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Rap Recording Artist Challenges Portrayal of Females in Hip-Hop

In observance of Womens History Month, independent female rap artist SHEE reflects on the current state of female rap and plans initiative to reach out to young women.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) March 20, 2006 -- Where have all of the female rappers gone? March is officially Womens History Month, which gives us all an opportunity to pay homage to our female heroes and look at their accomplishments in retrospect. In examining the landscape of the hip-hop genre and an apparent lack of adequate female representation, observing the past poses a puzzling question for the future. In a genre with a noticeable lack of female voices dominating the mainstream, performing songwriter and female hip-hop/rap recording artist SHEE credits her success as an independent artist to the recording industry shortcomings for her gender and plans to use her voice and popularity to reach out to future the generations of hip-hop females.

Celebrating the recent release of her Vaginal Erections album which boasts being a strong woman and accomplishing things irrespective of gender, SHEE welcomes the additional fans and attention stemming from the supply of female rappers in the industry not meeting the demand, however success has been bittersweet for this independent female rap artist. Young women and girls do not have enough positive roles modelsas an artist I acknowledge there are WAY more opportunities for aspiring video chicks than there will ever be for females on the mic that arent singing. SHEE recalls the love she had for songs like Self Destruction by the East Coast Rap Allstars as a little girl. I paid attention when Miss Melody and MC Lyte spit and knew that strong women could stand alongside these men that have something powerful to say. The following generation of young ladies dont have that because the images they see of females in our culture portray Black women as merely a mans accessory - oversexed, materialistic and image obsessed.

As a guest panel speaker in the 2005 Brooklyn NY Youth Lab held by Best of Brooklyn, Inc and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, SHEE spoke to a group of teens aged 15-19 on the subject of Growing Up Creative. SHEE is currently planning an initiative to reach out to young ladies in the interest of helping them build a healthy a self-image. Self described as where street credibility meets business credentials; SHEE was born and raised in the Vanderveer Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY to parents only 14 years her senior. Despite adolescent years overshadowed with trouble, drugs and crime SHEE went on to earn 3 collegiate degrees by her 22nd birthday and started her own company Sheer Badness Entertainment in April 2004. Experiencing life on both sides of the fence and boasting a solidified fan base as an independent female rap artist, SHEE feels adequately suited to reach out to urban youth and give back to the community. Hip-Hop is filled with hoochies, eye-candy freaks, baby mommas, gold diggers and so onwomen that do not accurately reflect what it means to be a young Black woman in urban America. Im here to fill a void and share a perspective that everyone can relate to but its currently unaddressed in music. To have a culture with so many negative portrayals of woman and no counteraction leaves young ladies in a vulnerable and damaging position

About SHEE:
With a distinctive voice, unique flow and the unmatched ability to pen concepts and lace them with infectious hooks - irrespective of gender, never has the rap game seen an MC this complete. ASCAP affiliated songwriter and hip-hop/rap recording artist SHEE has been featured in Unsigned Music Magazine, Y:L Magazine, Young & Black Magazine, eRaport and more. Her high traffic website http://www.SHEEmusic.com features PC games, ringtones, merchandise, bio, photos and more. Over 15,000 copies of her SHEE is Sheer Badness full length promotional mixtape CD have been distributed and her highly anticipated Vaginal Erections album is was recently released.

For interview requests and inquiries about both the artist and hip-hop female initiative, contact R.S. Andrews at Sheer Badness Entertainment (908) 245-6467 or e-mail protected from spam bots. Artist info is also available at http://SHEEmusic.com and http://myspace.com/SHEEmusic.

R.S. Andrews, BBA MSA
Sheer Badness Entertainment
P.O. Box 1715, Linden NJ 07036
(908) 245-6467

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