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PodShow and Limelight Networks Launch PodShowPDN - The First High Performance Delivery Network for Podcasting

-PodShowPDN Already Successfully Delivering Millions of Downloads, Leveling the Playing Field for Independent Podcasters and Mainstream Media Companies-

SAN FRANCISCO, and TEMPE, Ariz., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, and Limelight Networks, Inc., the world's leading digital media delivery network, today announced the launch of the PodShowPDN(TM) (PodShow Podcast Delivery Network), the first high-performance content delivery network that addresses the specific needs of podcasting. In an era that finds independent podcasters competing directly with mainstream media for audience share, the PodShowPDN provides the tools and services producers must have in order to be on par with mainstream media. For mainstream media companies seeking to create fresh content, expand their reach and find new distribution and marketing opportunities, the PodShowPDN is a perfect solution.

The PodShowPDN provides the scalability to manage, deliver and track tens-of-thousands of shows, millions of episodes and hundreds-of-millions of downloads, with a complete set of tools for creating, publishing and up-loading content. PodShowPDN is providing a powerful solution at a critical time in podcasting, as explosive growth in the medium is underscoring the weaknesses of traditional services having problems ranging from broken files and lost connections to complete service overloads and system blackouts.

"Until now, we have found ourselves in the middle of a social media revolution armed with the technological equivalent of muskets and rubber knives. Now we have leveled the playing field," said Ron Bloom, CEO and Co founder, PodShow, Inc. "In order to move podcasting to the next level, we had to do three things: enable the highest level of production; guarantee delivery; and provide an entirely new class of reporting. PodShowPDN solves these issues for everyone."

"Podcasting is much more than MP3 files on a server -- it is a unique environment requiring a combined skill set and awareness of media development and production, as well as guaranteed content delivery," said Bill Rinehart, CEO, Limelight Networks. "Our partnership with PodShow, which combines these key elements with Limelight's advanced network -- the world's highest performance delivery network for digital media -- creates a powerful podcasting solution for both individual podcasters and for media companies."

"Prior to the PDN, talented producers were creating the world's freshest content only to have it destroyed in delivery by networks pieced together with the digital equivalent of duct tape and bailing wire," said Adam Curry, President and Co founder, PodShow, Inc. "Over the last few months alone, we've rescued dozens of podcasters and they've been blown away by the results. With this launch we will be able to provide the same opportunity for thousands more who have been struggling technically and economically."

The PodShowPDN was developed over the course of 2005 and is already delivering millions of downloads from thousands of episodes of PodShow's core line-up of shows. PodShow is delivering national advertising and sponsorship from over a dozen leading US brands across these shows. In Q1, PodShow will unveil a special promotion that will open the PDN to all podcasters -- from amateurs to professionals. Additionally, PodShow and Limelight are in discussions with mainstream media companies seeking to use the PodShowPDN to bridge into high-quality audio and video podcasting.

"PodShow is delivering hundreds-of-thousands of downloads of our show with no hiccups," said Drew Domkus, Producer and Co Host of the wildly-popular The Dawn & Drew Show ( http://dawnanddrew.podshow.com/ ). "PodShow has really worked hard on this -- I can't wait for all podcasters to experience the 'PDN'."

"I thought that we were going to have to stop podcasting," said Cali Lewis, Host of the Geek Brief ( http://geekbrief.podshow.com/ ) podcast, part of a new generation of video podcasts. "One call to PodShow solved our technical difficulties -- everything just works and our viewership is exploding."

About PodShowPDN

The PodShowPDN combines a single-click approach to creating, producing, uploading and monetizing content with expertise in developing customized Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions for major digital media and entertainment companies. The Network is built to support high-bandwidth distributed delivery of rich media directly to end users and will support virtually unlimited growth by leveraging Limelight's globally distributed network of servers and interconnects to the world's largest broadband networks and Tier-1 Internet services providers.

About the Podcasting Industry

In the last 18 months, podcasting has moved from a fad to a recognized competitor for media market share. Industry experts estimate that US podcast audience is now between 10 and 15 million people, and a conservative research analyst projects the audience to reach nearly 57M by 2010. Recent industry surveys indicate that 2-in-5 US podcasters have commercial ambitions.

About Limelight Networks, Inc.

Privately held Limelight Networks is the leading content delivery network for Internet distribution of video, music, games, and downloads. Limelight's advanced content delivery network provides the world's top media companies high-performance delivery of media and software via the Internet, making Limelight Networks the content delivery network of choice for more than 400 world-class customers including Akimbo, ABC Radio Networks, Belo Interactive, "BuyMusic" @ Buy.com, DreamWorks, LLC, IFILM, Live365, Marimba, MSNBC.com, NC Interactive, NPR, Real Networks Rhapsody, Radio Free Virgin, Valve Software, and Xbox Live. For more information, visit: http://www.llnw.com/ .

About PodShow, Inc.

The PodShow Podcast Network is the premier network in podcasting, assembling the leading communities in podcasting, as well as a host of the most popular personalities and podcasts in podcasting. PodShow also offers professional production and directory services to major media companies and traditional businesses. PodShowPDN is the first high-performance content delivery network meeting the specific needs of podcasting, delivering a comprehensive creation, production, delivery and monetization solution for independent podcasters and mainstream media companies. PodShow makes podcasts more accessible to a growing legion of listeners, provides resources for podcast producers, and enables marketers to take part in the podcast explosion. In the process, the company has greatly simplified the podcasting experience for artists, producers and listeners alike. PodShow is a privately-held company, backed by leading venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. For more, visit: http://www.podshow.com/ , and for all queries visit: http://www.podshow.com/contactus.html .

NOTE: PodShow and PodShow Podcast Delivery Network are trademarks of PodShow, Inc. Limelight Networks is a trademark of Limelight Networks, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Aaron Burcell
(ph) 415-247-8612
(m) 650-740-3134

Limelight Networks:
Wynne Ahern
Communications Strategies
(ph) 510-658-8870
(m) 510-206-2161

Source: Limelight Networks, Inc.

CONTACT: Aaron Burcell of PodShow, phone, +1-415-247-8612, or mobile,
+1-650-740-3134, or aaron@podshow.com; or Wynne Ahern of Limelight Networks,
phone, +1-510-658-8870, or mobile, +1-510-206-2161, or wynne@commstrat.net

Web site: http://www.podshow.com/

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