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Bad Boy South's 8 Ball & MJG New Album "Pure American Pimpin" Set For Release In July 2006

The Memphis rap duo Eightball & MJG, is back in the studio preparing to return on the scene with their follow-up album to the Gold selling "Living Legends".

MEMPHIS, TN (PRWEB) March 30, 2006 -- The Memphis rap duo Eightball & MJG, is back in the studio preparing to return on the scene with their follow-up album to the Gold selling "Living Legends". The title of the upcoming new album, which is scheduled for release July 18, 2006, is "Pure American Pimpin" with the first single off the new album being "For An Outfit" (available at www.8ballandmjg.com and music.downloads.memphisrap.com). The album features the likes of Big Boi (Outkast), T.I., Juvenile, Jazze Phae, Lil Jon, and more.

Although many know the group only by their "Living Legends" album release, the Orange Mound Memphis, Tennessee veterans actually got their claim to fame from the classic 1993 debut release, "Comin Out Hard" which according to a recent interview with Concrete Magazine, the group plans to return to that original flava or as Eightball put it, "We call this album Pure American Pimpin because its like back to basics for us".

When asked do they think overexposure will play out the whole M Town get crunk and get buck style and sound because it's exploding all around the world, the group had this to say:

MJG: It might kill the era, but thats really just an era created by hype anyway. We were doing this type of music before they were calling it the get crunk era. We really dont rely on what they call the era. We are just trying to make good music and basically, stick to the format. When we look at material, we dont sit down and try to make it fit with the get crunk era. Its not really something that we worry about. If cats are really crafting their stuff for that, they are the ones that will be worse off...

8 Ball: ... Theyre the ones that are going to be worried. Its those cats that are bragging because theyve been rapping for two years and their career might not last more than two years. That's why some of the cats that are gimmick rappers from the South need to be worried. But 8 Ball and MJG [dont have to be worried]. Our first album came out in 1993. Three-6 Mafias first album came out in 1995. In 2005 we have the number two single in the nation, right now. This is ten, almost fifteen years later, so were not worried. We are going to do us. Weve got a fan base of a million people that love what we do and as long as we keep it true to them, theyre going to keep it true to us.

To hear the newest single "For An Outfit" off the "Pure American Pimpin" album or for more information on Eightball & MJG logon to the official 8 Ball & MJG website at www.8ballandmjg.com or find Eightball & MJG music and more at MemphisRap.com (Audio available at http://music.downloads.memphisrap.com)!

For the full entire interview with Ball & G, pick up the latest issue of Concrete Magazine (Issue #9) at a carrier near you or visit shopping.memphisrap.com or logon to www.concretemag.com for an online exclusive of the interview (also available at http://interviews.memphisrap.com) and more.

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