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Spyder D and Spydo Music, Inc. Sign an Ambitious Distribution Deal for Newtroit Records

Spydo Music's Duane "Spyder" Hughes inks distribution deal for ambitious label project.

(PRWEB) March 21, 2006 -- Pioneering New York rap producer/artist Spyder D signs distribution deal with TOFA/Empire Musicwerks/Universal Records.

Everyone knows about rap music's introduction to the world via the Fatback Band's King Tim III, and the phenom of the Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight.

Very few know that one of New York City's pioneer rap artists, "Spyder D", Duane Hughes of Queens, NY City was going to school in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in 1978 when he met the Billy Motley (now known as Billy Wilson, president of the Motown Alumni Association), a bass player and Rueben Jones, a drummer, of a young group of musicians who formed "Frosted".

Neither of them knew that their collaboration together, would combine the raw talent that would produce one of the top 12" singles of it's era, the "electro funk" smash "Big Apple Rappin'/Rapple", which even today, is one of the most bootlegged vinyl offerings in the history of recorded music, still fetching upwards of $300 on eBay.

No one knew, that at the time, the group collaboration was the launching of the Motor City into the Hip-Hop world.

Today, there is the brilliant lyricist known as Eminem, and his protege's D-12 hailing from Motown. And there's the Hip-Hop influenced rock sound of Kid Rock.

It's a safe bet to say that that all started with a collaboration of a New York City street ball player, frustrated that his basketball career was rapidly ending with knee problems, and, according to Billy, "a group of young musicians who had grew up heavily influenced by the sounds of Motown in it's heyday."

Spyder reflected on the moment by saying, "... It is one of the times in one's life, where you're at a crossroad, and you get very creative because your back is up against the wall. We went into the studio with no rehearsal, and no real game plan other than to vibe with each other and see what we come up with. I was home sick so I wrote about New York. I hummed out the base line to Billy who took the basics of it and funked it the way Motowners know how to do it. I spliced in a sound effects recording of a Delancey street vendor on the intro, and, bam! Big Apple Rappin' with the Motown flair was born."

Spyder, not quite twenty years old yet, with Detroit born and raised Tito Lewis, and his Mom's financial backing, launched Newtroit Records first and only single.

"We got a lot of notoriety from that single right off the bat" recalls Spyder. A young Tom Silverman (who became Tommy Boy Records founder) published a strong review in his Dance Music Magazine and, "Afrika Bambaata came to my crib on Jamaica Avenue in search of a new record deal with Newtroit, as he was unhappy with his deal with Winley Records. To this day my mother and Bam always ask about each other", says Spyder, who now owns an ABA basketball franchise in Charlotte, and his Spydo Music Incorporated music production and wireless company. Now that's Hip-Hop history for you!

Under this new umbrella of TOFA/Empire Musicwerks/Universal, Spyder will release his farewell to Hip-Hop, a CD simply titled "Legendary". Scheduled guest appearances include legendary peers such as Doug E. Fresh, C&C Music Factory's Freedom Williams, Chuck D, Mikey D, Large Professor, Grand Daddy I.U., Sweety G, Roxanne Shante and Sparky D to name a few. Spyder says, "we will also launch careers of the new generation with a compilation album called "Spyder D presents Krunk, Funk and Soul", that will feature several "unsigned hype" type of artists in the Hip-Hop/R&B genre. We also have a powerful contemporary gospel group in Keith Holland & Friends in Christ, and Charlotte's own Young G.O.D.Z., and Gary Graham's North Clik Records posse who put the capital K in Krunk."

Spyder has requested the services of good friend and longtime record promotion guru Al Pizarro of VIP Record Pool and Heavy Rotation of New York to be his VP of Operations. "Al's experience in record promotion is well documented over the years, and I trust his judgment completely. He has handled NY area promotions for all the major labels for their artists in the New York area for years. We are blessed that he would consider helping us in our quest to be one of the top major independents."

Production will be handled by himself, the artists, and a bevy of up and coming beat makers, including former Sparky D DJ, Grand Creator K-Wiz, and the legendary Infinity Machine DJ, DJ Divine, and the incomparable Larry Smith, who produced all of the early Run-DMC and Whodini hits.

"We will get together with musicians and artists in Detroit to bring Newtroit back full circle", says Spyder. "Mike Pierre and Billy Wilson will oversee the marketing and promotion for the projects. That will be perfect as I continue to seek out more talent.

"Through 19 Communications and my wireless division, we will evolutionize how artists are introduced to radio and potential fans. Radio and music listeners will be able to use "Push and Pull" technology to communicate with their favorite artist or radio station. Tour schedules, release dates and contests will be sent to fans' wireless devices. They will control how much content, and when to receive that content. Virtual Promotion Campaigns will be sent and received in real time. Text, text to voice messaging with simultaneous landline and e-mail alerts will take these vertical industries by storm! Spydo Music and Newtroit Records, through TOFA/Empire Musicwerks/Universal, will offer 19 Levels of communications through branded pre-paid phones, debit cards and sponsored messaging. The first release date for this distribution deal has not been announced yet.

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