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Abe Froman Showmen & Inhumanz DJ's Blend Underground and Commercial Hip-Hop On Backpack Thugs 2005 Megamix

February 13th, 2006
LAS VEGAS, NV As rising stars in Vegass burgeoning nightclub DJ scene, members of respective crews The Abe Froman Showmen and The Inhumanz pay tribute to the greatest hip-hop songs of 2005 with Backpack Thugs 2005 Megamix.

DJ Five (Abe Froman Showmen) and Pizzo (The Inhumanz), have come together to produce this mix CD, which bridges the gap between the best mainstream and underground hip-hop of 05. Taking songs from both sub-genres, each song on the CD is a blend (or mash-up) of an underground song with a commercial one. This unique mix not only showcases a new twist on last years fan favorites, but excellent deejay skills as well.

Kanye Wests Golddigger is re-imagined on a DJ Premier track (borrowed from AZ), while 50 Cents Just A Little Bit trades the so seductive sounds of Scott Storch for bluesy, lo-fi boom-bap on Atmosphere's Smart Went Crazy track. On the flipside of things, Edan is found delivering his hip-hop history lesson from Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme over the beat from Ying Yang Twins Wait, while Little Brother Play on last years David Banner banger. Even cross-genre hip-hop is covered, as Mike Jones spits Still Tippin over Gorillaz Feel Good Inc, or M.I.A. and Blackalicious exchange beats for Galang and My Pad and Pen.

The approach for the mix CD was to basically showcase everything we liked last year, but to do it in a different way, says Pizzo. We didnt want to just give you Lose Control or Hollaback Girl all over again, because youve heard those songs too many times already. We wanted to also spotlight some of the best stuff you didnt hear, but present it in a familiar way, he added.

We wanted to make the mix as smooth flowing as possible, so cats would be able to enjoy the CD from start to finish without having to skip to the next track, says Five. I threw in a few of my signature scratches and juggles, but without over killing the track, he continued.

As an added bonus, Skillz tops off the disc with his 05 Wrap Up, which looks back at the past year with humorous lyrical insight and commentary.

Tracklisting and credits for Backpack Thugs 2005 Megamix:

1. Common Dreams Game Vs. Common
2. Corner Blueprint Common Vs. Blueprint
3. No Cam Buckshot Vs. CamRon
4. Remember I Used To Love You John Legend Vs. Fort Minor
5. We Want Preemo Kanye West Vs. AZ & DJ Premier
6. Smart Went 50 50 Cent Vs. Atmosphere
7. Just A Lil Scenester Cage Vs. 50 Cent
8. Joy Live J-Live Vs. Missy Elliot
9. Play Some Little Brother Little Brother Vs. David Banner
10. Fumbling Over Ying Yang Edan Vs. Ying Yang Twinz
11. Wait For Meat Ying Yang Twinz Vs. Danger Doom
12. Go Quasi Common Vs. Quasimoto
13. Watch Out For 1 Thing Atmosphere Vs. Amerie
14. Galangalicious M.I.A. Vs. Blackalicious
15. Hollaback Vegas Felt (Murs and Slug) Vs. Gwen Stefani
16. Random Shake Lady Sovereign Vs. Ying Yang Twinz
17. Stay In Control Three Six Mafia Vs. Missy Elliot
18. Tippin Feels Good Mike Jones Vs. Gorillaz
19. The Is Have It T.I. Vs. Zion I
20. Hate All Or Love Together GZA/Genius Vs. Game
21. Crazy Memorial Day Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik) vs. Young Jeezy
22. BONUS TRACK: 05 Wrap Up Skillz

To obtain a press copy of Backpack Thugs for review or interview purposes, please contact:
Matt Conaway@ Movement Marketing
Business #: 410-360-5957
Cell#: 410-903-7568
E-Mail: Matthewbrn@aol.com
Alt E-Mail: mattyc@tmo.blackberry.net
AOL IM: Matthewbrn

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