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First Eminem's Band D12, Now Black Wa$p

Black Wa$p has released 5 Albums on Major Legal
Digital Download Centers @ AppleiTunes, Sonyconnect,
MSN Music Store, and the like. Black Wa$p
founder/owner Kenyatta Hudson has secured the finest
up & coming artist in the Metro Detroit Area. Kenyatta
is no stranger to great talent, as his former
experience with Eminem and D12 indicate. Now, Kenyatta
is blessed to be given the chance to introduce the
world to even more musical greatness thanks to Digital
Online Distributor IODA who provides Black Wa$p Link
to these various Online Centers. Visit your favorite
Online Center today to preview and download all Black
Wa$p Albums: Black Wa$p The Epidemic, Super Block
Nasty New and Swazy, Betta Made Volumes 1 and 2, Cz
self-titled debut, and coming soon expect to find more
Black Wa$p projects by Ratt, Confidence, Showtyme,
Mackadamion, Mellenium, 10piece, The Wa$p Angels, OJ,
Metaphysic, Lisa, and Charese to name a few.
Keep up with the movement known as Black Wa$p @
http://www.blackwasphive.com. A buzzing thank you goes
out to all members of The Wa$p Hive that helped make
Black Wa$p a Reality! We Here now! Let's Get

Kenyatta Hudson
Black Wa$p

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