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Bone Crusher Set to Hit the Streets with the Re-Launch of Vainglorious Entertainment

Bonecrusher seeks the spotlight with the re-launch of his record label and his new hit "Get up on it" with super-producer Lil Jon.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 22, 2006 -- Wayne Hardnett P.K.A. Bone Crusher, maker of the street phenomenon Never Scared and manager Aneesah Bray set to re-launch record label with private investors.

The label, aptly named Vainglorious Entertainment, was started in 1998 solely owned by the two but has re-launched with investors and new artists but with Hardnett and Bray as principal holders.
Vainglorious Entertainment also has a sister company called Enjoi Enterprises which is a film development company.

The label's first signings are Atlanta Hype hip hop group Tezy and Yung 20, Philly phenomenon The Great Sean Falyon and 6 tall model turned rapper Priscila Divine.

Bone Crusher says Aneesah and I took our time choosing artists that best fit our company. We have BIG ideas you know and when the label first started, I was the only artist. I recorded Never Scared then Break em off entered the deal, then SoSo Def, then Arista. My label got pushed to the side because of all the hype of the song.
Since then I have had time to sit with the greats like Kevin Lyles, Russell Simmons and LA Reid and truly understand this business.

"Aneesah says, When an artist starts his or her own label as soon as their song hits the street, the artist ends up in competition with his or her artists. You end up having a bunch of artist that sound like that one artist. All of our artists sound different than Bone Crusher. Our goal is to offer a variety of sounds like the big labels do. We dont want to stop at rap.

Although a distribution deal may be seen in the future, we are currently using private investors to re-launch the label. We are an indie label at heart. We can get as creative as we like and there is no pressure. If we sign talented artists and get lucky, then thats great.

Bone Crusher is currently an artist under BMG and he likes it there, so talks may arise but for now there is no need to spend $500,000 for a look-alike video. Black people and the hip hop culture can appreciate uniqueness, even though people would like to say that we dont. No one wants to see the same thing in every video. We [Vainglorious] flourish on creativity and an artists own style.

The label's staff is primarily Bone Crusher (Money Man) as A&R (artists and repertoire) and Aneesah Bray (Boss Lady) as Executive Chair.
For the investors, the label opens up a new avenue of revenue with minimum investment.

"With radio being what it is, it's not necessarily about going to radio with a record," Bone Crusher says. "It's about developing artists from the ground up, and this gives us that opportunity. We can keep things initially under the radar without the pressures and expectations of a major."

The label's first releases, Sean Falyons Tic Toc featuring platinum artist Lloyd and Tezy & Yung 20s Goodbye featuring Cutty come out May 1.

Bone Crusher new hit single Get up on it with super-producer Lil Jon can be heard on your local hip hop radio station. He is also slated for the next Celebrity Fit Club series on VH1.

Aneesah is currently working on the 2nd annual Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival April 28th -30th and is executive producer on a new cooking show featuring "Bone Crusher" called "Crashing the Kitchen with Bone Crusher".


Aneesah Bray - Hardnett

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