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DOM-G : Debut solo album - AIR

I design rhymes that inspire these young minds
this is dedicated to all those who love the art (life n hip hop)

Straight out of London, DOM-G aka Dominant G is not a new name in the hip hop world. His lyrical skills have been applauded by some of the biggest names in the industry including Choice FM DJ 279, DJ Excalibur, Radio One DJ Tim Westwood and publications including Touch, Trace and DJ Magazine.

Dominating mics is something that many MCs never master but DOM-G honed his craft at open-mic sessions in the well-known London spot Borderline. Music has always been a part of his life from his early days; I grew up listening to a lot of jazz and soul; people like The Crusaders, Bob James and Frank Zappa. Rakim is my main influence as hes one of the greatest MCs to come out there.

From his small beginnings he hooked up with Joe, formerly known as Braintax, who signed him along with the well known producer Drew to Lowlife Records and released an EP entitled The whole circumference, featuring rapper David J. Having received wide acclaim they went on to release "Slip Stream" featuring the Mercury Award nominee TY on Rumour Records/ Stonegroove.

Having firmly made a name for himself on the underground DOM-G is about to unleash his long awaited debut solo album AIR on June 5th 2006 on Grinnin Records. His time since his Psychic Phenomena days has meant that his sound has mellowed and matured to create an album that crosses boundaries from hip hop and soul through to poetry and jazz. In his own words his music is inspirational, relaxed and heartfelt. I wanted to create a positive and real album, he continued. I wanted to take peoples minds away from the negativity so many artists portray and make things possible. The world is changing and everyone wants better things for themselves.

The album tracks da heat and you dont know received widespread praise from the mainstream music press and the album is set to follow the same trend. Tracks like thats why i wrote, which features the soul-kissed vocals of Phoebe, represent a different form of hip hop to the mainstream pop as it delves deeper than the pimp and ho attitude so widely portrayed. It focuses on the strength of love, DOM-G explains. It goes deep into love through letters and explores a subtle type of love which is mature and more than just sex.

The deliciously smooth reflections features the lyrical skills of Californians Zion-I. It takes a look back and opens a window to the past and each rappers verse reflects one another despite distance and cultural barriers. Nomadic Poet is another contributor to this full-bodied album, and production comes thanks to Amp Live, LG, Apollo, Peeping Tom and Drew, best known for his work with TY and as a former Psychic Phenomena member. I didnt think I was going to produce an album, but Im pleased with it. Ive had an interesting journey making it. Musically it goes back to my roots and defies the boundaries of hip hop. It definitely includes something for everyone.

Doms got a good voice and a great flowhis lyrics are tightly honed and delivered with emphatic confidence. ~ Undercover Magazine
Dom all the while striking the right balance between passion and punchlines ~ Touch Magazine
"Ill be checking for the solo LP ~ UKHH
The soon to come debut LP should be something special ~ DJ Magazine

DOM-G is currently available for interviews. For more information contact Angharad Williams at Afunk PR on 07946 035 789 or angharad@afunk.co.uk.

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