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The former MOBO winner & ex Boogie Bunch member, Brian (DJ Swing) Daley was one of the most popular, humorous and familiar personalities on the UK's black music club and party scene. Originally a member of the 'Live to Break' breakdance crew. His popularity grew throughout the 90's doing parties for artists such as Bobby Brown, Mary J Blige, Lennox Lewis, Jodeci etc. He worked 4 years at BMG/RCA Records heading their R&B/Rap Promotions Dept (TLC, Notorious BIG,Wu Tang Clan etc.) before being head hunted by legendary hip-hop label Tommy Boy Records (De la Soul etc). He also hosted a radio show on Londons Choice FM, doing a 1 hour mastermix show every Saturday afternoon. In 1998 he collected the 'Best Club DJ' award at the MOBO awards (other nominees being Fat Boy Slim, The Dreem Teem and Trevor Nelson).

Brian was playing clubs all over the world, when a minor backache turned out to be a rare blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma in January 2003. He then received 3 stem cell transplants utilising his own cells, but on each occasion fell out of remission. From then on he continued to receive further chemotherapy treatment but was told that he urgently needed a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. DJ Swing relapsed in April 2004 forcing an abrupt halt to his cherished music career in exchange for many months of intense chemotherapy and blood/platelet transfusions. The only thing that was going to save him was a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. But being of African Caribbean decsent the chances of finding a matching donor was at least one in 100,000. If Swing were white the odds if he was lucky could be closer to one in five.

Many people came forward to help by registering as potential donors. The greatest example being the clinic that took place on Friday 14 October 2005. A registration clinic took place at the Rococo nightclub in Londons Leicester Square and attracted a turnout beyond all expectations. Over 400 potential donors, generated from the mass networking by the united urban music industry, patiently waited for hours to join the register, with many queuing across the length of the Square. Prominent UK black artists such as Simon Webbe, Lethal B, Pied Piper, MC Creed joined together with profile radio presenters such as DJ Spoony & Ras Kwame (Radio 1), Heartless Crews Mighty Mo (1Xtra), Steve Sutherland (Galaxy), Kat & Masterstepz (Choice) to Shortee Blitz (Kiss) to highlight the urgency of this appeal to save the life of their friend Swing.

Then finally and thankfully on Thursday 10th November, Brian received a 90% bone marrow transplant from an un-related donor. The procedure went very well, with Brian & family feeling extremely happy and understandably overwhelmed. Brian himself sent a massive THANK YOU to each and every one for everything that was done on his behalf. He was completely amazed & touched by the response from all of you - and said that he would love everyone to continue with their support for others who need to find a bone marrow match.

His words The work does not stop here we have to continue spreading the message to get more people onto the bone marrow register. Lives CAN be saved!

However, the following 4-6 weeks were crucial because his body needed to accept the donated bone marrow cells and he needed to build up his strength. He was doing relatively ok until very recently when minor health setbacks turned quickly into very severe complications and Brian (DJ Swing) Daley peacefully passed away last night (Wed 22nd March) with his family and friends by his bedside. We were at the hospital for most of the day and were able to say 'goodbye' to a remarkable and very courageous father, brother, uncle and friend. On behalf of the ACLT we pass on our thoughts, prayers and condolences to his parents, sisters, family and close friends especially The Boogie Bunch.

Some of you may have known him personally Beverley and I got to know him very well over the last 2 years and feel very privileged to have known him. Brian always made it very clear to us that when he was back on his feet he would work with us in recruiting potential donors for other patients. He showed such great respect to others and deliberately stayed out of the limelight because he was a very humble person who worried more about others than about himself. But now he is now at peace alongside his close friend Lynden David Hall. One thing that is certain is that both of these two creative giants of the music scene would want you to please register sooner rather than later if you have not done so already because little Yvette Gate, Danny Whyte, Sarah Thompson and Donna Benjamin, etc urgently need the Gift of Life. Time is running out.

If you are aged 18-43 and live in the UK we can consider you as a potential Bone Marrow donor (even if you have Sickle Cell Trait) but you must be willing to register as a possible bone marrow match for all patients (with a similar ethnicity/racial background) around the world awaiting possible matches. Please note that you cannot just walk into your Doctor's practice or any hospital to give a blood sample to register as a donor.

In order for you to save time you can Click Here and Click Here to download the necessary reading and registration documents "Commit to a Life Saving Procedure Now" and "Completing this form could save a life" medical questionnaire from the Anthony Nolan Trust's website.
These are both PDF files. So if you need the appropriate software then all you need to do is click and download the free Adobe Reader to download to view them.

For live links please see: http://www.aclt.org/content/default.asp?i=320&c=news

Please print and complete every question in the medical questionnaire including all parts of the Consent section at the back of the form. Then bring the completed form to the Registration clinic so that it can be checked to ensure that you are eligible to register.

All we ask of you, especially if you are Black or Mixed Race and aged between 18-43 in relatively good health and not obese or under 8 stone, is to give up 15-30 minutes of your day at the registration clinic venue where you can hand in or complete the application form, be counselled about the donation procedures and if you are ever found to be a matched donor what your preparation would be. This is followed by a Q & A's session and finally giving 4 mls of blood (a tablespoon). The blood sample is taken to determine your bone marrow tissue type (your blood group is of no relevance) and these details with your name and location will be added on to a database of potential donors for patients awaiting matches around the world. On completion we will arm you with various bits of information and our contact details, just in case you need to speak with us in the future about anything.


We urgently need our community to step forward in their hundreds and do the right thing NOW. Because if you are reading this message or heard about DJ Swing or any other appeal via the News Media or Internet, and are eligible and can physically get to the location to come forward and help but do not then we have to ask this question?

What is it going to take before you come forward to register and try to help one of our own?

Cancer touches us all directly or indirectly. At some point in the future someone you know will probably need a Bone Marrow donor. Would it not be great if on every occasion there were tens of thousands of us already registered to choose from to find the matching donor?

By attending an ACLT registration clinic you could potentially save the life of Donna Benjamin, Danny Whyte, 12 year old Yvette Gate, Sarah Thompson and many others who require bone marrow transplants around the world. It could be the most important thing you ever do in your life.

As one of our supporters said, I believe that the passing of DJ Swing is truly a sad loss for the whole of the community, not just the black community.
DJ Swing needs your help to help others NOW - NO MORE EXCUSES

(From : http://www.aclt.org/content/default.asp?i=320&c=news)


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