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Bay Area Boss Rap Artist Celly Cel Drops New Album April 4th

San Francisco Bay area native, rap and hip-hop legend Celly Cel is back again ready to shake up the entire hip-hop and rap scene with his new album drop. April 4th brings Celly Cels new album Slaps, Straps & Baseball Hats.

Celly Cel is not only tha Bay Area Boss of hip-hop and rap but a world wide legend in hip-hop culture. Cellys many fans worldwide are anticipating this newest drop from the legendary Bay Area Rap Boss.

The new hit single "Shake Sumthin" featuring Mistah F.A.B. is already burning up the radio airways. If youre not getting it on your local radio station, call them and request it.

Slaps, Straps & Baseball Hats also features along with Celly notable hip-hop and rap artist like The Game, Lil Flip, Turf Talk, and Luni Colenoe.

Watch for Slaps, Straps & Baseball Hats hitting streets on April 4th and like Celly Cel says if you ain't listening to Realside Records... you ain't real!

Tracklisting for Celly Cels: 'Slaps, Straps and Baseball Hats'

1. Go Buy Another

2. Open Doors

3. Im a Boss

4. Sheep or Wolf?

5. Get Racks

6. Shake Sumthin

7. Just Once

8. Bay Classics

9. Im Leavin U

10. Ball and Bail

11. Freaky

12. G'Z Up

13. Nothin from ME

14. Play

15. In the Bay

16. God Is

Please visit http://www.cellycel.net for all your Celly updates and info.

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