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DJ Crucial keeps producing despite controversy with MCs

Recently F5 Records founder and producer, DJ Crucial found himself in a
sticky situation when two artists he has created beats for in the past
year turned on each other. According to Soundslam.com, "MF Doom, an
underground fan favorite, has gained a cult-like following in recent
years. Born Daniel Dumile, the rapper/producer is now the subject of a
diss track from his former friend and group mate, MF Grimm. ??Grimm
recently recorded the track "Book of Daniel" and made no qualms about
aiming the lyrical content at Doom. The two had been previously
involved in groups such as KMD and Monsta Island Czars, but hatchets
thought to be buried have since resurfaced." The breaking point for MF
Grimm, however, appears to have been a lyric from Doom's most recent
album, The Mouse and the Mask, collaboration with Adult Swim and DJ
Danger Mouse says the Riverfront Times's Ben Westhoff.

Crucial produced the beat for "Book of Daniel" as well as provided Doom
with the remix for "Ghostwhirl", a 12' single that came out in August.
Crucial exclaims, "(Grimm) picked a couple beats from me and we met
back at the studio for the next session. He came back in and said
'Crucial, you're gonna flip when you hear this song' Continuing, DJ
Crucial said, "I didn't even know what it'd be about and then he gets
into the booth and starts ripping it. This is some real stuff." The
producer also adamantly details that he is in no way caught in the
middle of crossfire and had nothing to down with the song's topic or

Crucial is releasing an album April 4th, entitled 'Test Presses and Dub
Plates'. The project will feature both Grimm and Doom on separate
tracks. For more information contact HYPERLINK
"mailto:Aaron@f5records.com" Aaron@f5records.com

HYPERLINK "http://www.f5records.com" www.f5records.com
HYPERLINK "http://www.soundslam.com" www.soundslam.com
HYPERLINK "http://www.riverfronttimes.com" www.riverfronttimes.com

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