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Hit Self-Produced Rap Artist Chazz Drops "Livin' It Up" on His Own Label Epicenter Music

This album is ground-breaking for the Latin Hip-Hip community. Finally an artist has taken Latin Hip-Hop to the next level, by making music that crosses over several markets.

Northridge, Ca. -- (ArriveNet - Mar 21, 2006) --Born in East L.A., and raised in Whittier, CA, music producer and rap artist Chazz has a history deep rooted in Hip-Hop and Rap with an impressive resume of accomplishments and contributions to the Hip-Hop scene, including being the creator of the first-ever Hip-Hop infomercial Phatt Traxx. His last single released, A Mover La Colita on Logic Recs (U.S.)/Arista (U.K.), hit #5 on Billboard Charts, and now hes bringing his bangin new sound out on his own label, Epicenter Music.

His latest accomplishment and contribution to hip-hop, is the release of his self-produced album "Livin' It Up". Featuring guest spots from hit artists such as DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown), Kemo the Blaxican, Jovan, Queenie, (host of Cruzin' TV), Somer, and more.

This album is ground-breaking for the Latin Hip-Hip community. Finally an artist has taken Latin Hip-Hop to the next level, by making music that crosses over several markets, and appeals to the majority of music audiences. Livin It Up takes you on a journey and fuses sounds of Latin, Dance, R&B, and Hip-hop. A majority of the songs on this album are the feel good songs we all love to hear, but you cant deny the deep rooted messages of Gone 2 Young and Behind Bars that speak about the reality of Americans born into gang violence. Its difficult to believe that only one man produced every song on this album. Its no wonder that Chazzs album "Livin' It Up" is starting to blaze up the streets, clubs, and airwaves across the U.S..

Chazz has recently inked an international Digital Distribution and Promotion deal with InGrooves.com. His album "Livin' It Up" will be live soon on iTunes, AOL Music, Napster, Rhapsody, Playboy Mobile, and many more places. Chazz is currently seeking a major retail distribution deal.

Although Chazz has radio mixshow airplay and club play in six states (Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and California) and growing, his debut album is set to make him an international star. His song Shake Dat Thang was #1 Most Downloaded on DigitalDJpool.com last month, beating out Eminems Shake That, Lil Flip, E-40, and more. In addition, his soon to be a cruising classic Even In a World was voted 90% Excellent by listeners at Chicano Radio Network (www.crnlive.com ) this month. Generating over 17,000 page views and 9,000 friends in six weeks on MySpace.com by word of mouth only, the streets are buzzing about Chazzs debut album.

Chazz has produced tracks for Hip-Hop artists such as Lil' Rob, Hispanic MCs, Brown Pride, Dove Shack, and many more, however his album shows that his wide range and talent is not only that of a producer but also as an artist on the mic. Basically I was tired of producing rappers who would just try and steal my ideas and tracks, and I was especially tired of being screwed by labels. Also, theres a whole demographic of Latinos that are not being represented by the Latin Hip-Hop thats out right now. I felt that I could help represent them and compete with mainstream rap artists, instead of being categorized as a Latin Hip-Hop artist; Im a Hip-Hop artist that is a Latino. So I decided to do it all myself. My decision to step to the mic again and release my debut album on my own label has been one of the smartest decisions Ive made. said Brian Chazz Padilla.

Unlike the album title, Chazz is by far not Livin it Up, as he stays busy on his steady grind doing what he does best making music, getting at his fans, and running his label. Chazz handles every aspect of his label including music production, songwriting, audio engineering, graphics, web design, promotions, and marketing.

Chazz have proven there is a demand for his music, his album crosses over several markets and cultures, and they are receiving amazing feedback from Urban and Latin radio djs, personalities, and fans across the country. As you can see he is more than a mere rapper or a hip-hop artist. Once you hear Chazz there is no doubt he is destined for international recognition and success.

Visit Chazz on his MySpace http://www.myspace.com/chazzepicenter

Also visit http://www.epicentermusic.com to hear tracks off Chazzs new self produced album Livin It Up and to purchase the album.

Track Listing for Chazz: Livin It Up

1. Intro (Tha Resurrection)
2. Livin' It Up (ft. Yak from GBN)
3. Pedal 2 Da Floor (ft. Somer)
4. Shake Dat Thang (ft. GBN)
5. How We Play (ft. Queenie & DTTX)
6. Even In A World (ft. Somer & DTTX)
7. Dirty West (ft. Kemo The Blaxican)
8. Da Pachuco
9. Mami (ft. Jovan)
10. We're Ridin' (ft. Somer & Nightingale)
11. Spanish Flygirl (Walk On) ft. Jovan
12. Gone 2 Young (ft. Jovan)
13. Behind Bars
14. Chazz's Outro
15. Pedal 2 Da Floor (Red Line Mix)

Chazz is available for interviews, appearances, and bookings.

Press Contact:
Somer Haines-Padilla
somer@epicentermusic.com or 818-775-0908

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