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Dunkadelic Terminology is a 'Slam Dunk' with Merriam-Webster On-Line Dictionary Says, Dunkadelic.com

First "dunk" definition applied to the American English Dictionary since dunk-shot in 1967. Iverson wore the Dunkadelic shoe for Michael Jordans' last NBA game on 4/16/03. Dunkadelic is also listed on sportsdictionary.com

(PRWEB) February 15, 2006 -- Dunkadelic is the fusion of "Basketball and Hip-Hop" inspired by the cultural aesthetics of urban style, fashion, and attitude. The basketball/sport term and its definitions are now in Merriam-Webster On-Line open dictionary. The dunk was banned from college basketball from 1967-76. When the dunk was reinstated back into the game and, along with the NBA/ABA merger. The 30 year evolution of the Dunkadelic term had begun. Dr. J with his R&B soul laid the groundwork for Michael Jordan and, the early years of Hip-Hop that would later give you Allen Iverson and, the present day world of Hip-Hop.

Dunkadelic the term was created in 1997 by Derrick E. Vaughan of Baltimore, Maryland as a brand name for performance athletic apparel. The term was first used as an (adjective) in December 2001 by Tom Kertes of Basketball Digest. He wrote that Adam Hall of the Virginia Cavaliers was a "dunkadelic swingman." The term was later used by Kertes in June 2002 when he wrote for nyknicks.com that Antonio McDyess and Chris Wilcox were both "dunkadelic power forwards." In August 2002 at the annual Rucker Park Entertainer's Tournament in New York he was inspired by the term again and, wrote Golden State Warriors' "dunkadelic" almost-Rookie of the Year guard Jason Richardson was in the house... Teachers, students, sportswriters, and enthusiast from all over the world can now log on to Merriam-Webster.com to view and learn about the Dunkadelic terminology.

Dunkadelic has various term definitions in Merriam-Webster including Dunkadelic League, Dunkadelic King and, Dunkadelic Mega-Star

Dunkadelic hit the big-time in 2003 as the name for a line of basketball sneakers. Dunkadelic was the name of the sneaker that Allen Iverson wore for Michael Jordans' last NBA game in Philadelphia on April 16, 2003. The Greatest player ever was playing the last game of his historical career and, Iverson wore the Dukadelic sneaker not his own signature shoe. Iverson who is the face of "Basketball and Hip-Hop" decided to make history with the term that defined him and his culture.

In May 2003 NBA Street Volume 2 the video computer game was summarized by Todd Zuniga of Tech-TV: It's dunkadelic, it's phat, it's frizzesh. So get on the court already.

Since the "Dunkadelic" shoe of 2003 the term has been used by various sportswriters of magazine and newspapers. NBA Inside Stuff published the Special Collector's Edition "Dunkadelic Issue" for Dec/Jan 2005 with Kobe, LeBron, T-Mac, and Vince Carter on the cover. It was the first and only time all 4 star players were on the same magazine.

USA Today wrote that LeBron and Vince were the "Dunkadelics of the NBA" after their spectacular dunks during the 2005 NBA All-Star game.

ESPN was the first to use the term when showing basketball highlight's of dunks by LeBron, Kobe, and Kevin Garnett in March 2005.

ESPN the Magazine in March 2005 quoted an e-mail statement from Derrick in reference to 'How Hip-Hop Amped Up the NBA' issue. He wrote in (Hip-Hop and Basketball, now that's Dunkadelic)!

In June 2005 Dunkadelic.com released the 1st Annual All-Dunkadelic Team with Vince Carter, LeBron James, Kenyon Martin, Amare Stoudemire, and Dwayne Wade on the first team. It was the first time that an All-Dunk team was assembled.

The 2nd Annual All-Dunkadelic Team will be released the day after the NBA Draft in June 2006.

The NBA All-Star game and Slam Dunk contest will be on showcase this weekend. Which hi-flyin' stars will be the next to carry the title "Dunkadelics of the NBA " for 2006?

In honoring the 5 Greatest dunkers of the Slam Dunk contest Dunkadelic.com has created signature catch phrases for their dunks using the dunkadelic terminology.

Dr. J, 'The Retro Dunkadelic Afro Jam'-1976 (Julius Erving)
Nique, 'The Thrill Dunkadelic Windmill Jam'-1985 (Dominique Wilkins)
MJ,'The Back-In-The-Day Dunkadelic Rock-This-Way Jam'-1987 (Michael Jordan and RUN-DMC)
VC, 'The Flashy Dunkadelic Ill' Nasty Jam'-2000 (Vince Carter)
J-Rich, 'The Crunk Dunkadelic With the Funk Jam'-2003 (Jason Richardson)

Dunkadelic is the evolution of its base name dunk. Its meaning goes beyond a spectacular jam it defines the current time and era of sports and music in American pop culture. Big-time basketball is more than a "Slam Dunk", it's Dunkadelic.

The Dunkadelic definition is also listed on sportsdictionary.com with a perfect 10 rating. Sportsdictionary.com was the first on-line dictionary dedicated to sports terms.

For more information or interview request on the Dunkadelic word history or term/definitions in Merriam-Webster dictionary email Derrick E. Vaughan of Dunkadelic.com.

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Derrick E. Vaughan

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