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Mystik, The Hottest White Female Rapper on Da Planet Just Released her Highly Anticipated CD Unknown Celebrity

In an industry saturated with booty-shaking females and dudes oozing with street credibility, they say only the realest remain. Enter Mystik; 5"1, white female Philly-bred MC releasing her much anticipated CD "Unknown Celebrity."

Downingtown, PA (PRWEB) February 17, 2006 -- Mystik just released her latest creation Unknown Celebrity. This 22 track CD has something for everybody. You got the club bangers and you got the Down South joints. Shes got drops from everybody from MC Lyte, DJ Doc B & DJ FLOW(Power 99), Mossburg of the INC to Dave Park of Sony Music.

Mystik recently performed in January in San Antonio for a MLK Hip Hop Summit. Slim Thug also appeared at this event. She was recently added to the play list of http://www.stadiummusic.net, Australias #1 internet radio station. She is working on a drop for a hip hop station in Miami. This past December, Mystik filmed a 5 episode pilot for a reality show on VH-1. MC Serch, Prince Paul and Jim Jones from the DipSet all participated in the taping.

Armed with the audacity of a gangster, the flow of a veteran, and the style to make even the most skeptical take a second look, she is definitely turning heads for all the right reasons. Raised in the streets of Coatesville, PA, a city of the greater Philadelphia area, she was of course no stranger to the crime wave. As an early teen she refused to run the scene with the local kids, and looked to music as an outlet in her troubling life. Mystik discovered hip hop for the first time at the age 16 then, she couldnt comprehend the power it had over her. Armed with a tape deck and a small microphone, she started perfecting her craft over the radio and tapes her friends would bring over. Four years later, Mystik is now a respected member of the female mc community and the rap game in general. Blazing mix tapes, rocking shows, and representing for all females, large and small. Demanding respect with her raw, gritty style, she shows that its time to let a WHITE female really show the industry what time it is.

They say its a mans world, but it's definitely under Mystiks supervision. Check her out on MYSPACE at http://www.MYSPACE.com/mystikmusic. Listen to Dear jay which is attached. She wrote this track for Jay-Z to hear, so that he knows she is READY!

For more information on Mystik or to schedule an interview please contact Robert Williams of T-Marquise Entertainment (www.tmarquise.com) at 609-576-2705.

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