZ Records in Dallas, Texas to Donate to Red Cross

For the Hurricane Victims

Platinum Recording Artist TWISTA will Join Nate 'E' Entertainment, D-Town Records and COZ Records in Dallas, Texas to Donate to Red Cross an Black United Fund of Texas for the Hurricane Victims. Nate "E" Entertainment will donate 15% of proceeds from the October 28 Event in Dallas, Texas to the Red Cross and 15% to the Black United Funds of Texas for the hurricane victims. Former Football player Nate Edwards, CEO of D*Town Records, and Former Dallas Cowboy Rocket Ismial, CEO of COZ Records in Dallas, will help make this a star studded event Featuring TWISTA performing Live. Former NBA Player Wallace Bryant, who played with the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks and is a new member of D*Town Records will take charge to make this a premier event. Nate Edwards is working to bring Twista to Dallas for this event October 28th, 2005. LG3 aka Lava Girlz will donate 100% of profits from there CD Sales log on to the web site.

(PRWEB) September 8, 2005 -- Nate "E" Entertainment, a Dallas based company specializing in concert events (small and large) and artist management/development, is implementing an innovative performing artist recognition program called Utopia Evening at Club Rain. The goal of the program is to publicize the hard-to-identify population of aspiring musicians residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Nathaniel Edwards, CEO of Nate "E" Entertainment, in conjunction with Alfredo Reyna, General Manager of Club Rain in Addison, has hosted artists of worldwide acclaim such as Lil' Wayne with Cash Money. With so many additional talented artists in the Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz arena patiently awaiting the same opportunity to entertain audiences here in the metroplex, why not provide a venue to accommodate them. At this time, Nate "E" Entertainment and Club Rain would like to invite you to participate in the sponsorship of "Utopia Evening at Club Rain," Friday, October 28, 2005 from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am.

If you want to be a sponsor, contact
D*Town Records
14001 Dallas Parkway
Suite 1200
Dallas, Texas 75240
Ph. 972-934-6592

LG3 aka Lava Girlz will donate 100% of profits from there CD Sales log on to the web site.


Nate Edwards
972-934-6592 Introduces BattleGroundz to the Atlanta Area

Battle Groundz will serve as the pinnacle place for emcees, dancers, and djs to make their mark as the best of the best within their craft.

ATLANTA (PRWEB) September 8, 2005 -- Battle Groundz is the newest sensation to hit the Atlanta underground scene. Atlanta has long been know for its colorful collection of talented individuals who originate from all areas of the globe to reside in the peach state. It is in that light that has taken on the task of creating an avenue for skilled urban dancers, emcees, and DJs to showcase their capabilities by vying for the Battle Groundz champion title, which will be up for grabs, monthly for each separate category.

Battle Groundz will serve as the TRUE test for those individuals in Atlanta and beyond that claim to be the best within their craft. expects the event to gain acclaim of the many persons that are waiting for an arena in which to prove themselves worthy of bragging rights. The mix of talent and competition will be a virtual hot bed for anyone seeking new talent, but would like to see their act proven in intense rivalry before their peers.

The date of the inaugural presentation of Battle Groundz is set for September 14, 2005. The location will be the Havanna Club within the upscale Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. is in the active stages of partnering with various entities within the Atlanta entertainment community to make sure Battle Groundz will be understood as the ultimate site for one to prove their worth as an emcee, dancer, or DJ. The monthly competition will be UNforgettable, UNmatched and UNinhibited. The final champion of the night will be UNtouchablethat is, until the next month.


Jennifer Willias

Tupac Shakur's Poetry Celebrated in Music on Long-Awaited CD, "The Rose, Vol. 2," to Be Released on September 20, 2005

The New Tribute CD Features Incredible Contributions From The Outlawz, Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, Ludacris, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Memphis Bleek and Many More

LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 7, 2005 -- On September 20th, a number of hip-hop and R&B's top artists will take a brand new approach to using Tupac Shakur's poetry in song, paying tribute to the late rapper in his own words on "The Rose, Vol. 2 - Music Inspired by Tupac's Poetry." Unlike its predecessor, "The Rose, Vol. 2" is not a spoken word album -- instead, each musical artist has taken inspiration from one of the poems in Tupac's "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" book and used portions of the poems to build their own original songs, with Tupac's poetry serving as their muse.

Released by Amaru Entertainment, "The Rose, Vol. 2" features 15 fresh tracks from an array of genres, including rap, hip-hop, soul and R&B offerings. The guest artists on "The Rose, Vol. 2" include Ludacris, Lyfe Jennings, Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, The Outlawz, Memphis Bleek, and Talib Kweli, among others.

Celina Nixon, a former member of "Pac's Kids" (the students of the annual Tupac Summer Performing Arts Camp) and now the Artistic Director for the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF), provides the song, "The Eternal Lament," while another piece -- a poem and vocal solo blend entitled "Poetry" -- is written and performed by current "Pac's Kids" Morgan McKenzie (16 years old) and Amber Granderson (15 years old). It is especially noteworthy that Celina Nixon, Morgan McKenzie and Amber Granderson are three talented young women who all honed their musical skills through attending the Tupac Summer Performing Arts Camp year after year.

Perhaps the most unexpected appearance comes from Digital Underground's Shock G (AKA Humpty Hump), the man most responsible for launching 2Pac's solo career, by giving him his first prominent introduction and then allowing him the chance to perform his own verse on the Underground's smash hit single, "Same Song."

The track listing for "The Rose Vol. 2" is as follows:

1. Intro feat. Black Ice
2. Power of a Smile feat. Bone Thugs N Harmony
3. The Eternal Lament feat. Celina
4. Fallen Star feat. Talib Kwali
5. In The Depths of Solitude feat. Ludacris
6. Movin On feat. Lyfe Jennings
7. Life Through My Eyes feat. Memphis Bleek & Tupac
8. When Ure Heart Turns Cold feat. The Outlawz
9. Black Woman feat. Jamal Joseph & Che Davis
10. Only 4 The Righteous feat. Yoyo
11. Where There is a Will... feat. Boot Camp Clik
12. When Ur Hero Falls feat. Impact Kids
13. And 2morrow feat. Shock G
14. If I Fail feat. Dead Prez
15. Poetry by Amber & Morgan of Pacskids

The timing of the CD's release corresponds the 9th anniversary of Tupac's untimely death, and with the unveiling of the new bronze Tupac Memorial Statue in Atlanta on September 13. The statue will be located in the 6-acre Peace Garden at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts. The Center just recently opened Phase 1 of its 3-stage construction in Atlanta.

Proceeds from sales of "The Rose, Vol. 2" will go to benefit the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, which -- along with fan and corporate donations -- is raising the $3 million needed for the completion of the Center, which will serve as Tupac's ultimate legacy: providing a safe place where youths from all backgrounds are free to express themselves creatively through the arts.

For additional information, go to: OR

Image Available:


For more info, please contact:
Versa Manos
Gorgeous PR
(323) 658-9146

Giovanna Melchiorre
212-353-8800 x257

Source: Amaru Entertainment


AG Interactive Teams with Legendary Sports Advertising Director to Produce New Trash Tonz Product Line for Def Jam Mobile

Your Phone's Got Game with New Trash Talking Ringtones from NBA and Streetball Stars Baron Davis, Corey Maggette, Chris Paul, PeeWee Kirkland

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AG Interactive, the new media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation (NYSE:AM) , today announced the launch of Trash Tonz(TM), exciting new ringtones in the company's Sportz Tonz product line, featuring sound bites from fast-talking athletes verbally abusing and amusing their competition on the court. Trash Tonz are now available from Def Jam Mobile (, the premier platform for Hip Hop wireless services, and participating wireless carriers in North America and Europe.

To produce the Trash Tonz, AG Interactive partnered with Jimmy Smith, creator of the award-winning Nike Freestyle commercials. He was the first to combine Hip Hop with basketball creating some of the industry's most successful sports advertising campaigns. AG Interactive gathered with Jimmy Smith and four basketball greats in a Los Angeles recording studio for several hours of freestyle story telling and trash talking. Scenes from the recording session will air on "ESPN Hollywood," a new show focused on the convergence between sports and entertainment. The new show is on ESPN2, weekdays at 6:00 pm EST.

"Sports and the tradition of trash talking are inseparable," said Bryan Biniak, senior vice president, AG Interactive and general manager, AGmobile. "We are working with some of history's greatest athletes from basketball, football, boxing, and hockey to bring the game to the phone."

AG Interactive's first Trash Tonz will highlight the verbal battling of:
- Golden State Warriors' Baron Davis, who talks about "BD's Dunk of Shame"
- Chris Paul, the 4th round NBA draft pick
- Corey Maggette, famed LA Clipper
- PeeWee Kirkland, the Wizard of Rucker Park

"Hanging out with AG Interactive in the studio making the Trash Tonz was cool," said Baron Davis, point guard for the Golden State Warriors. "I love the idea that my fans can put my Trash Tonz on their phones to stay connected to me and the game."

AG Interactive has also signed a roster of trash talking ballers including:

Current and Former NBA Players:
- Ben Gordon - Guard, Chicago Bulls, NBA 6th Man of the Year Award
- Andre Iguodala - Guard, Philadelphia 76'ers
- Moses Malone - Center, twelve-time NBA All-Star and Hall of Famer
- George Gervin - Master of the "finger roll" and twelve-time consecutive
ABA/NBA All-Star and NBA Hall of Famer
- Kenny Smith - host of TNT basketball and NBA legendary trash talker

Prominent Streetballers:
- Joe 'The Destroyer' Hammond - Rucker Park streetball legend
- Junie Sanders - Guard, Fayetteville Patriots
- Billy 'The Kid' Harris - Famed Chicago streetballer
- James 'Fly' Williams - New York City streetball legend
- Bobbito Garcia - Voice of Electronic Art's NBA Street Showdown game

"For Trash Tonz, I drew on my experience creating the Nike Freestyle commercials where I combined the dance-like moves of the athletes on the court with an old school Hip Hop beat to create a dope new style of advertising," said Jimmy Smith, Producer for Trash Tonz and Founder of God Squad Athletics. "With Trash Tonz, I wanted to capture the athlete's spirit of battle through dialogue and the urban edginess of Hip Hop to create a totally new sound experience for mobile phones."

Trash Tonz are an extension of AG Interactive's line of Sportz Tonz, the industry's first ringtones to emulate game sounds. To create Sportz Tonz, AG Interactive works with many of the top talents in sports today including Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz, Cleveland Indian's C.C. Sabathia, New York Knicks' Stephon Marbury, Dallas Cowboy's Roy Williams, Minnesota Twin's Torii Hunter, and boxer Roy Jones Jr. AG Interactive also co-produced the Sportz Tonz line with the original sound design team from the hugely popular Nike Freestyle commercials

About Def Jam Enterprises

Def Jam Enterprises, a subsidiary of Rush Communications' fashion and entertainment empire, offers consumers a wide range of popular products and services in a variety of industries including fashion, film, gaming, and mobile. By leveraging the power of the Def Jam brand, Def Jam Enterprises has co-produced two highly successful video games with Electronic Arts: Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight For NY. Since its launch last year, Def Jam University has already established itself as a premier urban fashion brand. Def Jam Mobile, in partnership with AG Interactive, is the premier provider of Hip Hop content for wireless consumers. Def Jam Enterprises will continue to expand into new arenas by staying true to the logo.

About AG Interactive

AG Interactive is a worldwide leader in online, instant messaging and mobile expressions and entertainment. The online group,, offers over 20,000 premium quality greetings and other types of expressive content through its popular websites including,,, and, as well as co-branded greetings sites with leading portals Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. Collectively, the AG Interactive online sites represent the largest online greeting card destination in the world, attracting over two million paying subscribers and millions of unique visitors every month.

The mobile services group, AGmobile, is a leader in mobile content creation, distribution and marketing. It offers consumers a broad set of wireless and multi-media expressions and entertainment including ringtones, graphics, video and games. Through its mobile properties, including Def Jam Mobile, MIDIRingtones, Blue Mountain Mobile and Kiwee, AGmobile creates and distributes innovative content to mobile phone users through 25 wireless carriers in over ten countries and in multiple languages. By leveraging the world's largest digital library of award-winning expressive content and premium licensed content along with an unrivaled international distribution capability, AG Interactive offers consumers and business partners the premiere online and mobile services available today. AG Interactive is a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation (NYSE:AM) , one of the world's leading manufacturers of social expression products, generating annual net sales of approximately $2 billion.

Source: AG Interactive

CONTACT: Pamela Preston, office: +1-212-590-2554, mobile:
+1-917-575-5830,, or Alicia Mickelsen, office:
+1-212-590-2557, mobile: +1-973-229-9972,, both of
Breakaway Communications for AG Interactive

Web site:

AG Interactive, Def Jam Enterprises and Verizon Wireless Deliver The Latest In Flames, Spoilers and Chrome

From Funkmaster Flex's Celebrity Car & Bike Tour and TV Show

New Wallpapers, Ring Tones, and Advanced Content for Verizon Wireless Get It Now(R) Customers

LOS ANGELES and BEDMINSTER, N.J., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- AG Interactive, the new media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation (NYSE:AM) today announced an exclusive partnership with Funkmaster Flex to bring hottest new mobile content from his Celebrity Car and Bike Tour and his ESPN TV show, Ride with Funkmaster Flex through Def Jam Mobile ( to Verizon Wireless's Get It Now's customers. Funkmaster Flex is Hip Hop's top radio personality and premier car culture evangelist. Flex's tour and show combine the best of celebrity and car cultures, having hooked up rides for 50 Cent, Ludacris, Tracy McGrady, P.Diddy, Lil' Kim, Ashanti and Queen Latifah.

Verizon Wireless customers with select Get It Now-enabled phones can show off their love for cars, celebrities and Hip Hop music by loading their phones with cool new mobile content from Funkmaster Flex, including:

* Ring tones - a wide variety of audio, from racing car engine SFXs and
car lifestyle skits to Flex voice tones and shout outs
* Wallpapers - images of custom cars from Funkmaster Flex's car tour,
celebrity cars and Hip Hop beauties from the King Model search

"I love to bring people together who love the art of cars," said Funkmaster Flex. "Making our content available on mobile phones lets people carry their love of cars beyond our tour and our show. They can now take their passion for their rides with them wherever they go."

As part of the Funkmaster Flex Car & Bike Show, Verizon Wireless' street team made the rounds in a tricked-out H2 Hummer showcasing Def Jam Mobile's applications and content on several fully loaded Verizon Wireless phones in the Hummer. AG Interactive's mobile studio group created custom video content from the tour which played on screens in the Hummer. Additionally, AG Interactive raffled away Def Jam Mobile T-shirts and concert tickets to tour attendees.

"Funkmaster Flex is a world-renowned Hip Hop legend, and bringing the many assets of his tour and his show onto the Def Jam Mobile platform fits perfectly into our strategy to make all the best Hip Hop content available in one place," said Bryan Biniak, senior vice president, AG Interactive and general manager, AGmobile. "At AGmobile, we create and license the world's best content for distribution across wireless platforms. This deal with Funkmaster Flex is a great example of what we're bringing to the mobile market."

"Our Verizon Wireless street teams are getting a great response to the Def Jam Mobile content they demonstrated in the Hummer and we're pleased to offer it through our Get It Now service," said Bill Stone, vice president of marketing for Verizon Wireless. "The premium content developed by AG Interactive for Def Jam Mobile is compelling and keeps Hip Hop fans coming back for more."

Funkmaster Flex's ring tones and wallpapers are available immediately on select Get It Now-enabled phones. Customers can find Funkmaster Flex's ring tones on the Def Jam Beatz application in the getTONES shopping aisle for $1.99 for one ring tone purchase, $5.99 for five ring tone purchase or $9.99 for eight tone purchase. Flex's wallpapers are available on Def Jam Snipes in the getWALLPAPER shopping aisle for $1.99 for one use purchase, $4.49 for three use purchase or $6.49 for five use purchase.

Download charges for Get It Now applications vary and airtime charges apply when browsing, downloading and using certain applications. Customers need a Get It Now-enabled handset and Verizon Wireless digital service to access the Get It Now virtual store.

For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

About Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex is Hip Hop's premiere radio personality and one of the genre's most influential figures. He is the number one DJ in the country's number one market and can also be heard in syndication across the country and overseas. Flex's success extends into the television world, with his hit TV show, Ride with Funkmaster Flex. Debuting in August 2003, the show is a one-of-a-kind half hour series that combines the best of celebrity and car cultures. Everyone from Eminem to Blink 182 took part in the first season - giving Flex access to their prized rides and taking part such activities as drag racing, burnouts and demolition derbies! Celebrity car customizations are a huge part of the show's success, and Flex's Team Baurtwell hooked up rides for 50 Cent, Ludacris, Queen Latifah and more.

Funkmaster Flex is a custom car fanatic -so much so, The New York Times recently dubbed him the "evangelist" of Hip Hop's car culture. He founded Team Baurtwell, the highest profile custom-car club around with members like Shaquille O'Neil, and musicians Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and Faith Evans. He writes an authoritative automotive column for two of Hip Hop's most read publications-The Source and Mobile Entertainment Magazine. Flex is the consultant to the hottest car accessory companies, advising them on a host of issues, especially product placement and future advertising. This knowledge has led to numerous endorsement deals from some of the biggest companies in the game. Visit for more information.

About Def Jam Enterprises

Def Jam Enterprises, a subsidiary of Rush Communications' fashion and entertainment empire, offers consumers a wide range of popular products and services in a variety of industries including fashion, film, gaming, and mobile. By leveraging the power of the Def Jam brand, Def Jam Enterprises has co-produced two highly successful video games with Electronic Arts: Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight For NY. Since its launch last year, Def Jam University has already established itself as a premier urban fashion brand. Def Jam Mobile, in partnership with AG Interactive, is the premier provider of Hip Hop content for wireless consumers. Def Jam Enterprises will continue to expand into new arenas by staying true to the logo.

About AG Interactive

AG Interactive is a worldwide leader in online, instant messaging and mobile expressions and entertainment. The online group,, offers over 20,000 premium quality greetings and other types of expressive content through its popular websites including,,, and, as well as co-branded greetings sites with leading portals Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. Collectively, the AG Interactive online sites represent the largest online greeting card destination in the world, attracting over two million paying subscribers and millions of unique visitors every month.

The mobile services group, AGmobile, is a leader in mobile content creation, distribution and marketing. It offers consumers a broad set of wireless and multi-media expressions and entertainment including ringtones, graphics, video and games. Through its mobile properties, including Def Jam Mobile, MIDIRingtones, Blue Mountain Mobile and Kiwee, AGmobile creates and distributes innovative content to mobile phone users through 25 wireless carriers in over ten countries and in multiple languages. By leveraging the world's largest digital library of award-winning expressive content and premium licensed content along with an unrivaled international distribution capability, AG Interactive offers consumers and business partners the premiere online and mobile services available today. AG Interactive is a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation (NYSE:AM) , one of the world's leading manufacturers of social expression products, generating annual net sales of approximately $2 billion.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 47.4 million voice and data customers. Headquartered in Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more information on the Web at To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at

About Get It Now

Get It Now from Verizon Wireless puts a virtual software store inside a wireless phone and lets customers download applications over the air and purchase them directly from their phones. Virtual shopping aisles, including getGAMES, getTONES, getGOING, getPIX, getFUN and getMESSAGING, are organized to help customers find what they want, when they want it.

Source: AG Interactive

CONTACT: Media Contacts: Pamela Preston, +1-212-590-2554 (o),
+1-917-575-5830 (m),, or Alicia Mickelsen,
+1-212-590-2557 (o), +1-973-229-9972 (m),, both of
Breakaway Communications for AG Interactive; or Jeffrey Nelson of Verizon
Wireless, +1-908-306-4824,

Web site:

Third Annual Tha Blast Urban Arts and Cultural Festival Announces Headliners and Events; Here Comes Tha Blast!

Tha Blast Urban Arts & Cultural Festival creator and events producer Robin Harrison announced today that Little Brother and Scratch from The Roots are the featured performers for this years festival September 30-October 10th at various venues in and around Cincinnati. Urban culture legends BBoy Crazy Legs and rapper and celebrity DJ Biz Markie will both receive Tha Blast Community Awards. Tha Blast is a high energy urban arts and cultural festival hosting several activities, including an art exhibition, outdoor concert, college panel discussion, poetry & neo-soul showcase, and film screenings. Tha Blast III is part of the The Fourth Annual Enjoy the Arts 20/20 Festival. (Complete schedule of events follows.)

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) September 7, 2005 - Tha Blast Urban Arts & Cultural Festival Creator and Events Producer Robin Harrison announced today that Little Brother and Scratch from The Roots are the featured performers for this years festival September 30-October 10th at various venues in and around Cincinnati. Urban culture legends BBoy Crazy Legs and rapper and celebrity DJ Biz Markie will both receive Tha Blast Community Awards from P-Funk legend Bootsy Collins, the 2003 recipient of the award. Harrison said that Crazy Legs and Biz Markie are being honored with Tha Blast Community Award for their many contributions to urban culture and Hip Hop.

Tha Blast is a high energy urban arts and cultural festival, hosting several activities, including an art exhibition, outdoor concert, college panel discussion, poetry & neo-soul showcase, master hip-hop dance class and film screenings followed by discussion. Tha Blast III is part of the Fourth Annual Enjoy the Arts 20/20 Festival. Scheduled for September 30 through October 19, 2005, 20/20 IV celebrates art in all forms, from poetry on the Metro to jazz in a coffee caf.

The up and coming talents featured at this years outdoor concert are Scratch from The Roots and Little Brother. They will also be participating in a panel discussion along with Biz Markie and Crazy Legs at the Afternoon College Spin at the University of Cincinnati on September 30. The panel discussion will explore the elements of Hip Hop, along with various urban culture issues. Another highlight of the festival is the screening of Afro Punk, which explores race identity within the punk scene. The films director James Spooner will be in town to discuss the making of the documentary at the Contemporary Arts Center on October 10th.

The mission of Tha Blast is to create an ongoing social/cultural experience that explores the many facets of urban culture and the arts, while providing an educational outreach initiative to Cincinnatis underserved communities. From one generation to the next, Tha Blast celebrates urban culture by recognizing its artistic impact on art, music, film, dance, & spoken word, said Robin Harrison, Tha Blast Creator and Event Producer. Tha Blast annually showcases a diverse group of up and coming talents and pays tribute to urban culture legends that are honored and rewarded for their many past contributions to urban arts and culture.

For the last two years, the festival activities have attracted over 7,000 people and included participation from nationally acclaimed artists such as turntable legend Grand Master Flash, poet Jessica Care Moore, DJ Hi-Tek and P-Funk legend Bootsy Collins. We are hoping to get about 4,000 people this year, said Harrison. Tha Blast is eclectic. We get all kinds of peopleyoung/old, black/white, rich/poor. It has something for everyone.

Popular culture is and will always be influenced by the diverse and unique aspects of urban culture and its art, said Cedric Cox, Assistant Event Manager and Curator of the Art Show. The urban underground and its ever changing pulse has a profound influence on what we see and hear in the mainstream before it becomes the next big thing.

We are thrilled to sponsor and host Tha Blasts Afternoon College Spin panel discussion on urban culture and the Hip-Hop until YouDont Stop! Concert at the University of Cincinnati, said Robert Tackett, Director of MainStreet Operations at Tangeman University Center. The festivals mission is right in line with our UC|21 Plan to develop meaningful community partnerships and create opportunities for our students to have a wide variety of cultural experiences. Other partners and sponsors of Tha Blast 2005 are the Enjoy the Arts 20/20 Festival, ArtWorks, The Greenwich, The Contemporary Arts Center, the Rudi Johnson Foundation, New School Cincinnati, Ballet Tech Ohio, Bootsy Collins and a host of local artists and community leaders.

About This Years Co-winners of Tha Blast Community Award

Crazy Legs (born Richard Coln) is a graffiti artist and one of the pioneers of break dancing and an original member of the Rock Steady Crew. Growing up in the Bronx, Crazy Legs saw gang activity all around him, but got into break dancing and has since become the dominant face of break dance culture to the world. His first exposure was as a street dancer in the movie Flashdance, however since he has appeared in many movies including Beat Street, Wild Style, and Style Wars and he has appeared in many television programs, music videos, and commercials. He participated in the Peabody Award-winning documentary Dance in America: Everybody Dance Now, and co-produced and starred in the documentary The Freshest Kids: History of the B-Boy. Crazy Legs has toured extensively throughout the United States and the world, performing at such venues as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. President of Backspin Productions and the Rock Steady Crew, he is an award-winning choreographer and member of the Hip Hop hall of Fame.

Biz Markie, (born Marcel Hall) one of the early pioneers of beatboxing, has gone from being the Clown Prince of Hip Hop to platinum-selling rapper, to one of the most beloved and in-demand celebrity DJs in the world. Hes appeared in commercials, as celebrity guest on television and with Will Smith in Men In Black 2. He appeared on VH1s weekly reality show Celebrity Fit Club. While a lots changed in hip hop since his fabled days with Marleys Juice Crew, Bizs adventurous beatmaking remains undaunted by his well-publicized involvement in a 1991 lawsuit regarding sampling which changed the sound of the rap industry. The release of his third album I Need a Haircut was hampered by the suit, which ruled that all sampling be pre-approved by the original artist before use. As a performer, the Biz is best known for humorous singles like his hit Just A Friend from The Biz Never Sleeps.

For more information about Tha Blast III, visit or contact Robin Harrison at 513-607-0718.

Media contact:
Robin Harrison
Tha Blast Coordinator


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Phillip Paradis

Chevrolet Inks Deal to Sponsor ''The Biz'' - a New Online Reality Show Produced by AOL and Warner Music Group

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 1, 2005--America Online, Inc.:

Top 20 Contenders Will Be Revealed on September 15 When Online Competition Kicks Off

Meet First 50 Hopefuls Online Starting Next Week

AOL and Chevrolet have inked a sponsorship deal for the "The Biz," a new reality series searching for the next music mogul produced by AOL Music and Warner Music Group, as part of Chevy's promotion of its all-new 2006 Chevrolet HHR.

Chevrolet's sponsorship launches on "The Biz" ( next week with the introduction of the first 50 prospects* - of the thousands who applied - with personal photos, bios, statements and more. The top 20 contestants will be revealed when the interactive competition kicks off on September 15. Each episode will be available on demand.

Through the Chevy sponsorship, which will last from August 1, 2005 to November 30, 2005, Chevy will receive prominent brand placement wherever "The Biz" is promoted across the AOL service, the portal, the AOL Instant Messenger(TM) service and AOL's leading entertainment web properties, including and the AOL Radio Network. With its unique styling, the HHR is built to appeal to consumers on the cutting edge - a perfect fit for the audience of AOL's innovative original online programming. This deal comes on the heels of Chevy's recent sponsorship of AOL Music's intimate, in-studio performance show, AOL Music Sessions, announced in May.

"The Biz," is a co-production of AOL Music and Warner Music Group with executive producers Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music for Warner Music Group, and Kevin Conroy, Executive Vice President of the AOL Media Network, in conjunction with critically acclaimed Stick Figure Productions. Contestants from around the country will test their music industry savvy, vying for a position as president of a newly created WMG record label. An interactive online competition between the Top 10 finalists set to take place in New York City this fall will air online and be promoted to AOL's audience of more than 100 million monthly visitors**.

AOL Music ( is the leading online destination for music, reaching more than 26 million music fans a month** through a rich array of programming, products and services that make it easy to discover, experience, listen to and buy music online.

About Chevrolet

Chevrolet is a division of General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM - News). GM, the world's largest automaker, has been the global industry sales leader since 1931. Founded in 1908, GM today employs about 324,000 people around the world. It has manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 200 countries. In 2004, GM sold nearly 9 million cars and trucks globally, up 4 percent and the second-highest total in the company's history. GM's global headquarters are at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. More information on GM can be found at

About Stick Figure Productions

Stick Figure Productions is a New York based film and television production company who have made projects with HBO, UPN, PBS, Cinemax, IFC, VH1, AMC, Bravo, and Showtime. Their projects have played at numerous film festivals, and been nominated for Emmy and Academy Awards. They recently created and executive produced "Family Bonds," a critically-acclaimed real-life series for HBO's Sunday night lineup. They also executive produced "Amish In the City," a reality series for UPN which drew some of the network's highest ratings ever.

About Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group, with its broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, is one of the world's major music companies. The company is home to a collection of some of the best-known record labels in the music industry including Atlantic, Bad Boy, Elektra, Lava, Maverick, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Sire, Warner Bros. and Word. Warner Music International, a leading company in national and international repertoire operates through 37 affiliates and numerous licensees in more than 50 countries. Warner Music Group also includes Warner/Chappell Music, a global music publisher, with a catalog of more than one million copyrights worldwide.

About America Online, Inc.

America Online, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. Based in Dulles, Virginia, America Online is the world's leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services.

* applicants must be over age 18 to be considered for the program

** ComScore Media Metrix, July 2005

America Online, Inc.
Ann Burkart, 212-652-6316
Noreen Pratscher, 313-667-0134
Warner Music Group
Amanda Collins, 212-275-2213

Source: America Online, Inc.


"Finally beats and rhymes on a record without all that phony rappin shit!!!"
- DJ Premier, Gang Starr

"One of the dopest emcees coming outta North Carolina. His flow is sick. Emcees take notice. Squirrel and the Aces is a Dope album!!!"
- DJ Evil Dee, Blackmoon / Da Beatminerz

Cesar Comanche is one of the founding members of the lauded North Carolina hip-hop collective better known as the Justus League. The Justus League is also home to critically acclaimed act Little Brother who helped put the crew on the map with the success of their debut album The Listening (ABB Records) in 2002. Originally from Jacksonville, NC, Cesar began writing rhymes in 1994, but didn't pursue rhyming as a career until 1996. In that same year, he met budding producer 9th Wonder and began collaborating in the studio as well as doing shows in and around North Carolina. It wasn't long before his sound and style got around.

After a few years of working and perfecting his craft, Comanche along with 9th Wonder, organized their fellow friends and rap artists in the Triangle's hip-hop scene and started the Justus League Crew in 1999. Since then, he has performed with such acts as Tha Liks, The Coup, Hieroglyphics, ZMan, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Faust & Shortee, and Wordsworth to name a few.

During time off from his extensive touring schedule, Comanche recorded his third album Squirrel and the Aces, a collaborative effort in the vein of Pete Rock's Soul Survivor series. The album features a string of guest appearances including Tajai from the Souls of Mischief, Phonte and Big Pooh of Little Brother, and several Justus League members as well as production by 9th Wonder (Little Brother, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child), Nicolay (Foreign Exchange), Khrysis (Justus League) and more. When asked what inspired the Squirrel and the Aces, Comanche said, "The album title comes from my father's band he had in the early seventies; my mother was also a singer in that group. This album is dedicated to my parents group and also is a celebration of the musician/entertainer." Squirrel and the Aces debuts September 20th 2005.

In addition to touring the US and Canada, and performing with Little Brother and the rest of the Justus League, Comanche has appeared on television shows such as Hip Hop Nation (NBC), Distortion 2 Static (WB Network), and Little Brother's "You Hear It First" segment on MTV2. He has also been featured in several videos, most notably, Little Brother's "Speed" and his own "Lamb to Lion" video which won a "Most Creative Atmosphere" award from the University of Chapel Hill. In addition, he has received rave reviews in The Source, XXL, Then Independent Weekly, to name a few.

Cesar has also released two solo albums on his own Defenders of the Free World imprint (2000's Wooden Nickels and 2002's Paper Gods), and has appeared on Little Brother's The Listening, the Justus League's NC State of Mind Vol. 1 mixtape, the Hub City Revival Compilation, and the Hall of Justus' Singles Files mixtape as well as dozens of singles.

Like his Justus League counterpart Little Brother, Comanche looks to diversify the face of Southern rap with witty, thought-provoking lyricism and soulful production while sharing some of his very human experiences as an entertainer. In a time where artist have become carbon copies of each other, Comanche offers a fresh look at a forgotten art form.

Lucy Beer
Elemental Consulting
AOL IM: loulou76yo

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Global Brands on Board for RPM's 8th Annual Power Summit

Heineken, Sony CONNECT Inc., Activision, Gilyard Clothing, Timberland and Pepsi to Hook Up With Entertainment Heavyweights at World's Most Influential Hip-Hop Convention

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2005--The RPM Group today announced Heineken, Sony CONNECT Inc., Activision, Gilyard clothing, Timberland and Pepsi as the first brand sponsors of the 8th annual Power Summit, the influential hip-hop convention which brings together tastemakers ranging from DJs to entertainment and major brands, for what has become the launching pad for trends that will dominate the cultural landscape in the year to come. Rene McLean, president and founder of RPM and The Power Summit, made the announcement.

"We are thrilled to be in business with such powerful brand names as Heineken, Sony CONNECT Inc., Activision, Gilyard, Timberland and Pepsi as the first sponsors of this year's Power Summit," said McLean. "We're off to a great start for what looks to be the most successful gathering of today's most important DJs, artists, business leaders and culture mavens."

This year's four-day Power Summit takes place September 28 - October 1 in Our Lucaya, Bahamas, and provides a rare and intimate opportunity to reach the most influential DJs, artists, trendsetters, tastemakers, brands and the leaders in music and entertainment.

Heineken USA, the official beer of the Power Summit, will be celebrating hip-hop's native tongues with the latest installment of its highly successful House Party concert event. This year, Heineken will "take House Party back" with special headlining performances by classic hip-hop artists De La Soul, Black Sheep and Q-Tip on Saturday, October 1.

Many of the hottest artists in Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Dancehall have rocked the stage at past Heineken House Party events including Method Man, The Roots, India Arie, Bone Crusher, Ying Yang Twins, Jermaine Dupri, Pitbull, Kid Capri, 112, and Styles P of LOX. But while Heineken has honored the hottest in breaking talent at its previous House Party events, this year the brewer will pay homage to the old school and reunite Power Summit attendees with some of hip-hop's native tongues.

Consumers 21 years of age and older can listen to local radio from August 22-September 19 and log onto from August 29-September 19 to enter a sweepstakes to win an all expenses paid trip for two to the event - featuring musical performances, food, celebrities, giveaways - and Heineken.

Sony CONNECT Inc. along with, Sony VAIO, Sony Walkman and Sony Style will sponsor The ACID Pro Remix Showdown. The contest is open to DJs and remixers across the country and consists of two rounds. For the first round, amateur remixers can visit the website where they will be given the vocals from Tony Yayo's new track, "So Seductive", to mix for the competition. While at the same time, professional DJ's are invited to remix their versions of "So Seductive" in a separate competition. This qualifying round is being held now through September 12 on the website. The website is the Internet's premier destination for a fast growing online community of several hundred thousand innovative digital musicians and producers.

Three finalists, consisting of two professional DJ's and one amateur remixer, will be chosen to compete in the second round which will take place at The Power Summit in the Bahamas. The amateur remixer will win a trip to the Bahamas to attend The Power Summit. All three finalists will receive a new top-of-the-line VAIO laptop which will come installed with the ACID Pro 5 software, Sound Forge 8 software, a generous assortment of loops from the Sony Sound Series(TM): Loops and Sample line, and the secret final song to be remixed. Each finalist will then have a limited amount of time to deliver the winning remix to try and win the Grand Prize, a $10,000 gift certificate to

The website can provide all interested contestants, information regarding the contest and a free 30 day trial version of ACID Pro 5 software. Also available for purchase on the website are all of the tools necessary to create their remix.

Ty Braswell, VP of Content Development- Music, Sony CONNECT Inc. stated, "If you want to position your company with the best Hip-Hop music industry conference, The Power Summit is a 'no brainer'. We needed the perfect event to launch The ACID Pro ReMix Showdown with our Sony family members: ACID Planet, VAIO, Walkman and Sony Style. To ensure our efforts would be historic, our first and only choice was The Power Summit."

Activision is bringing its new game, True Crime: New York City, to the Power Summit. The leading interactive entertainment publisher will sponsor the Power Summit Gaming Showcase held in a large lounge at Our Lucaya Resort open to Power Summit attendees including DJs, executives, artists and press. Hip Hop artist Redman who contributed three songs, including two original tracks and one previously released song, to the True Crime: New York City soundtrack is slated to perform at the Gaming Showcase. Guests in the Gaming Showcase lounge will get to relax with Activision's hot upcoming game in a lush, inviting atmosphere with several True Crime: New York City gaming stations.

"As video games improve in quality and original content so do their soundtracks. Each track is tailored to heighten the player's sensory experience so the overall mood of the game is mirrored by the music we select to accompany the images," said Tim Riley, worldwide executive of music, Activision, Inc. "The True Crime: New York City soundtrack featuring Redman captures the essence of New York, from Hip Hop to punk, and we're excited to unveil a few tracks to the influential audience at The Power Summit."

Urban fashion line Gilyard is the official clothing sponsor of the Power Summit. The new streetwear and lifestyle company will launch its Spring 2006 line at the Power Summit and design the official commemorative Power Summit 2005 t-shirt.

Timberland, known for its authentic boots and apparel for the outdoors, is sponsoring a VIP style suite where DJs will have the opportunity to check out the company's hottest new styles for holiday -- highlighted by the new Down and Convesso collections. In addition, Timberland will have its interactive "Custom Boot" display on-site, where DJs will be invited to personalize their own Timberland boots, choosing everything from silhouette and leather color to hardware and embroidered initials.

Pepsi is returning as the exclusive carbonated beverage sponsor of The Power Summit for the second consecutive year. This year Pepsi will showcase the successful Pepsi DJ Division 2005, a nationwide marketing campaign derived from Pepsi's involvement at last year's Power Summit, provide much needed refreshment, intertwine with several Power Summit events, and last but not least, the brand will utilize The Power Summit as the foundation for their next major urban music initiative to be unveiled in 2006.

"We are proud to support the Power Summit. This event gives us an opportunity to speak directly with the DJs who are setting the pulse in Hip-Hop as the most influential people in the business," said Brett O'Brien, of Pepsi's multi cultural marketing department.

Additional sponsors will be announced in the coming weeks.


Headquartered in New York City, The RPM Group was founded by Rene McLean in 1997. McLean observed a vacuum in the multicultural marketing space and decided to promote products that use the youth and lifestyle markets as an entry point for broader market penetration. The RPM Group's unrivaled relationships with the key players in the entertainment community have made it the natural choice for companies looking for an entry into the youth and lifestyle market, establishing RPM as an innovator in these fields.

RPM Marketing & Promotions
Deborah Schonfeld, 212-375-6211 x26
mPRm Public Relations
Alan Amman / Taffy Miller, 323-933-3399 /

Source: The RPM Group

SoBe Entertainment Presents Stack$

Stack$ CraZee and ConfuZed IN STORES THIS WINTER

SoBe Entertainment/Warner Brothers artist STACK$ gives you a glimpse of the high-life in Miami on his debut single MIA featuring a guest appearance by Diddy

Produced by Stevie J, MIA gives listeners a peek into STACK$ life and lifestyle in Miami: Tight from head to toe when you see me, getting treated like the president in Prive, STACK$, you know the name mean money, spell it right ma, I put some Cris in your tummy. Debuting nationwide this month, the video was shot on location in the M.I.A. by Director Gil Green who has created popular videos for Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Young Buck, and Guerilla Black. The video features the only drop-top Rolls Royce Phantom convertible in the world, complete with suicide doors.

Custom-made for his video, the Phantom chop scene is captured on video as the original top is removed to produce the one-of-a-kind, ultimate drop top.

Also lending their talents to STACK$ CraZee and ConfuZed project are super-producers Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Jazzy Pha, D. Dot, Red Spyda, and Nu Jerzey Devil, whose track Sittin In My Six Four features a cameo by Raps current MVP, The Game. In addition to multi-platinum producers, Diddy and The Game, the album also features guest appearances from Busta Rhymes, Twista, Trick Daddy, and others.

Born in Washington DC and raised in Miami, STACK$ was preparing for his 3rd year of film school at the prestigious USC School of Film and Cinematography when he decided to postpone his enrollment to pursue his lifetime passion for music and rhyming full- time. At the age of 17, he landed a spot in MTVs Freestyle Battles, but never got to compete on air, as he was too young for their 18 and over age requirement. Determined to make his name as an MC, STACK$ spent the next few years perfecting his flow, taking homemade CDs to local radio stations, and spittin verses on mixtapes. After some of his joints caught the ear of record executives in 2004, STACK$ was signed to SoBe Entertainment/Warner Brothers, and began working immediately on his album, CraZee and ConfuZed. With a goal of being the first MC to win a Grammy for Rapping and an Oscar for Directing, this handsome, young MC is just getting started. As he says, give me one mic and I will steal the show. Stay tuned.

ICED Media - Please Contact me for reviews and interviews
Amina Elshahawi
phone: (212) 461-2188

Future of Music Coalition Holds Fifth Policy Summit

Hundreds of musicians, technologists, industry insiders, academics, attorneys and creators will convene in Washington, DC, next week to discuss and debate some of the most contentious issues surrounding digital technology, artists' rights and the current state of the music industry.

The fifth annual Future of Music Policy Summit will be held from September 11-13 at The George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC.

Sessions during the three-day summit will range from the issues of sampling and compensation to payola, the after-effects of the MGM v. Grokster court case and developments in distribution. Among the featured speakers will be FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein (Sunday), legendary funk musician George Clinton (Monday) and U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-VA, and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-WA, (Tuesday).

The schedule:

Sunday, September 11
1:00 p.m. - Welcome
1:15-2:30 p.m. - Guiding Artists Through Tremendous Change
2:45-4:00 p.m. - New Label/No Label Models
4:00-4:30 p.m. - Special Interview with FCC Commissioner Jonathan
4:30-5:45 p.m. - Music Policy 101

Monday, September 12
9:45-11:00 a.m. - State of the Union
11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m. - Is Digital Distribution a Good Deal for Artists?
12:45-1:45 p.m. - Breakout Sessions
* How to Promote and Sell Your Music Online
* License to Cover: Section 115
2:00-3:00 p.m. - Breakout sessions
* How to work with PROs
* O, Canada
* Ethics of Contract Negotiation
* Developer's Roundtable
3:15-4:30 p.m. - I Am The DJ: Podcasting, Webcasting and Blogs
4:30-5:00 p.m. - Special interview with legendary funk artist George
5:00-6:15 p.m. - Sampling and Shared Art

Tuesday, September 13
9:00-9:20 a.m. - Featured Speaker: Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA)
9:30-10:45 a.m. - IP in a post-Grokster World
10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. - The Changing Face of Distribution
12:00-12:30 p.m. - Keynote: Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
12:45-1:45 p.m. - Breakout Sessions
* How to Podcast and Music Blog
* Reclaiming the Media
* Ethics of Innovation
* Our AAIM is True
2:00-3:00 p.m. - Breakout Sessions
* Get the HINT. Musicians and Health Insurance
* Remix, Reuse, Repercussions: Transformative Use
* Music, Indecency and Censorship
* Recommendation Engines and the 5 Cent Solution
3:15-3:25 p.m. - Remarks by Terryl Brown Clemons, Assistant Deputy
Attorney General, State of New York
3:25-4:30 p.m. - Radio, Radio: a Discussion on Payola
4:45-6:00 p.m. - The "Unheard" Music
7:00-9:00 p.m. - Capitol Hill reception, Longworth House Office Building

The complete list of confirmed panelists can be found at:

The detailed summit schedule is available at:

CONTACT: Michael Bracy, +1-202-331-2958, or Kristin Thomson, +1-215-351-9923, both of Future of Music Coalition.

Source: Future of Music Coalition

Web site:

Prayer & Blessing at Tupac statue unveiling

WHAT: HIPHOP Minister gives prayer and blessing at unveiling of slained Hiphop icon, Tupac Amaru Shakur bronze statue

WHO: Minister SERVER, Spiritual Director of HIPHOP Ministries, Inc. and Lead Minister with the Temple of Hiphop

When: September 13, 2005-6:00PM
This historic event will take place on the 9th anniversary of Hiphop activist/icon passing

Where: The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation
Center for the Arts
5616 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Background: Minister SERVER, is the founder/Spiritual Director of
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc., (Higher Infinite Power
Healing Our People), he is also 2nd in command to
Hiphop pioneer/legend KRS-ONE for the Temple of
Hiphop movement. Minister SERVER teaches Hiphop Kulture through lectures, seminars, classes, CD/DVD and books. I feel honored to be a part of this historic event, Tupac is one of the patron saints of the Hiphop community, his legacy lives on through millions of people around the world. states Minister SERVER.

Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 92692, Atlanta, GA 30314


Contact: Sister Shawnna, 404-447-0637
On or before September 13, 2005

New York City Welcomes Chevy Music Festival Featuring Three Days of Free Concerts and Attractions

New Yorkers Can Experience the Sounds of Nashville in Union Square as the Countdown to the Country Music Association Awards Begins

NEW YORK, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Chevy Music Festival in Union Square Park" free public concert series hits New York City on Tuesday, September 6, bringing the sounds of Nashville to Union Square Park while revving up excitement for the 39th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards. For three days, Chevy will treat urban cowboys and girls to twice-daily live shows by some of country music's biggest stars, along with attractions and activities for music fans of all tastes.

"Popular music is an undeniable component of Chevy's DNA," said Kim Kosak, Chevrolet general director of advertising and sales promotion. "And country music is increasingly crossing-over to attract huge, mainstream audiences. That's why we're so excited to bring The Chevy Music Festival to the Big Apple and give New Yorkers a chance to enjoy some great music -- while checking out some of our great cars and trucks."

The event dovetails with the September 7 announcement of the 2005 nominees for the CMA Awards Show, to be held for the first time ever in New York City on November 15. To help promote the CMA Awards Show in New York City, Chevrolet has formed a unique marketing partnership with the CMA and the City of New York.

"New York City is proud to partner with Chevy to bring country music to the City," said Jim Donofrio, Senior Vice President of Sales for NYC Marketing. "The Chevy Festival is just one way that our corporate partner is helping us promote the CMA Awards and New York City."

Acts scheduled to perform during noontime and late afternoon slots on Chevy's outdoor stage include some of the hottest singers in country music today: Blue County, "Nashville Star" winner Erika Jo, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy and Billy Currington.

"We are thrilled to be working with Chevy and the CMA Awards to create this exciting Music celebration using our City's unparalleled resources on the world's most commanding stage," said Ashley Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, NYC Big Events. "Hosting the CMA Awards in New York City will generate an estimated $30 million economic impact benefiting New Yorkers."

Over the course of the Chevy Music Festival, which will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, visitors can see rare music memorabilia from the 1950s to today, including Elvis Presley's iconic jumpsuit from his 1972 Madison Square Garden concert, the "Give Peace a Chance" drawing by John Lennon, and Big Kenny's hat from the Big & Rich "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" video. Guests can compete for prizes in trivia contests, as well as burn a free CD of tracks from today's top rock, pop, hip-hop and country music artists at the on-site CD burning station.

The highlight of the Music Festival is the Chevy All Access Music Tour, a traveling showcase of pop culture memorabilia, live performances and interactive consumer experiences that kicked off in early June at the CMA Festival in Nashville, Tenn. The All Access Music Tour brings Chevrolet's "An American Revolution" campaign to life and is attended by thousands of consumers at high profile events throughout the year, including the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Detroit, the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race in Indianapolis and the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

Billed as "Country Music's Biggest Night," the CMA Awards was the first music awards show to be broadcast annually on network television. CBS Television Network will air the show live from Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. EST.

Chevy Music Festival in Union Square Park Schedule

Tuesday, September 6
12 p.m. Blue County
5 p.m. Erika Jo

Wednesday, September 7 (date of CMA nominee announcement)
12:30 p.m. Big & Rich
5 p.m. Gretchen Wilson

Thursday, September 8
12 p.m. Cowboy Troy
5 p.m. Billy Currington

All performances are held on the stage of the Chevy All Access Music Tour located in Union Square Park (between 14th to 17th Streets, between Park Avenue South and Broadway) and are free to the public. Attractions will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Chevrolet is a division of General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) . GM, the world's largest automaker, has been the global industry sales leader since 1931. Founded in 1908, GM today employs about 324,000 people around the world. It has manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 200 countries. In 2004, GM sold nearly 9 million cars and trucks globally, up 4 percent and the second-highest total in the company's history. GM's global headquarters are at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. More information on GM can be found at

NYC Marketing

NYC Marketing is a local development corporation created by the Mayor to provide alternative ways to generate revenue, support City agencies, and promote New York City globally for the growth of jobs and tourism. By developing innovative public-private partnerships that use the City's well regarded image and vast set of resources, NYC Marketing helps qualified partners grow their business while helping make New York City a better place to live, work and visit. More information on NYC Marketing can be found on

NYC Big Events

NYC Big Events, Inc. is the City's official organization dedicated to attracting high-profile events, creating new ones and working with existing major New York City events. NYC Big Events' most recent successes include the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, the 2004 Republican National Convention, 2005 VH1 Save the Music benefit concert and the upcoming 2005 Country Music Association Awards.

Country Music Association

The first "CMA Awards Banquet and Show" was held in 1967. The following year, the CMA Awards were broadcast on network television -- making it the longest running, music awards program on Television. Traditionally one of the top five rated awards specials of the year, in 2004 more than 37 million people watched all or part of "The 38th Annual CMA Awards" on the CBS Television Network (11.5/18). CMA Awards nominees and winners are determined by the industry professional members of the Country Music Association, which was the first trade organization formed to promote an individual genre of music in 1958. More information on CMA can be

Source: Chevrolet

CONTACT: Michael Bruno of Edelman, +1-212-704-8232,; or Kimberly Spell of NYC Marketing,
+1-646-587-5633,; or Dara Busch of Rubenstein Public
Relations, +1-212-843-8079, all for Chevrolet

Web site:


Dead Prez Emcee Contest Offers Big Payback for Lucky Winner

dead prez recording artist will reward a single deal to the winner of the Big Payback Emcee contest to commemorate the release his sophomore book The Art of Emcee-ing that will be available in bookstores and on the Boss Up Inc. website on October 1st.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- dead prez recording artist will reward a single deal to the winner of the Big Payback Emcee contest to commemorate the release his sophomore book The Art of Emcee-ing that will be available in bookstores and on the Boss Up Inc. website on October 1st.

To enter the Big Payback Emcee contest, aspiring emcees and hip hop artists must obtain a copy of The Art of Emcee-ing and record an original song on the topic of reparations using any track from the books included beats CD produced by! The most creative song expressing the emcees views on reparations will win a single deal to record and release a song with dead prez.

Complete details for the contest beginning on October 1st may be obtained at Emcees may also enter the Big Payback Emcee contest and purchase The Art of Emcee-ing by sending a $27.95 money order, which includes shipping, payable to Boss Up Inc. at PO Box 310330 Atlanta, GA 31131.

Released by Boss Up inc., The Art of Emcee-ing features exclusive photos, a 10 track beats CD and commentary from hip hop recording artist Common. It is the first of its kind how to guide and shares Stic.mans unique perspective and insight on emcee-ing and songwriting. Written with the aspiring hip hop artist in mind, the powerful new 112 page book addresses defeating writers block, effective lyric writing, recording techniques, herbal voice remedies, live performance tips, and includes artistfriendly publishing resources.

Owned and operated by of dead prez, Boss Up, Inc is a multifaceted company with a mission to inspire the underserved, overlooked, and often, misrepresented communities with real and useful info from a creative, revolutionary perspective. The slogan, real recognize real expresses the commitment to speak directly with the community in the language it understands.

For more information about The Big Payback Emcee contest and Boss Up Inc. visit Media inquires contact Trea Davenport of Trea Day Management & Publicity at 404 460-5557 or visit

Contact: Trea Davenport
Trea Day Management & Publicity
404 460-5557

Autolect (Formerly Usephasan) Releases Lubrication Single

Underground Hip Hop/Left field /abstract

(PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- Autolect has received recognition in spots as far away as France and Japan for his solo releases under the moniker Usephasan. His work with Los Angeles producers Amani Smith of urbanscore (who co-produced Public Enemy's new CD), and Pomo of Blend Crafters, and numerous guest appearances that include spots on Cp records Persecution of hip hop (which featured Vast Aire (cannibal ox) & Sole of anticon) And also the French territories Projet chaos which featured Big Juss (company flow) & Buck 65. Has put this Artist in the vantage point. This Artist, writes, produces and lyrically soothes the soul with undeniable material that hinges on a dervish drum circle. Frantically obliterated in the oneness of the truth.

Autolect is a rare bread artist who produces and writes his own material. His forthcoming album, Every. Mans Universe is a self-produced debut from Autolect. With the help of Beat Makers Jihad and Fanatik (of Tauheed productions) in Oakland, Autolect honed his craft. When I emerged out of the new andalus studio I basically understood what I had to do all around. Business, lyrically & production wise, my development has been In good hands from La to the bay.

The First track GRAVITY is in my eyes a hit. Music for losers, I say that for all those who are on the perceived negative side of things. The hook is very simple. This was an experimental track. I took my time to answer the critics that said ALL I could do was write 3rd eye / Abstract lyrics.

LUBRICATION, Its definitely about life and taking an active roll in combating social ills. Minutes become hours on the boardwalk.

SOLAER, Is a deep track. Vocally and instrumental wise. It is a story that is told from the perspective of the sun. There are thousands of me in countless galaxies.

Minute by minute & track-to-track Autolect finds a way to inspire and transcend, while keeping a watchful eye on the future of his sound. The material is intentionally hard driven. Managing to maintain a frantic pace while soothing the soul. Its for mature listeners who can appreciate the subtle nuisances of a well thought out track. Not merely for pleasure, though we hope many will enjoy. However in the order of things, we hope the listener reaches a more spiritual plane.

# # #

William Robinson

The T. J. Martell Foundation Will Auction Off One-of-a-Kind Collectible Gold and Platinum Records From Leading Recording Artists for Charity

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- The complete list of Gold and Platinum artist awards that will be auctioned off in the inaugural, September 2005, never-to-be-duplicated eBay auctions are, Big & Rich, Godsmack, The Killers, Ryan Cabrera, Jimmy Buffett, Kid Rock, Ray Charles, Ashlee Simpson, Allison Kraus, Fantasia, Josh Groban, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, Motley Crue, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Tim McGraw, and Gretchen Wilson.

Established in 1990, Ill-Eagle Enterprises produces approximately 70% of all framed Gold and Platinum Records Awards presented to the worlds leading recording artists and music industry executives, and will produce these exquisite Gold or Platinum Awards for this exclusive eBay auction. The awards that will be auctioned off are going to be from the exact same production-run of awards that will be presented to todays leading recording artists in the very near future in honor of their most recently released major label recordings. This is a very rare chance for both hardcore collectors of music memorabilia and even everyday music fans to own a piece of music history usually only reserved for music industry elite.

Ill-Eagle has worked closely with the T. J. Martell Foundation in providing one-of-a-kind awards for their various charity auctions in the past. According to Darryl Sage, Founder and President of Ill-Eagle Enterprises, Were particularly excited about this auction, as its the first time Ill-Eagle has participated in providing as many as 20 to 25 awards for a weeks worth of eBay charity auctions. Anticipation is running very high for a very successful campaign that is expected to bring in a significant amount of research money for the Foundation. Im confident that these auctions will be well received. If so, I believe Ill-Eagle and the T. J. Martell Foundation will make these music memorabilia auctions regular charity auction events in an effort to combat and eventually find a cure for insidious diseases such as cancer leukemia and AIDS.

In related news, the MusicChoice Network has agreed to donate banner advertising on all of their broadband cable channels to promote the Gold and Platinum Charity Auction for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research.

Columbia/Sony music industry executive Tony Martell, who was instrumental in the signing of Ozzy Osbourne and Stevie Ray Vaughn, among others, founded The T. J. Martell foundation in 1975, in memory of his son, T.J., a victim of leukemia. The T. J Martell Foundation has since raised more than $200 million over 30-years to combat the worlds three most deadliest diseases. The T.J. Martell Foundation remains dedicated to raising funds for the innovative initial and ongoing research into the treatments and cures of leukemia, cancer, and AIDS at the leading eight research facilities throughout the United States.

All proceeds from the Gold and Platinum Charity Auctions will benefit the life saving research conducted at The Mayo Clinic, and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Columbia Presbyterian Cancer Centers and others. The T. J. Martell Foundation has auctioned off many celebrity experiences for charity on eBay such as a Day In The Studio With Metallica, front row Bon Jovi concert tickets, tickets and stage access for the 2004 and 2005 Vans Warped Tour, autographed instruments, as well as other experiences with top bands and recording artists.

Those individuals interested in bidding on these very special Gold and Platinum Awards can access all of the T. J. Martell Foundation eBay auctions by clicking on the T.J. Martell Auctions on eBay link found at www dot tjmartellfoundation dot org

For more info, please contact Greg Gura, Marketing and New Media Manager, T.J. Martell Foundation, 555 Madison Ave., 9th Floor, New York, NY 10022. Tel: 212.833.5496 Fax: 212.833.4351 Email: ggura at tjmartellfoundation dot org


Greg Gura
TJ Martell Foundation



Urban Enterprise Magazine (formerly 3XS Magazine) is extremely excited about gearing up for its new look and name change. The magazines editorial content will continue to include all the issues that concern entrepreneur minded individuals within the business and entertainment sector. However, over the years in realizing an opportunity to fill missing void Urban Enterprise Magazine now endeavors to empower independent businesses that have overcome hardships to develop their professional skills. The magazine also features profiles of remarkable individuals with the latest success story that demonstrate impact of accomplishments as well as those seeking start-up information.

CEO/Publisher Micah White brings her entrepreneurial skills, depth of professional contacts, and the right organizational skills to achieve optimum success for Atlanta's # 1 magazine for today's urban professionals. We are enthusiastic about our future with our new look and name change, states Ms. White. Our readers are risk-takers who thrive on growth and innovation, so the name change reflects and conveys our need to express what we specialize in, she adds. Urban Enterprise Magazine will continue to offer actionable information and practical inspiration according to Senior Writer Rahiem Shabazz whose been with White & Sons Media Group since its early days. Mr. Shabazz brings a battery of journalistic skills from his days as a freelance writer for several reputable magazines. "I immediately knew I wanted to be apart of White & Sons Media Group when my eyes tweaked with excitement as I read through the first few issues," recalls Shabazz. "I'm extremely confident that our expertise will complement the important work we have ahead of us as we launch the new name and look of the magazine. With a team that consists of other great journalists and staff members, which includes Managing Editor Shakira Hightower, Entertainment Editor Kim Mitchell, V.P of Marketing Mike Black, Operation Manager Joseph Carswell, Sale Director Lisa Hamilton, and a host of Interns and Project Managers the magazine will have a spectacular future.

Urban Enterprise Magazine targets professionals within business, entertainment, politics, film, and fashion in several different markets with readers between the age of 18 to 45.
The management team continues to research, assess, and adapt to the changing of the publishing industry. The ownership remains proud of past progress and success, but focused always toward reaching its ultimate goal. "I want customers to walk away from our office saying, "This is where I want to do business." Ms. White concludes. "Our customers will walk away knowing we are capable and trustworthy.


TVN Entertainment and Sound Choice Launch the Karaoke Channel On VOD

Deal Initiates First Ever Launch of VOD Karaoke Service with Unique Merchandising Component

BURBANK, Calif., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- TVN Entertainment today announced a deal with Sound Choice, the leading provider of professional karaoke music tracks and equipment in the US, to be the exclusive distributor and sales agent for The Karaoke Channel. The service will be launched with an initial offering of 300-500 songs from Sound Choice's extensive library of titles, which TVN will encode, transport, and make available to its wide network of cable MSO and telecommunications affiliates throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Karaoke Channel subscribers will be given access to the entire library of songs in either a free-to-consumer or SVOD model. For those affiliates choosing the SVOD model, TVN will support a free preview package to drive awareness and encourage sampling. Pricing is determined on a market-by-market basis. Genres of songs include: Pop, Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Country, R&B/Hip Hop, Oldies, Standards, Show tunes, and Specialty. Additionally, TVN and Sound Choice will be rolling out a direct response merchandising offer which includes a karaoke microphone and mixer to enhance the on demand karaoke experience.

"The immense popularity of karaoke has made it a $300 million industry. Our partnership with TVN allows us to leverage TVN's advanced asset management platform and the capabilities of VOD to extend our reach to the entire VOD market," said Tom Turner of Sound Choice.

Cable MSO's who have signed on include Advanced, Armstrong, Bend, Blue Ridge, Buckeye, Champion, Click, Muscatine, Shrewsbury, Sunflower, Verizon, and Wave.

"TVN continues to bring us innovative VOD applications, and the Karaoke Channel is a prime example," said Mark Masenheimer of Blue Ridge Cable. "We are confident this category will catch on quickly among our customer base who look to our VOD offerings for the newest and most exciting programming options available from Blue Ridge."

"The Karaoke Channel is an exciting addition to the stable of exclusive networks we are rolling out to our affiliates," said Matt Cohen, VP of Business Development, TVN Entertainment. "We are excited to be working with the market leader in the karaoke industry to introduce an exceptionally popular genre of programming as well as a first of its kind merchandising opportunity to the VOD platform."

About TVN Entertainment Corporation

TVN Entertainment, a video on demand (VOD) content solutions company, is a leading provider of on demand television programming, management and delivery services. TVN currently offers more than 2000 hours of VOD programming from over 75 content providers. In addition to comprehensive programming services, TVN Entertainment offers the only single-source management and distribution solution for VOD, including content aggregation, packaging, encoding, asset management and transport via satellite to all video service providers. TVN Entertainment has been chosen as the VOD solution for many leading MSOs and telecommunications companies, including Adelphia, Bresnan, Buckeye, Blue Ridge, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Insight, Mediacom and Verizon. For more information visit .

About Sound Choice

Sound Choice, the leading karaoke music producer in the US, is a major content provider of music products throughout the entertainment industry. Sound Choice currently offers a catalog of over 15,000 music tracks, used in multiple industries. The toy industry, movies, television programs, advertising agencies, and the mobile telephone industry are just part of the diverse customer base. Sound Choice produces and distributes multiple lines of karaoke music products, and is the distributor for American Idol and Nashville Star karaoke music. For additional information visit
Photo: NewsCom:
AP Archive:

Source: TVN Entertainment Corporation

CONTACT: Eileen Eberhardt of TVN Entertainment, +1-818-295-4505,

Web site:

H3 + Juvenile = ``Storm-Aid'' Hip Hop Style; New Orleans' Platinum Rapper Teams With H3 to Bring Immediate Relief to the Bayou

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 2, 2005--H3Enterprises, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HTRE) New Orleans Hip Hop legend Juvenile, H3Enterprises and the UTP Family are putting together a series of benefit concerts in cities across America including New York, Cleveland, Atlanta, Fayetteville, Los Angeles and Miami to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The organizers are seeking assistance from artists, promoters, agents, arena owners, and multi-media outlets to minimize costs and get as much money directly to the community as quickly as possible. A mega multi-media Hip Hop event is already being planned as well.

In one of the more timely Business Agreements ever signed Juvenile has signed a Personal Services Agreement with H3Enterprises, Inc. (OTC:"HTRE") that includes an opportunity for Juvenile to open 30 HipHopSodaShops in the state of Louisiana over the next three years under an Area Development Agreement. The deal was negotiated just before catastrophe struck Juvenile's home turf, but now gives H3 the opportunity to join forces with "Juve" and his star-studded legion of rappers to help bring immediate relief and redevelopment programs to the disaster torn area.

"The people down there need a miraculous amount of assistance right now," said Brian "H3" Peters, founder and President of H3Enterprises. "Our plan is to work with Juve to put some serious fund raisers together and make sure the money gets to the people that need it the most. We have to take matters into our own hands for once and not stop till we get the job done."

HTRE is the first publicly traded company dedicated to the Hip Hop culture and lifestyle. H3's breakthrough HipHopSodaShops is a "community conscious" franchise enterprise that offers affordable delicious healthy dining to the entire Hip-Hop community. H3 has always been committed to spreading the "love" to the community and typically to the people left behind. HTRE has already established its own job creation and scholarship programs, as well as making significant contributions to several worthy charities, including Jim Brown's Amer-I-can. H3's goal is to build 30 HipHopSodaShops franchised through Juvenile and the UTP family in Louisiana territory that will help contribute to the rebuilding and redevelopment efforts that will be taking place over the next several years.

Juvenile issued the following statement: "I am obviously devastated by my personal loss but thank God that I was able to get my family out to safety while many families were not so fortunate. I have lost some friends and to their families I send my deepest condolences. It is difficult to describe the feeling of losing friends, not being able to reach others and having all of your personal items destroyed, but I am still one of the fortunate ones to have TeamH3 and my music industry family supporting me. Thousands of people have nobody to reach out to for support. Please keep our city, its people and our families in your prayers and please donate to the Red Cross. Our city of New Orleans and several other surrounding cities are experiencing total devastation. People have lost their homes, loved ones and all of their belongings; many of our folks in New Orleans don't have much to begin with and have now lost everything."

This press release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 or Section 21E of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and is subject to the safe harbor created by these sections. Certain information included herein may contain statements that are forward-looking, such as statements relating to plans for future expansion and other business development activities. Such forward-looking information is subject to changes and variations which are not reasonably predictable and which could significantly affect future results

For more information about participating or to learn more about H3Enterprises you can contact Shana Mac at or 917-734-9896.

For H3Enterprises, Inc., New York
Mac-Melius Agency, Inc.
Shana Mac, 917-734-9896


ATLANTA, GA - September 5, 2005






Celio Skilz and Team Up to Support the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund

Celio Skilz storms up the charts while donating proceeds to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

(PRWEB) September 3, 2005 -- Celio Skilz has committed to giving his portion of the proceeds from his debut album, "The Cost of Being Me" to the Red Cross.

For a mere $10, customers can purchase Celio's CD. $6 of each CD sold go directly to the Red Cross. The CD package includes a Limited Edition Clear Cover (never done by anyone before) and and personally autographed CD.

C. Skilz, a rap artist from California, has managed to create a buzz with his critically acclaimed debut album, The Cost of Being Me. His blend of bi-coastal beats mixed with straight forward, witty lyrics has allowed his fans to identify with him.

With subject matters on The Cost of Being Me jumping from facing ones inner demons (on Self Defense), to addressing fools ruining parties by getting too drunk (on F*ck the Party Up), the themes are what everyday folks deal with. But dont think that normality makes him slouch on lyrics. Celio Skilzs last name speaks for itself on Theyve Been Waiting. With She Used to Love Me, C. Skilz allows Hip-Hop, in feminine form, to vent her frustration about her so-called fans, in an answer to Commons I Used to Love H.E.R. This album has some of the best beats Ive ever done, says DJ Rek, who produced all but one track on the possible classic. We tried to not make any fillers.

Celio Skilz originally started out as a ghostwriter in the late 80s for his twin brothers, while in a group called DTC (DUBB TRUBB CREW). He now performs with local sensations such as, the ICONS, K CEE Legendary, and Regg Henny. He has participated in opening up for major acts in his San Diego hometown, including Mos Def, LL COOL J, Little Brother, and KRS ONE. CSkilz appears on the Dame Hustle/MixxNuttz mixtape series. He has worked internationally with artists such as Universal Records artist, PeeZee. He has further credits through helping fellow rappers with marketing, managing, and grooming.


Michelle Clary-Desuse

Sports Campaign for Katrina Victims to Launch in City of World Champion Spurs

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- (Market Wire - Sep 02, 2005) - TRI Records is set to launch its EP (Extended Play) titled "Spirit of the Game." The CD, which is Hip-Hop artist J Fatz's (BMI) debut project includes performances by LeWayne Scott and Alisa Claridy, and bonus track "Its All About You" featuring seasoned veteran Dr. S. Love of Wil Hart & the Delfonics ("La La Means I Love You"). The release, slated for September 11, 2005, opening day of the NFL Season, harnesses the influence of Professional Athletes and the mass appeal of the Hip-Hop Culture to elicit participation in providing aid to those left helpless by Aids and Natural Disasters such as the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

"I only write about real issues and situations that I have gone through. I wrote this song in early 2005, and to look at how relevant it is today lets me know that it was inspired writing," said rapper J Fatz, who's legal name is Jacar Perry.

"This situation with Hurricane Katrina has just increased the urgency of the plans that were already under way. Plans to call upon friend George Gervin (Spurs Legend), and others in Professional Sports to mount a campaign that will bring hope into peoples lives," said Pomp Braswell II, of the Canadian PGA Tour.

The campaign will be advertised on the Golf Channel, ESPN, and Radio Stations nationally starting with local San Antonio media. Some spots will begin to air as early as Monday Sept 5, 2005. The campaign highlights the Spirit of the Game (7 Sports Contest) which gives supporters the opportunity to win a 3-day trip for two to Super Bowl XL (40) in Detroit, MI, Feb 5, 2006. Supporters simply download the "Spirit of the Game" CD and name the seven sports mentioned in the song to become registered for the monthly giveaways and the Grand Prize.

Proceeds from the CD will be donated to the Red Cross and the Swing of Faith Foundation based in San Antonio, TX, to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims.

Visit for official rules and downloads, you may also preview the songs at

James Doucettperry
TRI Media

Music and Entertainment World's Best Join Bet Special 'S.O.S (Saving Ourselves): The Bet Relief Telethon' on September 9 for Hurricane Katrina Victims

106 & PARK Will Kick Things Off With a Special Benefit Episode, Followed by the Commercial Free Star-Studded Telethon from 7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

NEW YORK, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- It will be a night like no other to help victims cope with a disaster like no other. BET will bring together stars of music and entertainment in alliance with the National Urban League, American Red Cross, Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Essence Communications and major recording labels for a primetime telethon to raise much needed aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The telethon is set for Friday, September 9 on BET, starting with a special benefit episode of 106 & PARK: BET'S TOP 10 LIVE at 6 p.m. ET*, followed by the telethon from 7:30 -- 10 p.m. ET* (*telethon is tape-delayed to the West Coast; toll-free pledge phone lines will be open).

The telethon will feature a roster of superstar artists, many with ties to the affected areas, including Wynton Marsalis, Master P, David Banner, Juvenile, Baby and Lil Wayne (Cash Money) along with Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Alicia Keys, Diddy, Jay Z, Kanye West, Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid Common, Usher, Nick Cannon, Omarion, Pharrell Williams, Ciara, Ludacris, Keyshia Cole, Avant, Gerald Levert, Lyfe, Twista, Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Wyclef, Erykah Badu, Al and Star Jones Reynolds, Chris Rock and more. Celebrity participants will give of their time and resources in an inspiring effort to address tremendous devastation in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and elsewhere. Telethon viewers can call designated toll-free phone numbers to make financial pledges to the Red Cross relief efforts.


BET, a subsidiary of Viacom, Inc. (NYSE:VIA) (NYSE:and) (NYSE:VIA.B) , is the nation's leading television network providing quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs programming for the African-American audience. The BET Network reaches more than 80 million households according to Nielsen media research, and can be seen in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. BET is a dominant consumer brand in the urban marketplace with a diverse group of branded businesses:, the Number 1 Internet portal for African Americans; BET Digital Networks -- BET Jazz, BET Gospel and BET Hip Hop, attractive alternatives for cutting-edge entertainment tastes; BET Event Productions, specializing in a full range of event production services, including event management, venue selection, talent recruitment, sound, lighting and stage production; and BET Books, the nation's leading publisher of African-American themed romance novels under the Arabesque imprint which also publishes compelling fiction under the Sepia imprint and inspirational fiction and nonfiction under the New Spirit imprint.

For media coverage of telethon, please contact Marcy Polanco @ 212-975-4048 /

For additional information, log on to

Source: BET (Black Entertainment Television)

CONTACT: Michael Lewellen, +1-202-608-2003,, or
Marcy Polanco, +1-212-975-4048,, both of BET

Web site:

Kanye West, Maroon 5 & Good Charlotte at NFL Opening Kickoff Press Event Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 1 PM at Los Angeles Center Studios

PR Newswire 2005-09-02

Pro Football Hall of Famers Willie Davis, Eric Dickerson & Jack Youngblood
to Take Part

WHAT: NFL Opening Kickoff Talent Press Conference

WHO: Kanye West, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, NFL Hall of Famers
Willie Davis, Eric Dickerson and Jack Youngblood

WHERE: Los Angeles Center Studios, 450 South Bixel Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90017

WHEN: 1 p.m.

CONTACTS: Dan Masonson, NFL (212/450-2081) or Steve Brener, BZA

* Kanye West, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte and Rihanna will headline the
entertainment for a free concert at the site of the NFL's first Super
Bowl -- the Los Angeles Coliseum -- as part of NFL Opening Kickoff
presented by Sprint on Thursday, Sept. 8. Fourteen former NFL players,
including Super Bowl XVIII MVP Marcus Allen and Pro Football Hall of
Famers Willie Davis, Eric Dickerson and Jack Youngblood, will take part
as will the USC marching band.

* The free event will take place just outside the Los Angeles Coliseum.
Gates will open at 2:30 PM with music and festivities running through 6
p.m. Portions of the event will air live on "NFL Opening Kickoff" from
5:00-6:00 PM PT on ABC and lead into the season opener between the
Patriots and Oakland Raiders at Gillette Stadium.

* NFL player appearances throughout the opening kickoff celebration are
coordinated by PLAYERS INC, the licensing and marketing subsidiary of
the NFL Players Association.

Source: NFL

The 4th Annual Midatlantic Music Conference Returns to Charlotte, NC

Returning to Charlotte, NC for a 4th consecutive year is the number one destination for music industry education and networking in the Mid-Atlantic States.

(PRWEB) September 4, 2005 -- The Mid-Atlantic Music Conference continues to be the premier music industry networking and education event in the Mid-Atlantic states for 3 years running. The goal of the conference is to focus the national and international music industry and related press on the Mid-Atlantic music market while providing a platform for the areas musicians and artists to gain exposure, be heard and be educated in the business of music.

The event brings together industry executives, artists, musicians, students and other related industry insiders for three days of education, networking and high energy entertainment! Past participants have included executives from major and independent record labels including Sony/BMG, J-Records, Universal, BME, SoSoDef, and Arista as well as film and video game companies such as the Southern Tip Films, The Charlotte Regional Film Commission and GRS Games, makers of the SIMS.

New this year, the conference has added 6 additional performance venues and will showcase more than 100 artists and bands over the three day event. To date, Mid-Atlantic Music Conference showcases have featured over 220 of the top unsigned artists and bands from the US, Canada and around the world. This year's event is sponsored by Sam Ash, The Zippo Hot Tour,, Rule Radio, and Exposure Magazine.

Showcase Venues:
Tremont Music Hall, The Neighborhood Theater, Best Western Charlotte, The V-Lounge, Additional Venues TBD

The event will feature the following elements:

Music Showcase: - Artists and music industry professionals from the Mid-Atlantic region will have the opportunity to perform before national and international music industry executives. To submit for the showcase

Music Conference: - Artists and music industry professionals from the Mid-Atlantic region will have the opportunity to dialogue with and be educated by national and international music industry executives. -

Learn more about a variety of advertising/sponsorship opportunities.
Booth Spaces are still available:
Come Sample some of our many industry booths.


Wholeteam Enterprises

Minus P the NY hip-hop/rap MC, who is known for staying on the grind has been doing just that lately

And now he is offering his new mix tape to his fans and the entire hip-hop community for free.

(I-Newswire) - New York hip-hop rap artist Minus P, has just dropped his newest project, the mixtape "The Best in the Heights Vol 1-The King of the Heights".
The NY rap artist, who is known for staying on the grind has been doing just that lately and now he is offering his new mix tape to his fans and the entire hip-hop community for free.
The CD features collab tracks with B-Real ( Cypress Hill ), Rockness Monster ( Heltah Skeltah ), Game ( Aftermath ) as well as up and coming hip-hop and rap artists such as Mey Vidal, Kendo, JayWise, E-turnal, Da Blackness and many more.
Minus P is one of the most 'fan friendly' up and comers out today. He is constantly on the grind building his career and he shares the luv with all of us.
Recently he was named Spokesman for Safari Clothing. The CEO of Safari Clothing Mike Asadourian signed a deal with NY hip-hop rap artist Minus P and W.H. Entertainment for a 6 month period, in which the rap artist will be the spokes-person for their clothing line.
Minus P is one of the hardest working unsigned rap artists around now and he proves his loyalty to the game and to his fans by the amount of work and the effort he puts into his projects.
The mixtape is free so you can get it by paying $2 for shipping and handling, or $4 outside the U.S. To order the mixtape and for more info, check out .
Cover art .JPG -
Track List for
"The Best in the Heights Vol 1-The King of the Heights".

1. 4 short of 80
produced by: Snika
2. This the one ( feat. JayWise And Kendo )
Produced by: TrackFeanz
3. L boogs ( heavy Hitters ) shout
4. Nasty ( Feat. Da Blackness & Lil D )
produced by: Higher Than Man
5. Domination ( GF records ) Shout
6. Ese Loco ( Feat. Mey Vidal )
produced by: TrackFeanz
7. Stat Quo ( shady/Aftermath ) Shout
8. The Cadillac Song ( Feat. Da Blackness and Denise )
produced by: KatKlaw Productions
9. The Gift ( feay. Suspence & Game )
produced by: Reload and Faze 1
10. Immortal Technique shout
11. A pound @ a time "I'm in love"
produced by: Snika
12. Big Mike shout
13. The Truth
produced by: Apocalypse
14. Best in the Heights ( Feat. Blackness & Fresco )
produced by: KatKlaw Productions
15. Earth Angel
produced by: Twenty2K
16. ( Skit ) Calling Cuban Link
17. Was' Yo Name ( feat. Kendo )
produced by: Tyme
18. Kray-Zay ( Feat. Rockness & Wreckteam )
produced by: KatKlaw Productions
19. J-Zone Shout
20. That Ain't me
produced by: Higher than man
21. Mr. Cartoon Shout
22. Industry *****
23. Nightmare
produced by: TrackFeanz
24. UnoDos Shout
25. Time to be known ( Feat. B-Real )
produced by: Hazmat
26. Angelous Shout
27. Who betta? ( feat. E-turnal )
produced by: E-turnal
28. E dot Shout
29. I demand ( feat. Darksun and Marazmus )
30. Timeline
produced by: Duke Entertainment
31. Thank you's
produced by: KatKlaw Productions

Please visit Minus P's site and take advantage of this offer from him -

More Information