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Mr. Dead Releases Third Album 'MV3 Dynamic Tension' on February 21st! Stars in New Jean Grae Music Video

Hip Hop lyricist, Mr. Dead, hailing from the Cypress Hills projects of East New York, Brooklyn returns with Metabolic Vol. 3 - Dynamic Tension on Raptivism Records February 21st.

(PRWEB) February 16, 2006 -- Hip Hop lyricist, Mr. Dead, hailing from the Cypress Hills projects of East New York, Brooklyn returns with Metabolic Vol. 3 - Dynamic Tension. This album which will be released February 21st on Raptivism Records is the third installment following, Metabolics The M-Virus and Metabolics Vol. 2- Dawn of the Dead.

Mr. Dead, a disciple of Prince Paul knows theres more to life than the average and his continued diversity in hip hop is the perfect example of him going above the threshold. He is fresh off the 2005 release The Art of Picking Up Women as a member of The Dix a fictional r&b group whose other members where Prince Paul and Mr. Len.

Mr. Dead is currently in Europe on the Gold Dust Tour (February 6th 19th) as a special guest of Prince Paul and can also be seen in the new Jean Grae music video The Jam where he plays the hysterical Creeqo Valencio, a character he first introduced in The Diary of Prince Paul.

MV3 is classic Mr. Dead with production by Prince Paul, Mr. Len, DJ 3D and Mr. Dead himself. With tracks like Return of the Pimp Daddy Shrimp, Rhyme & Punishment and Dynamic Tension youll definitely get the full effect of Mr. Deads diverse talents as a lyricist, comedian, writer, producer and more.

Track Listing for MV3 Dynamic Tension:

1. Not 2 Be Fucked Wit!
2. Rhyme and Punishment
3. Return of the Pimp Daddy Shrimp
4. Tyme Bandits
5. More Good Shit
6. Dynamic Tension
7. Burial Ground
8. Hostyle Takeover
9. Love Ones Self
10. Whats 4 Lunch
11. Shallow Grave
12. You Dont Wanna!
13. Sweet Lady
14. Lessons in Life
15. Dope Fiend
16. Huggin Tha Block
17. Standing Upright
18. Deadworld Productionz
19. That Sounds Personal

To view Jean Graes The Jam starring Mr. Dead as Creeqo Valencio visit: http://www.okayplayer.com/jeangrae/thejam

For interviews, promotional materials and press information contact: Rain Dazed Entertainment

Mr. Dead Bio

Hailing from the Cypress Hills projects of East New York, Brooklyn, Mr. Dead knows all too well about the real life trials and tribulations that life can deliver in the ghetto from the never ending drug game to everyday gunplay to chickenhead hos and our reckless lost teens. He also knows theres more to life than Thug Life. As a result his debut album Metabolics- The M-virus proved to be a refreshing change from the regular rap fare that clogs the charts these days.

That album some of the most prolific producers to come together for the ultimate adventure including Prince Paul, Scotty Hard and Bimos. Dead displayed his dizzying verbal dexterity (Create & Define), his acute sense of humor (Stiff Soul Train) and his ability to get low down and dirty(The M-Virus) He even showed his production skills (Tearz of a Clown).

The second time out the gate Dead continued to deliver the goods with the second installment titled Metabolics Vol. II Dawn of The Dead Along with the same tightknit production family including some new blood such as M. Sayyid of Anti-Pop and Michael Woodruff.

Dead makes sure each track has as much damage to your mindstate as the next (Lungevity). Prince Paul comes to the table with a rendition of a classic old school jump-off (Dawn of the Dead). The cerebral damage continues with (Spit Sumthin) warning corn ball MCs of their evident demise (End of Days). Dead brings a dark yet refreshing approach to the hip-hop genre.

When Dead isnt spitting or producing tracks he is a the helm creating special effects make-up for horror films and music videos. He is currently working on his directorial debut with his own horror film and his imagination with a conceptually tight package of bangin hip-hop, The M-Virus which infected heads worldwide.

Which brings us to now. Dead has revolutionized the genre with Metabolics Vol 3 Dynamic Tension in which he pulls out the barrage of what listeners want. Pure lyrical fire with more dimensions than any lament configuration can configure. This album also recruits some new members to the production situation such as Dummy Smacks owner Mr. Len and DJ 3D and Mr. Dead begins the journey with an intro that we can only hope for in our wildest true hip-hop dreams. What follows is the purest diamonds in the ruff you will ever hear (Rhyme & Punishment). The hilarity continues (Return of the Pimp Daddy Shrimp) and lifes daily struggles (Love Ones Self) and the killer titled track (Dynamic Tension).

This third installment packs more bangers than the lord of war could ever hope for. Its guaranteed to leave you speechless and breathless. Be impressed. Be very impressed.


RAin Dazed Entertainment

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