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Be the DJ(TM) at BlueBeat.com Customized Internet Radio Channels Available To All

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Have you ever wanted to legally share your favorite tunes with the world? BlueBeat.com is officially launching Be the DJ(TM), instantly granting members the power and stature of a disc jockey. As DJs, users can add anything to their DJ "Crates": world famous BlueBeat proprietary channels, entire artist collections, favorite albums, and/or even individual songs. The new creations are immediately posted for the growing BlueBeat community to enjoy. Far more than just a top ten list, a DJ Crate is a live streaming channel for everyone to hear.

BlueBeat.com offers a vast catalog of over 500,000 tracks, amassing over 400 theme- and genre-based channels, hand-picked and maintained by dedicated professional DJs and musicians. Artists ranging from Mozart to Mac Dre are just a mouse click away! Since its inception in 2003, users and press alike consistently rave about BlueBeat's highest-fidelity music streaming at 320 kb/s and 160 kb/s. All BlueBeat channels are kept 100% DMCA-compliant by custom technology designed by Media Rights Technologies' founder and CEO Hank Risan for the benefit of both artists and listeners.

Risan explains, "BlueBeat taps into the MySpace and Facebook generation, the most musically sophisticated demographic on the Internet, by providing our users the deepest and most diverse catalog on the planet. It kicks ass and has no equal!"

Be the DJ(TM) has already garnered a cult following on the Internet, and the race for popularity is heating up, as the highest ranked Crates are posted on key BlueBeat pages and occasionally "promoted" to full-fledged Killer Playlists. As such, the new channels hold court with the Internet's best musical creations. With such fierce competition, users are taking their fun seriously at BlueBeat!

What's in your Crate? BlueBeat.com invites everyone with a taste for music to visit www.BlueBeat.com. Sign up today for your free account.

About BlueBeat

BlueBeat, a subsidiary of Media Rights Technologies, supplies over 500,000 tracks of CD-quality music in over 100 genres and 400 channels, covering more than a century of music, and streams secure MP3s at 160kb/s and 320kb/s. BlueBeat delivers content for home entertainment systems and cell phones branded by major consumer electronics and cell phone companies, respectively.

Media Contacts: Quake Cox, BlueBeat.com

831.426.4412, Quake@BlueBeat.com

Source: BlueBeat.com

CONTACT: Quake Cox of BlueBeat.com, +1-831-426-4412 or

Web site: http://www.bluebeat.com/

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