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Jeremy Miller Takes the Helm of The Source

The Source Board of Directors Announces Industry Veteran, Jeremy Miller as CEO & President

NEW YORK, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors of Source Enterprises, Inc., the parent company for The Source magazine, announces industry veteran Jeremy Miller as the new president and chief executive officer of the magazine.

Miller was instrumental in The Source's success as he worked for the magazine for nearly 15 years by building the magazine's circulation and serving as Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the magazine and its publishing division. Miller currently publishes Down magazine, a magazine he created, a year ago, when he left The Source. Down magazine is dedicated to southern hip-hop music and culture and continues to be published.

"Having worked at The Source for the past 15 years, I am pleased to assume the position of CEO and restore the magazine to its rightful position as the preeminent hip-hop magazine," says Miller. "I am confident with new leadership, along with valued members of the current editorial department and staff that we will wholeheartedly bring our collective expertise, journalistic talent and passion for hip-hop to the table to execute and distribute an exceptional hip-hop 'bible' for the readers."

David Mays, previous CEO and Ray "Benzino" Scott, former president of The Source magazine were terminated by The Board of Directors of Source Enterprises, Inc. At this point, they are fully cooperating with the board's transition .

The Source magazine is the preeminent hip-hop music monthly magazine dedicated to hip-hop music, culture and politics.

For More Information, Contact: Renee E. Warren, 646.344.2630 -- cell
Danielle Grassi, 646.424.9750 -- office
Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc.

Source: The Source magazine

CONTACT: Renee E. Warren, cell: +1-646-344-2630, or Danielle Grassi,
office: +1-646-424-9750, both of Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc. for The Source

BigFa Releases Diss CD Aimed at Rap Industry

Chicago hip-hop artists have gotten a bad rap and Faheem Shabazz, president of the Chi-Rock nation who goes by BigFa, wants to prove the claims wrong.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 20, 2006 -- Chicago hip-hop artists have gotten a bad rap and Faheem Shabazz, president of the Chi-Rock nation who goes by BigFa, wants to prove the claims wrong.

Shabazz auditioned 50 local groups, picked the 12 best and released a 19-cut CD that's aimed at establishing Chicago as a real contender in the rap game.

The CD, called, CRU: Chicago vs. the Industry, is the first of a three-volume set to be released over 2006.

Faheem says, "Kanye and Common are cool but they don't embody Chicago street music. This is a gangsta city with something to say to the industry."

Faheem has been a part of the "Chi-Roc Hip Hop Nation" since he and some of his friends formed the organization in 1985 on the far south side of Chicago ( Twenty years later, at age 37 he serves as the group's president. Ironically, he just won a trademark dispute between Carl Mitchell, the Atlantic recording artist known as "Twista" over who has the use of the "Chi-Rock" name.

One of his inspirations for the CD, BigFa admits, came when the hip hop artist 50 Cent emerged "This cat dissed Ja Rule for singing and he's singing harder than him, but he ain't the only Hollywood gangsta that's mentioned on the CD. There are several on the menu."

"Chicago has been played bogus for years by the music industry and rap pioneers and magazines have even been bold enough to say that Chicago has no real talent," BigFa says. "I am promoting the underground rappers from Chicago that are talented but overlooked by the industry. We finished the CD in 12 hours and some of our material is better than the crap you hear on the radio that took those stars weeks to do."

One of the featured artists on CRU which stands for Chicago Rappers United, is H20.

BigFa uses his praise of H20 to take on the Hollywood rappers: "My man "H20" the freestyle king, headlines the assault on these Hollywood puppets. I want to warn you though, this ain't for the soft at heart. This is real gangsta and there is a parental advisory sticker that should be heeded. Clap back if you want to but keep it on wax."

The CD is available through, E-Music, CDBaby, Apple iTunes, Napster and various other online music sources, BigFa says.

A federal trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, was filed by Faheem under United States Trademark Serial Application No. 78/751,401 for the mark CHI-ROCK.


Faheem Shabazz (BigFa)
Chi-Roc Entertainment

Foo Fighters, Weezer DJ C-Minus Joins Slamdance Film Festival 2006 Closing Night Festivities, 1/27

Master turntablist C-Minus, just off his national tour with the Foo Fighters and Weezer, will perform for one night only as part of the closing festivities for the Slamdance Film Festival 2006.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January, 20, 2006 -- Master turntablist C-Minus, just off his national tour with the Foo Fighters and Weezer, will perform for one night only as part of the closing festivities for the Slamdance Film Festival 2006. Chosen for the occasion for his incredible skills on the decks as well as his fierce independent spirit and eclectic musical tastes blending hip-hop and rock, C-Minus will provide the perfect soundtrack for the final evening of this years week-long celebration of independent filmmaking.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Slamdance Lounge
608 Main Street
Park City, UT

About C-Minus
When C-Minus begins spinning records you can tell. From the time the needle touches the first cut, anyone within earshot enters a world of hard rock in tune with underground hip-hop. His selection of songs range from Korn to Atmosphere, from the Foo Fighters to Jay-Z. When he drops a track from Radiohead into an Outkast single it not only sounds like it works, it sounds like that was the way the music was meant to be. Best of all, not only does he play the music, C-Minus lives the life. He has made music with Queens of the Stone Age, Korn and Johnny Cash. He has toured the country and the world with Korn, P.O.D., and Queens of the Stone Age, and performed on stage with Metallica, Kid Rock and Blink 182. In six years of extensive touring, over ten million fans have heard C-Minus unique breed of mixing. C-Minus two extremely popular Los Angeles radio shows, Friday Night Flavas and the groundbreaking The Lab on Power 106 (LAs #1 English-speaking radio station) plays for millions of people each week. Friday Night Flavas caters to an underground hip hop audience, while The Lab pairs rock with hip-hop. Most recently, C-Minus opened all the North American tour dates for the Foo Fighters and Weezer. For more information on C-Minus, including booking info, visit:

About Slamdance
Started in 1995 by a group of upstart filmmakers, the Slamdance Film Festival is a year-round organization dedicated to emerging artists and their vision. Slamdance has established a unique reputation for premiering independent films by first-time directors with limited budgets. At the same time, the Festival has stayed true to its roots by being organized and programmed by active filmmakers. Slamdance films have been picked up for distribution, invited to festivals around the world, won Independent Spirit Awards, the Palme d'Or and an Academy Award, among many other accolades. Slamdance Film Festival alumni include "Memento" director Christopher Nolan (festival award winner "Following"), the Emmy Award winning Russo Brothers ("Pieces"), and "Monster's Ball" director Marc Forster (festival audience award winner "Loungers"). The 2005 Slamdance opening night film, "Mad Hot Ballroom," was acquired by Paramount Classics. Festival dates are January 19-27, 2006, headquartered in Park City and Salt Lake City. For more information, visit:

William Lessard
PRwithBrains for C-Minus
Tel: (914) 476-6089

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Podgy Figures

"Creeping up the Channel U chart, Podgy is going to have the authorities and the streets watching his rise." (Touch Magazine)

Not one to wait around for the cutthroat music industry to give him a break Podgy Figures made his own opportunities and forged his way into the scene. In a recent interview with Write On Point Magazine Podgy explained his Do It Yourself ethos; "I gave my big break to myself, I set up a radio station (91.5 - Podgy FM) I put out my own mix tapes, spent time in the studio."

First You MC (Now You Rappin) is the new single from the Podgy Figures set for release in late March 2006 on Most Valuable Productions. The single, taken from Podgys album Hood Gazette, shares Podgys contentions with the hip hop game. He questions why so many British rappers feel the need to change what they do to please other people or because their sound isnt popular, a view that many artists and fans echo but few express in public. "If youre a rapper stay rappin," explains Podgy. "If youre a garage mc stay MC'in! You can't do it right anyway!! Its like P. Diddy doing opera. Im doin hip hop straight."

2006 looks set to be another hectic year for the west London based MC. Podgy FM is going from strength to strength as is Podgys music. Fans can expect more singles, new videos, exclusive live sets and the mixtape Love is Love in coming months.

For more information, please contact Fire Media UK:
Angharad Williams : 07946 035 789

Nelly Dominates The Charts With His Newest #1 Smash Hit 'Grillz' Featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp

'Grillz' Is The Rap Icon's Fourth #1 Single On Billboard's 'Hot 100' Chart

NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Records' multi-talented, multi-platinum superstar Nelly can add yet another milestone to his phenomenal career stats, as he becomes one of music's most consistent, multi-format #1 hit-slingers. The St. Louis-based rap icon lands his fourth #1 single on Billboard's "Hot 100 Singles" chart with his smash hit "Grillz," featuring Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp. His previous "Hot 100" #1 hits include "Hot In Herre" and "Dilemma" in 2002, and 2003's "Shake Ya Tailfeather."

"Grillz," a catchy song that showcases the growingly popular street trend of putting removable custom-fitted jewelry (mostly diamonds and platinum) on the teeth, was initially geared and promoted as a "street" single. However, the song and video have continued to gain momentum exceeding initial expectations. "Grillz" currently dominates all radio formats, claiming the #1 spot on the rap, urban mainstream and crossover radio airplay charts. It has remained the #1 song on the Rap chart for 5 weeks in a row, while maintaining the #1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts for 3 weeks consecutively; making "Grillz" 2006's first multi-format #1 hit song. And due to the song's increasing popularity, the label recently shipped the record to the Top 40 format where it's expected to become Nelly's 12th Top 10 hit.

The "Grillz" video is currently the #1 video on MTV and also ranks in the Top 5 on the network's live daily countdown show, TRL. The Fat Cats-directed clip has been the #1 video on BET for the past two weeks, while consistently ranking in the Top 5 on the channel's signature show 106 & Park throughout December and January. The song is also exploding at iTunes, Yahoo and AOL and is quickly becoming a top-selling 2006 digital download. And as of January 24th, two versions of "Grillz" will be available as ringtones at all telecom carriers.

"Grillz" is a new song from SWEATSUIT, a CD compilation that combines Nelly's 2004, ground-breaking, simultaneously-released albums Sweat and Suit. The 3x Grammy winner has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide and has established himself as one of the world's most successful artist/entrepreneur/actors. His self-launched imprint with Universal Records, Derrty Ent. is gearing up for Ali & Gipp's Kinfolk collaboration and Murphy Lee's sophomore album.

Source: Universal Records

CONTACT: Wendy Washington, +1-212-373-0702,,
of Universal Records

Web site:

Music Unlimited Stirs Hip Hop Underground

NEW YORK January 19, 2006 Virtual newcomer, Music Unlimited Records, is set to release its highly anticipated debut album on March 28th in the form of a smoking Hip Hop compilation entitled The Coming.

The Coming is a return to the music of the street reporter; the grinding artist that still lives check to check. The first single, Where My Mic At, is a clever display of wordplay with a hypnotizing beat. Get used to the fact that this album will keep necks snapping.

The album is a call to arms. A.V Hodge, Founder/CEO of Music Unlimited, has put together the compilation of unsigned artists that are a breath of fresh air to a stale music scene. And, the results are remarkable.

Artists such as G2, on Where My Mic At, rattle off lyrics like word assassins putting in work. The tracks on The Coming link together to create a strong project. The album is a rough yet smooth blend like a quality vodka.

A.V Hodge and Music Unlimited took their time developing this album years to be exact. It was a necessary slow burn. They found underground artists before they could be jaded by money and fame, and put out their raw and uncut material. This is Hip Hop before A&Rs, stylists, and PR executives get involved. This is Hip Hop at it's best.


Double-platinum rap trio The Invisible People recently announced the world premier of their self-produced EP (Expect the Unexpected) and video "Premeditated Murder: Meditated Upon". Three brothers, originally from the Fiji Islands, are I Be M, Skitzofrenic, and Mr. Sandmantis. Their Indian decent and multi-cultural influences sweat like spices from their hard-hitting hip hop symphonies. The Invisible People dont just produce and write. They compose, using a sophisticated arrangement of sounds, samples, and live players reminiscent of rock legends that dared to tread beyond the norm. The Invisible People style pays respect to a rich history of music and musicians be it blues, jazz, classical, hip hop, rock or Indian. They love music and it shows in their distinct sound. They are not afraid to experiment, to express, or to go into uncharted territory. In fact, they insist on it and L.A.s independent Hip Hop label and media powerhouse Indus Street Entertainment is quick to oblige. The result is a group that is rooted in hard-core Hip Hop, yet has broken barriers. The Invisible People Rock in every sense of the word.

The video for "Premeditated Murder: Meditated Upon", which may be viewed on, is an ideal example of The Invisible People style. In fact, it is a signature aspect of The Invisible Peoples inner psyche. It is a confession. The scenes depict the brothers engaging in what appears to be innocent activities (cleaning a classic Rolls Royce, smoking a cigarette, performing a healing treatment), though there is obvious tension in the plot. Like Godfather I the movie, the brothers are a first generation family in America where its not business as usual. In fact, all three brothers with their long, braided, jet-black hair look dont even look like the usual suspects. They duel with struggles of light and dark in ways and means customary in the old country. Overt references of battle, enemies, sacrifice, and death run cold through Skitzofrenics verses. All the while, I Be M, who actually holds an M.S. degree in Oriental Medicine, operates on a complacent and unsuspecting patient. This is the clue that there is something more than what is seemingly present on the surface. Theres hope. Theres a surreal sense that light persists even in the midst of absolute darkness. Dare I say, light exists because of absolute darkness.

Do the scenes in the video ultimately infer murder, i.e. Premeditated Murder like the song title suggests? Or is the subject being released in a ritualistic manner by way of shamanic exorcism? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the details. In pursuit of the very answer to these questions we are privy to the Invisible in The Invisible People. What we find is a subtle proclamation, an acceptance, of something hidden and sacred, something tangible to our psyche, yet Invisible to the world. Yes, the video is dark. But somehow the brothers find redemption in what appears to be signs of life and light. An image of a Crow, a Phoenix-like metaphor, rises out of flames and is a symbol of death and resurrection, a spirit being released. Fire is sacred and is present in every South Asian ceremony. It is a symbol of purification. The scenes take an eerie turn becoming all the more haunting while juxtaposed to a soft and feminine voice singing "churaliya hay tumne jo dil ko, nazar nahi churana sanam" (youve stolen my heart, dont steal my sight (perception of truth) my beloved". This is the final log in the funeral pyre if you will. The job is done. The crow takes to the sky.

William Faulkner once said that the past is never dead, its not even past". The Invisible People know this well. They knowingly toy with the idea. There is only life after life. The video features handpicked props and sets that set the stage for the past to come alive. Everything from the early 1900s style architecture of the featured home, a classic Rolls Royce (The vehicle registration still reads Harrahs No. 8 and is a car that was reserved for the legendary Rat Pack in Las Vegas by Harrahs Hotel & Casino), ruins of the Humming Bird temples of Tzin, Tzun, Tzan, and the ancient healing art of acupuncture are indicative of and an homage to the old. According to Mr. Sandmantis, who Minored in Anthropology at California State University Northridge, and who makes pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the world regularly, "the past isnt just relevant to usits alive. So as long as we have a connection to and a memory of our living past we have a backbone to stand on". Oh yes, you do hear the passion of Public Enemies "It Takes A Nation of Millions" loud and clear from The Invisible People. Bravo.

The song, "Premeditated Murder: Meditated Upon" is an example of what Bruce Lee referred to as Broken Rhythm. Although the song has a distinct pattern, it lacks traditional organization in a sense of a single catchy hook repeated over and over again. Somehow the risqu maneuver works. Its meant to be listened to, to draw you in. If the lyrics dont get you, the deep Led Zep-ish groove in "When the Levy Breaks" will. Like many Classic Rock recordings, The Invisible People chose to allow the track to evolve naturally, to let its composition reflect the journey it was meant to take a listener on, instead of forcing it to fit tightly into a predictable air-play model. With freedom at hand Skitzofrenic cut his calibrated rhymes in one take. I Be M and Mr. Sandmantis recite animal fighting styles that touch upon their psycho-spiritual persona. The song also features a funky scratch solo by the incredible DJ Spin-vincible. The song and the video reflect each others complexity and finesse. At last, the stakes are raised. A cult classic is born. All hail to independent labels that innovate and compel with their hard fought independence.

Huey P. Newton - 'Spirit of the Panther' Book.

In the 1960's, at a time when Americans were recalibrating their
morals, when what was acceptable treatment of women and blacks was being
completely revisited and the nation's core values were being challenged,
perhaps no group was a better advocate of radical change than the Black

Founded in Oakland by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and David Hilliard
exactly four decades ago, the Panthers grew from a grassroots students
movement to America's most recognized and feared political party,
propelling Huey's name to a level only matched by Malcolm X before him and
Nelson Mandela after.

No stranger to controversy, Huey and the Black Panthers even took the
African-American freedom struggle to an international stage after a 1971
visit to meet Chairman Mao in China. Huey made further global headlines
alongside arch US rivals Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in 1973, when
Huey fled to Cuba to avoid being jailed in the States for a wrongful
murder accusation (as did Huey colleague Assata Shakur in 1979).

Known to youth today as the aunt of best-selling rap musician of all
time Tupac Amaru Shakur, Assata remains in Cuba under US exile while her
brother, Tupac's father Dr. Mutulu Shakur, is entering the 19th year of
his imprisonment for activities in support of the Black Panther Party,
making Huey an immediate bridge between the civil rights and hip-hop

Huey's 'Spirit of the Panther' is the first authorized biography on the
life, legacy, and intellectual history of Black Panther leader Huey P.
Newton, written by former Panther Chief of Staff David Hilliard with a
foreward from Huey's widow Fredrika Newton.

As Chief of Staff of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence, Hilliard
was actively involved in every major activity of the best-recognized
and most feared international organization of the 1960s and '70s. First
as childhood classmates, later as young adult comrades, and now as
Executive Director of his foundation, Hilliard maintains a close association
with Newton even in the fields of film (Spike Lee's "Huey P. Newton
Story" starring Roger Guenveur Smith), clothing (the Huey Foundation's
"Spirit of 66" imprint) and hip-hop (Hilliard's Black Panther Records and
Panther Fugitives youth rap group).

"Malcolm X talked about the right to defend ourselves by any means
necessary, and we're going to create the personification of his dreams,"
said Huey in a 1966 conversation with David Hilliard. "A Panther never
attacks unless an aggressor attacks him first or completely backs him
into a corner - what better name for our new movement than the Black
Panther Party for Self Defence."

"Huey - Spirit of the Panther" is out now on Avalon Publishing. And be
sure to check out David Hilliard's radio PSA with Deejay Ra,
commemorating their 3rd annual 'Black Panther History' Month.

For more about Huey P. Newton or David Hilliard visit their and web sites.

94.9 CHRW

Emmis Announces HD2 Formats for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Indianapolis Markets

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The next generation of radio was unveiled today as Emmis Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:EMMS) announced its first wave of High Definition Digital second channels in its New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Indianapolis markets. Emmis will roll out these multicast channels in the coming months.

"Today's announcement furthers our goal of giving listeners new, free, fresh format choices on the airwaves," Emmis Chairman & CEO Jeff Smulyan said. "We are marrying diverse, creative content with a high-quality digital listening experience."

In New York, WQHT-FM, Hot 97, will be broadcasting "Old School Hip Hop" on its second signal; WRKS-FM, Kiss FM, will be airing Gospel; and WQCD-FM, CD 101.9, will be airing "Chill"(also known as ambient or lounge music, Chill has roots in pop, world music, smooth jazz, and electronica; artists include Zero 7, Moby, and Groove Armada).

In Los Angeles, KPWR-FM, Power 106, will broadcast "Power Dos" (a bilingual and musically extended version of Power 106) while KZLA-FM will air Adult Alternative.

In Chicago, WKQX-FM, Q101, will air "Punk/Young Alternative" while WLUP- FM, The Loop, will air "Loop Loud" (extreme hard rock).

In Indianapolis listeners of high-definition radio will enjoy Dance music on WNOU-FM, Radio Now; Disco on WYXB-FM, B 105.7; and Americana (a country format with more roots and less mainstream country) on WLHK-FM, Hank FM.

On-air dates will be spread throughout 2006, with WQHT's Old School Hip Hop on the air already. Los Angeles' Power 106 and KZLA should be up with their second signals by the middle of February 2006.

The HD Digital Radio Alliance, of which Emmis is a member, is a strategic alliance designed to accelerate the rollout of HD Digital Radio. HD Digital Radio eliminates the static, hiss and fades associated with analog signals. The wireless data feature enables text information on songs to be broadcast directly to receiver display screens. HD Digital Radio will initially be commercial-free, and no subscription is required. HD Digital Radio receivers are available now at various in-store and on-line retailers.

Emmis Communications - Great Media, Great People, Great Service(R)

Emmis is an Indianapolis-based diversified media firm with radio broadcasting, television broadcasting and magazine publishing operations. Emmis owns 23 FM and 2 AM domestic radio stations serving the nation's largest markets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago as well as Phoenix, St. Louis, Austin, Indianapolis and Terre Haute, IN. In May 2005, Emmis announced its intent to seek strategic alternatives for its 16 television stations, and the Company has sold or announced signed definitive agreements to sell 13 of them. In September the Company announced it had signed an agreement to sell St. Louis radio station WRDA-FM. Emmis owns a radio network, international radio stations, regional and specialty magazines and ancillary businesses in broadcast sales and book publishing.

Source: Emmis Communications

CONTACT: Kate Snedeker, Media & Investor Relations of Emmis
Communications, +1-317-266-0100

Web site:

New HD2 Multicast Programming is Imminent

HD Digital Radio Alliance Names First 28 Markets for New HD2 Programming Rollouts; More Than 250 New Channels Created So Far

Alliance Members Readying Individual Launches; Expect Broadcasts to Begin Within Next Few Days

Visit for links to Online Retailers Selling HD Radios

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The HD Digital Radio Alliance, a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the rollout of HD digital radio, today announced the initial 28 markets that will begin broadcasting HD2 multicast programming under the Alliance's format-selection program. Alliance members are readying individual HD2 channel launches in each market, and the first are expected within a few days.

(Logo: )

"We're moving very rapidly to improve consumers' radio listening experience," confirmed Peter Ferrara, President and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance. "Listeners will now have even more local choices of new and diverse programming. I think a lot of people are going to want an HD Radio for their car, home and office."

The rollouts mark the first wide-scale launch of HD2 multicast channels in the country, with each market airing new and unique content. The Alliance's approach also dramatically increases the diversity of radio programming in every radio market. Through the selection process, each market is guaranteed its own mix of new programming.

Collectively, some 264 entirely new HD2 channels will carry a variety of music or talk formats.

Member broadcasters are responsible for programming each of their multicast channels and all HD2 formats are initially commercial-free. In addition, all current analog radio signals will also be available as HD digital radio broadcasts (on HD1 channels). No subscription is required to hear HD digital radio broadcasts.

Some of the totally new formats to be introduced in the first wave include: Viva La Voce (opera), Classical Alternative, Traditional Jazz & Blues, Coffee House, Female Talk, Future Country, Extreme Hip Hop and in-depth news.

Also of note is the wide variety of new rock formats being developed under the initiative. A sampling of some of the rock formats that will be appearing in some of the markets: includes Deep Cuts Classic Rock, Live Rock, New Alternative, Fusion Hispanic-Anglo Rock, Chick Rock, Indie & New Rock. Details and descriptions of these and other formats will come directly from the Alliance members.

The first 28 markets are:

Rank Location
1 New York, NY
2 Los Angeles, CA
3 Chicago, IL
4 San Francisco, CA
5 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
6 Philadelphia, PA
7 Houston, TX
8 Washington, DC
9 Boston, MA
10 Detroit, MI
11 Atlanta, GA
12 Miami, FL
14 Seattle, WA
20 Baltimore, MD
24 Portland, OR
27 Cincinnati, OH
33 San Jose, CA
41 Indianapolis, IN
41 Indianapolis, IN
48 Memphis, TN
50 Hartford, CT
57 Birmingham, AL
58 Dayton, OH
60 McAllen, TX
64 Tulsa, OK
70 Albuquerque, NM
76 El Paso, TX
80 Springfield, MA
94 Wichita, KS

* HD Digital Radio Receivers Now Available

HD digital radio receivers are currently available from ABC Warehouse, Audio Adviser, Bjorn's, Boston Acoustics, Car Toys, Crutchfield, Great Indoors (a unit of Sears Roebuck & Co.), Harvey's, J & R Music, Listen Up, Magnolia Audio Video, One Call, Ovation AV, Radiosophy and Tweeter. Links to online retailers selling HD digital radios are at

HD digital radio receivers are currently manufactured by more than 15 companies, including Audio Design Associates, Kenwood, Alpine, Panasonic, Boston Acoustics, Polk, Day Sequerra, Radiosophy, Delphi, Rotel, DICE, Sanyo, Eclipse (Fujitsu), Yamaha, JVC and Visteon.

About the HD Digital Radio Alliance

The HD Digital Radio Alliance is a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the successful rollout of HD digital radio. Current members include major radio groups and independent station owners: ABC Radio (in Los Angeles and Minneapolis), Beasley Broadcast Group, Bonneville International, CBS Radio, Citadel Broadcasting, Clear Channel Radio, Cumulus, Emmis Communications, Entercom, Greater Media, and Susquehanna and independent owner Jerry Lee with WBEB Philadelphia. For more information on HD digital radio, visit

Source: HD Digital Radio Alliance

CONTACT: Kim Holt,, or Michele Clarke,, both of Brainerd Communicators, Inc. for the HD Digital
Radio Alliance, +1-212-986-6667

Web site:

VH1 Powers Up Its Programming Department With Additions and Expansions

Jim Ackerman Promoted to Senior Vice President, Development and Production; Maggie Malina Joins As Senior Vice President, VH1 Films and Scripted Series; Jeff Olde Joins As Senior Vice President, Production & Programming

Brad Abramson Promoted to Vice President, Production & Programming; Alex Demyanenko Joins As Vice President, Development; Matt Hanna Promoted to Vice President, Development and Jill Modabber Promoted to Vice President, Series Production

NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- After launching its longest and strongest string of original hit series ever in 2005 including "Hogan Knows Best," "The Surreal Life," "Strange Love," "Celebrity Fit Club," "Breaking Bonaduce" and "My Fair Brady," VH1 has promoted a number of executives in both the east and west coast offices of its programming department and added some key executives to help the network achieve its aggressive programming goals for 2006. VH1's Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production Michael Hirschorn made the announcement.

Jim Ackerman was promoted to Senior Vice President, Development and Production; Maggie Malina joins as Senior Vice President, VH1 Films and Scripted Series; Jeff Olde is named Senior Vice President, President, Production & Programming; Brad Abramson moves up to Vice President, Production & Programming, Alex Demyanenko joins as Vice President, Development; Matt Hanna is promoted to Vice President, Development and Jill Modabber moves up to Vice President, Series Production.

"This team has achieved an astonishing amount of success, delivering high quality original hit series that have yielded record numbers of viewers at VH1 while sharpening and expanding our unique point of view," said Hirschorn. "Their new responsibilities as well as the additions to our team will ensure that VH1 will build on its tremendous momentum and launch even more hit programs that resonate with our viewers in 2006."

VH1 Senior Vice President of Development and Production Jim Ackerman, based in New York, was most recently Vice President of Development Production and Programming. In his new post, Ackerman will be responsible for overseeing development and production of original series. While at VH1, he has overseen such series as "Best Week Ever," "Celebrity Fit Club," "Remaking" and "Race-o-Rama." Prior to joining VH1, he produced the NBC primetime specials "The Today Show's 40th Anniversary" and "Today at Night" and developed projects for Buena Vista, Telepictures, Fox News and HBO. Ackerman was also Executive Producer on Lifetime's "The Jane Pratt Show" and produced for "Dateline NBC." Ackerman will continue to report into Hirschorn. He earned his bachelor's degree in communications from Boston University.

Maggie Malina joins VH1 as Senior Vice President, VH1 Films and Scripted Series, based in Santa Monica. She oversees all scripted programming for VH1 including the upcoming series "So Notorious" with Tori Spelling and the movie "Totally Awesome," written and directed by "Chappelle Show" executive producer Neal Brennan. Malina comes to VH1 from MTV where she was most recently Senior Vice President, Original Movies responsible for the MTV television movies franchise which yielded such hits as the boy band spoof "2gether" that went on to become an MTV series; the GLAAD-nominated "Anatomy of a Hate Crime" focusing on Matthew Shepard; and "MTV's Hip Hopera: Carmen," featuring the acting debut of Beyonce Knowles. Prior to MTV, Malina was Vice President, Production for Pacific Western Productions, working with Gale Anne Hurd. Malina earned a bachelor's degree from Brown University.

Jeff Olde joins VH1 as the Senior Vice President, Production & Programming where he will oversee the development and production of all west coast series. Previously an executive consultant at VH1, Olde has overseen the development and production of hit shows such as "Flavor of Love," "Breaking Bonaduce," "My Fair Brady," and "Strange Love." He also oversees production of "The Surreal Life," about to launch its sixth season. Olde is the Peabody Award-winning creator and Executive Producer of MTV's "BIORhythm." Prior to coming to VH1, Olde's TV production company (Olde/Gladstone Productions) had numerous projects with a wide array of clients including MTV, Lifetime and Disney. Before becoming an independent producer in 1997, Olde served as co-Executive Producer of "The Dating Game" for Columbia Tri-Star Television, a project that was born out of his work with Brian Graden's Foxlab development team.

Brad Abramson becomes Vice President of Production & Programming from Executive Producer of Production and Programming for VH1. He oversees all of VH1's documentary and news programming, including the "VH1 News Presents" specials, the series "When __ Ruled the World," and the upcoming "VH1 Rock Docs." In 2005, Abramson developed and was an executive producer of the reality series "Hogan Knows Best" and helmed the critically-acclaimed documentary, "Tracking the Monster: Ashley Judd and India.Arie Confront AIDS in Africa." Before that, Abramson executive produced the award-winning five-hour documentary "And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop," which was co-executive produced by Russell Simmons. Other credits include "VH1 News Presents: AIDS - A Pop Culture History," a winner at the 2004 Banff Television Festival, and the 2003 Prism Award-winning VH1 News documentary "Hooked on Club Drugs." Abramson continues to report to Shelly Tatro, Senior Vice President, Production & Programming.

Before coming to VH1 in 1997, Abramson was a producer for CNN in Atlanta, working on documentaries and various CNN and TBS newsmagazines. He is a graduate of Clark University in Massachusetts and earned a master's degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.

Alex Demyanenko joins VH1 as Vice President, Development based in Santa Monica where he will pursue new concepts for VH1 pilot production. In his previous position as head of development for Rocket Science Laboratories, the company produced three Top 10 rated primetime series, "Temptation Island," "Joe Millionaire" and "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance." Also during his tenure, Rocket Science produced close to 150 hours of primetime reality television and created and developed over 100 original show ideas. He is also the producer of Fuqua Films' feature documentary "Bastards of the Party" which was recently purchased by HBO. Demyanenko is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in political science.

Matt Hanna moves up to Vice President, Development from Director, Development. While at VH1, Hanna has developed and continues to oversee two of the channel's most successful series franchises: "Celebrity Fit Club" and "The Fabulous Life." As Vice President, Development he will continue to cultivate new programming ideas and oversee pilots and series production. He reports to Jim Ackerman. Hanna joined VH1 in 1998 as Assignment Editor with VH1 News. In 2000, he was named Director, Music News, followed by a promotion in 2002 to Director, Development. Hanna came to VH1 from SPIN magazine, which he joined in 1990, where he was the Associate Publisher. Hanna is a graduate of The College of the Holy Cross.

Jill Modabber is promoted to Vice President, Series Production at VH1, moving up from Director, Current Programming. In her new role, she is responsible for the VH1 "celebreality" series "Surreal Life," "Flavor of Love" and "My Fair Brady." Modabber previously oversaw production for earlier VH1 seasons of "Surreal Life," "Strange Love," "Motormouth" and "Totally Obsessed." Before being named Director, Current Programming in 2003, Modabber was Director, West Coast Production for VH1, overseeing the "Behind The Music" franchise and episodes of the reality television series "Inside(out)." She reports to Jeff Olde. Prior to joining VH1 in 1999, Modabber was a Post-Production Supervisor/Coordinating Producer for Catalyst Entertainment in Los Angeles. Before that, she was at WGBH in Boston and served as coordinating producer on IMAX films under the "Nova" banner including the Academy Award nominated "Special Effects: Anything Can Happen" and the CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning "Stormchasers." Modabber earned a bachelor's degree in film from the University of California, Berkeley.

VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists and pop culture that matter to them most with series, specials, live events, exclusive online content and public affairs initiatives. VH1 is available in over 87 million households in the U.S. VH1 also has an array of digital services including VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, VH Uno, VH1 Mega Hits and VH1 Country. Connect with VH1 at

VH1 is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom International Inc. MTV Networks also operates and offers joint ventures, licensing agreements and syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.


Contact: Brett Henne/VH1 Maura Wozniak/VH1 Scott Acord/VH1
212/846-6752 212/846-7325 310/752-8075

Source: VH1

CONTACT: Brett Henne, +1-212-846-6752, or Maura Wozniak,
+1-212-846-7325, or Scott Acord, +1-310-752-8075, all of VH1

Web site:

Groove Mobile and The Orchard Sign Worldwide Music Licensing Agreement

Deal Brings Full-Track Music Downloads from 73 Countries Direct to Music Fans' Mobile Phones

ANDOVER, Mass. and NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Groove Mobile, the world's leading mobile music download service, today announced a worldwide licensing deal with the global distributor and marketer of independent music labels, The Orchard. With this deal, Groove Mobile will ensure that music lovers around the world have instant access to full track downloads, direct to their mobile phones, from the entire Orchard catalogue spanning over 22,000 artists from 73 countries.

"Groove Mobile and The Orchard understand that today's mobile music fans want to direct access to a wide variety of independent artists," Greg Scholl, chief executive of The Orchard and managing director of Dimensional Associates, the company that owns The Orchard, eMusic and Dimensional Music Publishing. "With Groove Mobile, The Orchard's artists -- which represent virtually every genre of music -- have a great opportunity to put their music directly in front of new fans and old reach out to old ones."

The lengthy roster of influential musicians and artists on independent labels that The Orchard distributes and markets will be available direct to the mobile phones of music lovers across the globe via the Groove Mobile platform. The Orchard, distributes some of the globe's premier independent labels such as Lookout!, Fierce Panda, Saregama, Shanacie, SST,, Delicious Vinyl, Epsa and hundreds of others, as well as distributing independent releases from such talented artists as Ray Charles, Green Day, Afrika Bambaataa, Ravi Shankar, Black Flag, Public Enemy, John Legend, George Carlin, Coldplay and others.

The new licensing agreement with The Orchard comes as Groove Mobile has rapidly expanded its global footprint of wireless carriers to include Telecom New Zealand and Bell Mobility Canada, in addition to mobile carriers in the US, UK, EU and Asia. Groove Mobile also launched the first mobile music store in the United States, the Sprint Music Store, and powers the award-winning Orange Music Player in the UK. Today, Groove Mobile's innovative features such as dual downloading direct to mobile handsets and PC's and peer-to-peer text messaging of song clips, are setting the standard for mobile music services.

"Groove Mobile and The Orchard share a commitment to bringing artists from around the world direct to the mobile phones of music fans on every corner of the globe," stated Adam Sexton, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management. "Groove Mobile is putting the music first because today's music fans want their music instantly for listening and for sharing."


Groove Mobile is the world's leading provider of full-track mobile music download services. Groove Mobile's turnkey solutions enable mobile operators to offer their customers a compelling music experience directly to their mobile phones. With an end-to-end software solution that fully integrates into each mobile network operator's billing system, Groove Mobile offers the opportunity for carriers to increase their average revenue per customer. Groove Mobile's direct download service is available in 6 countries and provides access to music from EMI, Warner Music International and V2 libraries. On the Internet, Groove Mobile is located at


The Orchard ( is the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, representing thousands of labels spanning 73 countries and every music genre. The Orchard supplies its catalogue of more than 700,000 tracks to all of the leading legal digital music retailers and mobile operators throughout the world. The company is headquartered in New York and London, with operations in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Toronto, Kolkata, Johannesburg, Moscow and Melbourne, and local representatives in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Lausanne, Ramallah and Nairobi.

Source: Groove Mobile

CONTACT: Bennet Ratcliff of Group SJR, +1-310-261-0408,, for Groove Mobile

Web site:

Web site:

The Orchard Launches New Video Distribution Service

The World's No. 1 Distributor and Marketer of Digital Music Leverages Its Marketing Expertise and Global Reach to Enter the Digital Video Marketplace

Initial Retail Partners to Include iTunes, Google, MusicNet, Yahoo!, 3 and MobileStreams

- Content Partners Include Troma Entertainment, ("Toxic Avenger" and "Cannibal the Musical") C3 ("Three Stooges"), Sound Choice (Karaoke) and Acrobat (Music Videos, Classic Sports Footage, Cartoons) -

NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Orchard, the world's leading distributor and marketer of independent music, today announced the launch of a new digital video distribution service. Already the largest distributor of digital music in the world, The Orchard brings to the digital video marketplace its industry leadership in marketing and distributing digital content, and its global network of offices and affiliates operating in every global music territory to source video content and in turn, sell The Orchard's offering into local products and services.

The Orchard, founded in 1997, was the pioneering distributor of digital music. Presently, the company represents more than 700,000 songs in its growing catalogue, and distributes this music to more than 125 digital music stores and to over 200 mobile phone carriers globally.

"While the digital video marketplace is still in its infancy, the future for video looks even more promising than the digital music market looked five years ago," said Greg Scholl, chief executive of The Orchard and managing director of Dimensional Associates, the company that owns The Orchard, eMusic and Dimensional Music Publishing. "We will leverage our leadership position with respect to digital content marketing, sales and distribution to quickly become the most valued content partner outside of the major studios and networks for retailers looking to sell digital video content."

In addition to a treasure trove of music videos sourced from the thousands of independent labels which The Orchard represents, The Orchard's additional video content partners at launch include C3 ("Three Stooges" TV episodes), Troma Entertainment, ("The Toxic Avenger" films, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Cannibal the Musical", and a number of other B-Movie classics), the largest and best catalogue of karaoke videos from Sound Choice, and Acrobat's catalogue of new British indie bands, early live jazz videos, classic sports footage and cartoons. Similar to what The Orchard has accomplished in the digital music space, it will aggressively market and merchandise video content wherever it's sold digitally-including new and emerging video stores from iTunes, Google, MusicNet and Yahoo! as well as video-for-mobile-devices including 3 and MobileStreams.

John Cooper, Managing Director of Acrobat Music said, "All video content- not just major studio films and network television shows-is potentially lucrative. Over the past two years, The Orchard has been pivotal in helping Acrobat to establish itself a significant player in the digital market place and breathed new life into my extensive music catalogue, so I am excited that they are developing a presence in the digital video market. Acrobat represents a number of significant film and program libraries and we are confident that The Orchard is poised to dominate the digital video distribution space."

The Orchard will also offer its video clients innovative stand-alone video stores that will offer each company's catalogue of videos to their fanbases.

About The Orchard

The Orchard ( is the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, representing thousands of labels spanning 73 countries and every music genre. The Orchard supplies its catalogue of more than 700,000 tracks to all of the leading legal digital music retailers and mobile operators throughout the world. The company is headquartered in New York and London, with operations in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Toronto, Kolkata, Johannesburg, Moscow and Melbourne, and local representatives in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Lausanne, Ramallah and Nairobi.

About Dimensional Associates, Inc.

Dimensional Associates, Inc. is the New York-based private equity arm of JDS Capital Management, Inc. Its portfolio companies include eMusic, The Orchard and Dimensional Music Publishing.

Media Contacts:
Andy Morris / Justin Kazmark
The Morris + King Company
(212) 561-7465 / (212) 561-7466

Source: The Orchard

CONTACT: Andy Morris, +1-212-561-7465, or
Justin Kazmark, +1-212-561-7466,, both of The
Morris + King Company

web site:

New Web Music Community Gets Fans Remixing; Digimpro to Present Beta Version of at Midem

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 18, 2006--London-based, digital music company Digimpro will launch, an interactive music community where music lovers, remixing fans and producers can meet, share and publish their music creations online at the Midem show. The pre-launch version of will be demonstrated at Midem, on 22 January, 2006 at booth R34.08.

Behind lies Digimpro's interactive music .di format that enables users to create their own mixes and arrangements of new releases, save them and share them with other community members.

Far beyond traditional remix software, .di also allows for real time mixing and improvisation, and has already been used by major artists such as Moby, Erasure, Spooky and Roots Manuva.

The tracks created on can be linked to and streamed across a range of media including eCards, blogs and web pages. The remixed tracks may be also sent directly to mobiles as ringtones.

"Many music fans today want to do more than listen or download music. They want to be part of the creative process and get involved beyond the mere consumption of music," said Rupert Evans, CEO, Digimpro. "Like blogging, photo-sharing or podcasting, online remixing has quickly become popular with the new generation of music fans. This will grow to be an important new way of promoting an artist's work and music catalogue."
Digimpro's .di technology includes a patented 'improvise button', which creates a new unique version of the track. Listeners can also remix manually. The technology is available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

In addition to instant remixing,'s users will be able to download original music tracks and podcasts of select remixes, and share their views and music tastes on a number of discussion forums. Further community features will be announced shortly.

"There has been an explosion in community websites and social media, but nothing focused around interactive music. Sharing music in this form is an incredibly powerful draw to the YourSpins community," added Evans.

Digimpro will demonstrate a pre-launch version of network at Midem during a press conference on Sunday, 22 January, 3pm, booth number: R34.08m located in the 'Espace Riviera' section of the Palais des Festivals.

About Digimpro
Digimpro is a privately held UK Limited company specialising in interactive music software applications. Its technology has been developed over a number of years and is patented in the EPU and the US with a patent pending in Japan. Recent .di releases include Moby's Lift Me Up, Roots Manuva's Too Cold, Erasure's Here I Go Impossible Again and more. For more information, please see

Custard PR
Zuzanna Pasierbinska, +44 (0)20 7494 6595
+44 (0)77 60467191

E-Book Systems Chosen to Create Digital Editions for Xclusive Magazine

Readers Can Now Access Free Download to View Entire Publication in a Dynamic, 3-D Page-Flipping Format

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 18, 2006--E-Book Systems, the leader in Digital Flip(R) online publishing technology, announces today that Xclusive Magazine, The Premiere Source of Entertainment and Urban Events, has adopted its 3-D page-flipping format for its online publication. As the first urban magazine to produce digital issues, Xclusive Magazine can now offer its readers the ability to view enhanced replicas of its printed issues - complete with music, video clips and sound bites from interviews.

With E-Book Systems' Digital Flip technology, readers can go to and automatically download FlipViewer(R) or Mac FlipViewer(R) to read the digital issues of the magazine. In a matter of moments, readers can view the entire magazine just as it appears in the printed version -- with real "flipping" pages.

"We wanted to create digital issues that provided an interactive experience to our readers, rather than just exact copies of the print version," said Enisha Ligon, Editor-in-Chief of Xclusive Magazine. "E-Book Systems' technology allowed us to include 'extras' in the digital issues for our readers, like music, video and interview clips."

"Xclusive Magazine is paving the way for the future of digital publishing," said Seng Beng Ho, president of E-Book Systems. "It is allowing subscribers not only the option to read about the hottest hip hop and R&B artists, but to hear their music and watch interviews of them with the use of streaming audio and Flash. Xclusive Magazine fully understands the technology's potential and is using it to enhance readers' experience with digital issues."

E-Book Systems' Digital Flip technology, used in conjunction with FlipViewer, Mac FlipViewer and FlipViewer(R) Browser Version, turns printed publications into an online, multimedia-enhanced 3-D page-flipping format. The company can convert any PDF, Quark, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Word and HTML files into its patented online page-flipping format. The publications remain online after they are downloaded, which allows readers to click on links on pages and advertisements.

The Digital Flip technology can incorporate a variety of multimedia elements, like MID, WAV and MP3 files, to enhance the publication. E-Book Systems' Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution safeguards content providers' intellectual properties.

Xclusive Magazine joins a growing roster of E-Book Systems' customers, including select Reed Business Information and Cygnus Business Media publications.

For more information, contact E-Book Systems by phone at (408) 625-8000, via email at or online at To learn more information about Xclusive Magazine and to view the online version of the publication, visit

About E-Book Systems
E-Book Systems (, was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring the natural look and feel of the paper-based book into the domain of consumer products, computers and the Internet. E-Book Systems' products make use of its patented Digital Flip(R) technology to deliver multimedia content such as digital photographs, animations, text, audio and music via a 3-D Page-Flipping interface, which appears as a virtual book. These contents could be streamed or delivered online and offline through E-Book Systems' OpenFlip(TM) format. E-Book Systems also offers Digital Rights Management, FlipBook tracking ASP services and Flip Enterprise solutions for publishers and corporations. E-Book Systems, a private corporation, has offices in Santa Clara, Calif., Beijing, China and Singapore. Investors include Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ:CREAF) and SOFTBANK Media & Marketing Corporation, a subsidiary of SOFTBANK Corp (TSE:9984). E-Book Systems' products are distributed worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific Region. For more information, call E-Book Systems at (408) 625-8000 or e-mail at

About Xclusive Magazine
Xclusive Magazine (, The Premiere Source of Entertainment and Urban Events, is a "New Media" company which creatively utilizes the Internet, live events and print mediums to reach adult urban audiences. Xclusive Magazine's mission is to keep our readers informed on the latest in Urban Lifestyle by providing them with access to exciting nightlife and entertainment choices, as well as quality editorial that focuses on trends in music, sports, entertainment and fashion. For more information, call 626-536-1227 or email

Dittoe Public Relations
Lauren Kinzler, 317-202-2280 ext. 10

DIRECTV Announces Line-Up of Cutting-Edge Hosts for New Weekly Music Series, ``CD USA''

On-Air Personalities to Present Top Bands in the Industry, Exclusively on DIRECTV

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 18, 2006--DIRECTV will introduce four television hosts for its new weekly music news and performance show, "CD USA," when it premieres exclusively on DIRECTV channel 101 on Jan. 21.

Up-and-coming talents John Wynn, Becky Baeling, Jonathan Redford and Malikha Mallette will begin their new roles as on-air personalities with the "CD USA" premiere. Each brings music industry expertise and a cutting-edge attitude to the show, which promises to deliver the largest selection of back-to-back performances available on television from a mix of music genres including pop, indie, rock and urban -- all broadcast in standard- and high-definition.

"'CD USA' will showcase today's most popular bands and hottest emerging acts," said David Hill, president, DIRECTV Entertainment. "Each of our four hosts brings a unique perspective from the music industry -- Becky was a recording artist, Jonathan's father was a composer, John is a singer/songwriter, and Malikha, who is our special New York correspondent, has been a radio personality on the city's number one Hip-Hop and R&B station. Together, they are a dynamic team and we are excited to have them on 'CD USA.'"

About the "CD USA" Hosts
John Wynn -- Wynn abandoned aspirations of a career in medicine and decided to pursue a career in music. Since parting ways with his band AGENT SANDS in 2004, Wynn has been focusing his attention on a solo project he describes as "Ben Harper, combined with the atmospheric sound of Portishead and vocal style of Damien Rice," due to be released in the summer of 2006. For him, the best thing about "CD USA" is the sheer volume of live acts in the studio.

Becky Baeling -- Baeling comes to "CD USA" from outside Detroit "Rock City," but not without a few notable detours. She studied at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and along the way, topped the Billboard charts with the dance tracks "Getaway," "If You Love Me," and a cover of Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth."

Jonathan Redford -- Jonathan is no stranger to Hollywood and the music industry. Having grown up in a musical family, Jonathan was lulled to sleep every night by the sounds of his father, a composer, on the family piano. A die-hard classic rock fan and a folk rock singer/songwriter himself, Jonathan also appreciates the songwriting and lyrical dexterity of Eminem and Kanye West. "I love live music, so listening and interacting with the bands on 'CD USA' is going to be fantastic," said Redford.

Malikha Mallette -- Malikha, a native New Yorker, whose name means Queen, has been entertaining listeners on NYC's Power 105.1 FM radio station since 2003. During her career, she has worked in television, hosting everything from community and public affairs programs to entertainment and lifestyle shows. She admits nothing has been as exciting as her newest adventure aboard "CD USA."

About "CD USA"
"CD USA" will feature up to seven live performances from the "CD USA" stages including top-selling artists and breakthrough acts such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Ashlee Simpson, Fort Minor, Natasha Bedingfield, Dem Franchise Boyz with Jermaine Dupri, Ray J, Yellowcard, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lifehouse, Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, Daniel Powter and many, many more. In addition to live performances, "CD USA" will offer the latest news on album releases, exclusive interviews, gossip, behind-the-scenes reports, and a private peek inside the world of music.

"CD USA" will air every Saturday at 6 p.m. ET on channel 101 in standard- and high-definition. Customers subscribing to any DIRECTV TOTAL CHOICE(R) or SELECCION programming package will have access to "CD USA" at no additional cost.

About DIRECTV, Inc.
DIRECTV, Inc. is the nation's leading digital multichannel television service provider with more than 15 million customers. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are registered trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV (NYSE:DTV) is a world-leading provider of digital multichannel television entertainment services. DIRECTV is approximately 34 percent owned by News Corporation.

Jade Ekstedt, 310-964-3429

Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace Kick Off stripped(TM) in '06

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clear Channel Communications Inc. (NYSE:CCU):
-- Rapper and his proteges perform tracks from their latest CD

WHAT: Rap sensation Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace showcase
their talents as the latest artists to join Clear Channel's
stripped(TM) series. Ludacris performs with the entire
Disturbing Tha Peace posse including Field Mob, Shawna,
Shareefa, Lil' Fate, and Bobby Valentino. Their stripped(TM)
performance includes "Pimpin' All Over The World," "Gettin'
Some," "I'll Be Around," "Angel" and "Table Dance," plus a
cover of Ray Charles' "Georgia." This performance is available
exclusively on over 150 Clear Channel Radio station Web sites.

WHEN: Beginning Tuesday, January 17, 2006

WHY: It's the only place to check out Ludacris and Disturbing Tha
Peace getting raw and real when you want it, where you want

WHERE: Check out this live performance plus artist interviews by
logging on to

WHO: Clear Channel Online Music and Radio

Clear Channel Radio, San Antonio
Sanda Coyle, 210-832-3345
Brainerd Communicators
Michelle Radvansky/Scott Cianciulli, 212-986-6667




January 16th 2006
New York, NY- Grammy-Nominated rapper Planet Asia is set to release his tenth studio album titled The Sickness Part One on January 31st 2006 on Copter Records. The album is the first of a three-part trilogy. The Sickness part 1 features productions credits by Haj, Khalil, Jake One, and Amp Live. Feature guest appearances Rasco and various artists. Asias first single "Gold Chain General" features Nonstop. On "Gold Chain General", Asia delivers a southern feel with a hint of west coast flavor. The song has a catchy chant that can easily become a club banger.

The Grammy-Nominated rapper is well known throughout the hip-hop community. As one-half of the Cali Agents (with Rasco), he has been tearing up airwaves and stages around the globe. Numerous 12-inch classic gems including "Definition of ILL" (1998) "Place of Birth" (1999), "Pure Coke" (Interscope 2002), and "The Golden Age" (2003) have ensured his place in hip-hop history. In 2001, The Source Magazine named him First Round Draft Pick and gave him Independent Album of the Year credit for Cali Agents "How The West Was One." Then in 2004 saw, the release of Planet Asias much anticipated and highly acclaimed debut LP "The Grand Opening" securing yet another Independent Album of the Year credit in The Source Magazine.

The Sickness, Part 1 is the 10th album in nine years and he still have the loyalty of his underground hip-hop fans, as well as the new found acceptance of new fans. Look for Planet Asia to surprise his fans and critics in 2006. By the sound of The Sickness Part 1, Asia have elevated to a new musical plateau. Sickness, Part One

For more information, contact Brian Gilmore at the BG Group 212-280-3838 or

Apathy preps debut album, Eastern Philosophy, for March 21st, 2006 release on Babygrande Records

Album bridges gap between his Atlantic Records debut; also hitting the road with Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor

January 17th, 2006
The definition of Eastern Philosophy can be interpreted many ways across the globe, but at its core, the essence of the ancient practice can be translated to mean the eternal search for absolute truth. And even after signing a major label deal with Atlantic Records, to being named one of Urb Magazines Hot 100? artists, to striving to crystallize the mainstream and underground populous, Apathy has spent the better part of his journey as an artist searching for absolute truth? within his music and within himself.

Though the name implies lethargy, Apathys work-ethic has been anything but. Many know him as a founding member of The Demigodz crew (which also includes Styles Of Beyond, Celph Titled and 7L & Esoteric) where he joined the rest of his crew in releasing 2002s critically acclaimed EP, The Godz Must Be Crazy, (the same EP that led to a major-label bidding war for his services). Furthermore, Apathy has paid his dues with a series of 12 releases and has also made guest appearances on LPs from Linkin Parks Mike Shinoda (Fort Minor LP), Sage Francis, Styles Of Beyond, Jedi Mind Tricks, Louis Logic. In addition to having his music appear on the hit TV series CSI: Miami, Ap has also released a series of highly circulated mixtapes; including 2003 Its the Bootleg Muthafuckas! Vol.1 and 2004s ironically entitled Wheres Your Album; which was highlighted by his reworking of Depeche Modes Personal Jesus? and The White Stripes Seven Nation Army? (It Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back?).

Though Apathy is still working on his major-label debut for Atlantic Records, on March 21st, all of his hard work promises to come full-circle, as one of Hip-hops rising stars will finally release the LP that underground Hip-Hop fans have been talking about for years, Eastern Philosophy, via Babygrande Records.

Eastern Philosophy has been a labor of love for Apathy and one he is very anxious to finally birth. I originally came up with the title Eastern Philosophy in 1998. To me, the title had to be something simple and profound, one which reflected east coast life. I've always felt there is something deep about where you were raised. No matter how worldly or well traveled you are your views, your mannerisms and general character is formed in the place you consider home. And the fact that it paints someones life like that is real deep to me.?

Eastern Philosophy exhibits the lyrical swagger and dexterity that fans have come to expect from Apathy; evidenced by the LPs title track, which sets the mood for the rest of the LP and captures Aps eastern mind state. I started off the album with the title track Eastern Philosophy and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. Hard drums, slightly retro east coast 90's boom bap and I talk about the little details people forget about the east.? Another track that deals specifically with those details is the LPs dark lead-single, The Winter, which finds Ap delving into the isolation of the night and praying for snow days alongside Wu-Tang songstress Blue Raspberry (she has added backing vocals to Method Man and Raekwons solo-debuts) who adds her own frigid chorus.

Eastern Philosophy----consider it a guidebook for life on the east coast!!

Apathy will also be heading out on the road with Linkin Parks Mike Shinoda and Little Brother for nine supporting dates on Mike Shinodas Fort Minor tour (if you would like to attend a show in your area, please let me know):

Apathys Fort Minor Tour Dates:

1-28-06- Minneapolis, MN
1-29-06- Chicago, IL
1-31-06- Pontiac, MI
2-1-06- Toronto, ON
2-3-06- Boston, MA
2-4-06- Providence, RI
2-6-06- NY, NY
2-9-06- Atlanta, GA
2-10-06- Washington, DC

# # #

To obtain a press copy of Apathy's Eastern Philosophy for review or interview purposes, please contact:
Matt Conaway@ Movement Marketing
Business #: 410-360-5957
Cell#: 410-903-7568
Alt E-Mail:
AOL IM: Matthewbrn

More information on Apathy and his forthcoming album is available at:


What is Pimpin? 1) A profession 2) A mentality 3) A
lifestyle; Who is a Pimp? 1) Our government 2) Todays
successful Hip Hoppers 3) The stereotyped Fillmore
Slim(s), Bishop Don Magic Juan(s) and many, many others.

In our society today, although used out of their
original context, the words Pimp? and Pimpin? have
been embraced whole-heartedly by todays Hip Hop
generation, moreover, frequently used in terminology to
describe the motif of a newly set standard of
flamboyant living.

In this debut release, Donald Ray Lavan [akaNoble Dee]
describes, in very blaxploitation details, what the
Game (Pimpin) was like for him in his era. In his
tell all nonfiction, not only does he exploits his
successes, he also reveals the very grim details; both
in tones whereas you the reader bask in his glory, and
shares his pains of, possibly, his only regret of the
life that he cherished for almost four calendar
decades; expressing the possibility of how his own
glorification of the Game enabled his first born
daughter to be allured by the Game, and placed in
position to be manipulated and exploited by Pimps, just
as he had manipulated and exploited so many daughters
throughout 35 years plus career.

Not since Robert Beck [akaIceberg Slim] revealed to
the masses the vivid street REALITIES of a Pimps life
in his book Pimp: The Story of My Life, By Iceberg
Slim has the entrenching truth behind the
lifestyletermed Pimpin been exposed to this degree.
Thus, the primary title PIMP: THE 2ND COMING

THE 2ND COMING PUBLISHING (T2C) is a newly established
independent publishing company; launched in efforts to
self-publish Mr. Lavans debut nonfiction, and is proud
to announce the release of our first published project
(book)Volume 1 entitled PIMP: THE 2ND COMING
sole mission of T2C is to be The 2nd Coming to the
renowned Holloway House Publishing, providing the
necessary avenues and resources for unfortunate
African-American writers.

Logon to T2Cs Websites for additional information,
purchase book or other products, exclusive photo
gallery, play trivia or live chats with Noble Dee,
International Bleu, Fillmore Slim, Bishop Don Magic
Juan, Snoop Dogg, Devine Brown and many many others.
Also, if you have any personal questions please free to
contact Preston Bluiett at any time.


Contact: Preston Bluiett III
Phone: (916) 670-3960
Office: (209) 531-1041


Who's Your Diddy? Sean 'Diddy' Combs' New Ad Sparks Controversy

Racy or Raunchy?? You Decide If It's Unforgivable

Wednesday, Jan 18th & Thursday, Jan. 19th 2:30pm - 2:45pm ET 10:45am - 11:00am ET (11:30am - 11:45am PT) (7:45am - 8:00am PT)

IA-6; Transponder 17 - C-Band; DL Freq: 4040 V, Audio: 6.2/6.8, Trouble #: 646.336.7977

NEW YORK, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Sean "Diddy" Combs smells of controversy these days as the ads for his newest fragrance "Unforgivable," were rejected by the majority of retailers across the country. Many stores, especially in the conservative Midwest and Bible Belt, refused to display them, deeming them too "hot" and "raunchy". The ad has Combs lying in bed with a white woman and Asian women, giving the impression that they'd just had sex. Estee Lauder, the fragrance's parent company, has responded to the store's concerns by re-shooting a new "store-friendly" ad. The original is still being used in magazines and on billboards.

"People are afraid of what they don't understand."
- Sean "Diddy" Combs

"We believe the ads represent the true spirit of Unforgivable. This fragrance is about a man who lives his life with passion and unapologetically, we respect Sean Combs' creative perspective and support him in his vision. While it's unfortunate that some retailers were so uncomfortable with something with that much sexual presence, we respect their decision to do what is right for them."

- John Demsey, Global President,
Estee Lauder

Sean John Fragrances is a division of Make-Up Art Cosmetics, Inc., which is a subsidiary the Estee Lauder Companies Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. The Company's products are sold in over 130 countries and territories under well-recognized brand names, including Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins, M-A-C, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, La Mer, Donna Karan, Aveda, Stila, Jo Malone, Bumble and bumble, Darphin, Michael Kors, Rodan + Fields, American Beauty, Flirt!, Good Skin(TM), Donald Trump The Fragrance and Grassroots.

B-ROLL: Controversial Ad, "Store Friendly" Ad, Statements by Sean "Diddy" Combs and John Demsey, Behind-the-scenes of the ad photo shoot; beauty shots of fragrance.

Source: MAC

CONTACT: Robin Applebaum of Dogmatic, +1-646-336-7977,, for MAC

Are You The Next Urban Idol? One Last Chance To Find Out!

JANUARY 16, 2005 (ATLANTA, GEORGIA) The Ultimate Urban Idol Reality Show is slated for the taping of its last chance round on January 21 -22, 2006. Those who make it to the final can breathe a little easier knowing they are [that] much closer to bringing their dreams to fruition. If you are a singer with a blissful voice or a rapper with enough lyrical dexterity and potential to step up as the premier MC, the Urban Idol is the place. Well maybe you do not have the pipes for singing in the gritty alto range of todays stars and you are not a rapper. But you have a poetic vibe coupled with street-smart or youre equipped with enough dancing moves to upstage Usher, and then let the Urban Idol become your musical platform.

During the last taping the Host and supermodel/actress Kash Howard (Revlon, Blackmen, XXL, Bet Comic View (R. Kelly - Fiesta, Snoop Dog Lay Low, Outkast Bombs over Bagdad) with her turbo-charged personality played host to the audience packed theatre. And greeting interviewees backstage with her infectious smile was the beautiful Co-Host Trina Braxton (of the famed Braxton Sisters, Meet the Browns, A Stranger In My House, Dream Girls, Vibe, Jet and Sister 2 Sister Magazine).

Past emerging artist performance included: Menyon (MDC Recording Artist), Young Noah (Jive Recording Artist) and City aka "Cookie Man" (Slip-n-Slide/Atlantic Records). Notable acts who made it to the ATLANTAS FINALS Heart To Hustle (HTH), Young Vet, Jugg, Cheeto Gambino, Jason Johnson, Sawed-Off and R&B group sensations Sincere, Kat & Twin Flava (Twin Production) and Kahryn.

Since the inception of Urban Idol each round had been decided by a formidable judging panel which included Jason Rome (Platinum Recording Producer/Engineer Dopler Studios) a Grammy Award winner, Rome has no shortage of accolades. No stranger by any means to the musical world, he produced tracks for several top-selling artists (Ce-Lo, Dru Hill, Backstreet, Kelly Price, Ludacris, Swizz Beats, Patti Labelle, Jagged Edge and Luther Vandross.). His sales chart has exceeded millions of records sold worldwide, Jasper (Multi-Platinum Songwriter/Producer), Uncle Sam (Platinum Recording Artist), Askia Fountain (A&R for Russell Simmons Music Group- RSMG), Liz Donovan (Model/Actress), Mike Trammell (Break Magazine), Ali Early (Grip Magazine), Anthony Trust (Sony Music Group BMG) worked with every platinum artist from Usher to Alicia Keys, R, Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Biggie and Tupac and super-producer Dough Boy (Dough Boy Freezy/GM$ Entertainment), who runs Studio 107 an umbrella enterprise that produces the heat for Lil Kims artist Beehive and one of the producers of the fastest selling underground CD, Crunk Energy Drink Vol 2. None other then the world famous DJ Brad of the thirty-seven men collective, The Legion of Doom ( LOD) provided the music.

Several corporate sponsors who joined on include the shows Title & Official Sponsor Urban Enterprise Magazine, Show Partner Sponsors MDC Records, Dante Marshall Entertainment Group(DMEG), Athletes Foot, Dada Footwear, The Hustle Report Print, Audio and DVD Magazine, Crunk Energy Drink, Rasha Entertainment, 360 Salon, The Talent Store, Soul Empire Entertainment and Spot Lyte Entertainment. National and regional press such as Break Magazine, Word on The Streets Magazine and Grip Magazine all checked in to provide coverage.

Scheduled invited performers for Saturday, January 21-22, 2005 tapings are, Young Capone, ShoNuff s own teen recording artists Da Bizness, Suga Suga, Backwood Boyz, Jack Bona and Tango Redd . After the final round and the curtains close, and a standing ovation is given, the judges will announce to one individual or group, "You Are The Next Urban Idol Finalist".

WHEN: Saturday, January 21, 2006 & Sunday, January 22, 2006

WHERE: North Atlanta Center For The Arts Theatre
2875 Northside Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

TIME: 12:00 NOON & 7:00 PM (2) separate tapings on both days.

"Music is one of the worlds most powerful platforms of expression and those with the talent should be given amble opportunity to express themselves", states Micah White of Urban Enterprise Magazine an official sponsor of "The Urban Idol Show".

"The beloved judges were raised on diets of soulful tracks, bottom heavy beats and nutritionally balanced music. So it is an honor to see artists who have been staying on the unrelenting grind to get their chance to break into the industry", according to Hip-Hop Journalist/Filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz.

About Urban Idol: The Urban Idol Show is a cutting edge Reality TV Show that is a emerging leader in helping unsigned artist gain recognition. The Urban Idol Show seeks to explore the world of Urban music.

For Information: Urban Idol 678.768.2726 or

"B.E.T. Uncut Video Kings": The Rap Group "2 Sense" of the Record Label "No Loot Records" were Rated #1 for the 2005 Season

"B.E.T. Uncut Video Kings" the rap group "2 Sense" of the record label "No Loot Records" were the most requested and rated #1 for the 2005 season on B.E.T. Uncut Videos, with well over 300 video spins upon their music video "Making Money".

Illinois (PRWEB) January 18, 2006 -- "2 Sense" is one of 4 acts signed to "NO LOOT RECORDS;" "2 Sense" artist are Zuce and Lyfstyle.
The other 3 acts are: "Ex-L Eazy," "Ai Scei Babei" (who was a top 32 Finalist from the 2005 American Idol), and "Vicious" of Lake Charles, LA (formally signed to Pimp C of the group UGK).

No Loot Records CEO Big Wayne and Coo, TY are both firm believers in music video production which has paved their way, and paid off though the sales of 1000's of albums, mixtapes as well future streaming video ventures with several major and grass roots online music video networks.

"No Loot Records" has for many years played a key role in major artist development, funding, etc. such as supplying key talent for "Nellys" 1st album release tour and producing tracks for the likes of Trillville, Juvenile, Bizzy Bone, Johnny P, Bushwick Bill.

"2 Sense" A.K.A. (B.E.T. Uncut Video Kings) have traveled to 16 states and 39 cities opening and headlining performances for the likes of Young bloodz,TI, Young Jeezy, Marques Houston, Twista, Juvenile, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Beanie Sigel, The Band, Bizzy Bone, Lil Flip, Lil Wayne, Mystikal, Devin the Dude, D4L, and many more.

"2 Sense" future plans: more mixtapes, albums and of course our main ticket to fame several music videos; the first of such to drop spring break of 2006 titled "Ballas"; Digital video distribution, and a really big distribution deal, we will issue press upon when the paper work is official.

"NO LOOT RECORDS" is an Entertainment company above all which consists of a record Label, video production team, concert promotions, as well as an apparel company.

No Loot Records is open for creative business ideas, joint ventures, product placement, Endorsements and licensing arrangements.




Street Politiks get Reloaded with Grafh

New York rapper, Grafh, joins forces with South London Hip Hop collective, Street Politiks on their song, Reloaded.

(PRWEB) January 17, 2006 -- Following on from the success of their MTV Base chart No.1 with Fast Car, Street Politiks have joined forces for the second time with U.S rapper, Grafh.

The track, entitled Reloaded, is the new single to be taken from their groundbreaking album, A Pound and a Promise.

Grafh, a native of South Jamaica, Queens, NYC, is arguably the best freestyle and battle M.C. on the New York underground scene, and along with his label, Black Hand, is taking the East Coast by storm.
On the other side of the Atlantic, South Londons finest, Street Politiks, who amongst winning numerous awards, are proud owners of a much coveted MOBO, and are firmly cementing themselves as genuine contenders for the throne. With the release of Reloaded they have climbed another step towards the throne!

S.Ps co-CEO, Charms, steps up to the mark delivering a raw, yet technically brilliant performance that contrasts perfectly with Grafhs ultra-fast, silky word play.

This is a true yin and yang of a track in every sense, which is even more relevant in the fact that Reloaded proves there is a niche for U.S/U.K collaborations.

With production coming courtesy of Toonheadz, Reloaded is about to set the Hip Hop world on fire and is due out on March 6th 2005.

Catch the video for Reloaded on MTV Base.


Martin West
Konkrete Productions


Music Producer Stoni Will Showcase Her Beats At The Ultimate Music Trade Show

New York, January 17,2006- Known for smashing beat showcases at large scale music industry events (i.e. Remix Hotel, CMJ Music Festival), Stoni is bringing her action to The Namm Show 2006 in Anaheim, California. During this four-day event, Stoni will entertain spectators with a music showcase on stage using the Roland MV8000 drum machine.
Get up close and personal with Stoni as she represents for New York City.

About Stoni
Stoni attended the "Fame" school for music and arts, moving on to pursue a career in music. After interning at several music studios, Stoni began to build her home studio where she would eventually produce her own music. In 2003, Stoni came on the scene and made her mark as the first female music producer to compete and win at the International Producer's Association Beat Battle Competition, also making her the first female producer to compete and win at any beat battle in New York City's metro area. Since this remarkable triumph, Stoni has presented her music at many showcases and has been featured in The Ave Magazine and Scratch Magazine.

About The Namm Show
On January 19-22 2006, with over 1,000 booth exhibitors on display, executives and musicians in the music industry will gather at the Anaheim Conventional Center to take part in premiere product previews, product panel workshops, networking, and entertainment. The Namm Show is the largest music trade show that is held annually and filled with booths that display all of the latest musical instruments and music production hardware and software.

Stoni's website,
The Namm Show,

Contact/ L'ay (917) 478-4371
WordsForward PR


WHO: Sophist Productions & DJ Big Rich, trailblazers of New York Citys latest party experience trend and producers of three-time MTV Video Award winner and critically acclaimed director Little Xs, star studded birthday bash.

WHAT: Private event, invite only!

Come see the DVJ experience with DJ BIG RICH of Sophist Productions at the state of the art Integrated Studios as he showcases the new DVJ (digital video jockey) technology. A continuous mix of music videos, real-time audio-visual effects processed through digital videography /photography, live broadcasting / interviews and customized graphics / photo montage performed.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 25th @ 7pm 9pm

WHERE: Integrated Studios
449 Washington St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 334-4000

WHY: Scratch Magazine writer calls Big Richs DVJ capabilities Groundbreakinginnovativethe next level in dj-ing.

Acclaimed director Little Xs says, The video dj thing is very cool. The concept is great.

Come experience the pioneers of DVJ technology and see why no other event compares to this ultimate partying experience.

To RSVP for this private event, please contact:

Alyssa Miller
212.999.5585 ext.232

Hanif Sumner
212.999.5585 ext.250


Fantastik 4our Show Cancelled on Power 106 FM, Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Choc, Truly OdD, C-Minus, and J.Rocc have always showed us respect for what we do and have had us up on the show a few times so we wanted to show support for keeping the show on the air, please read.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2006 -- Mr. Choc, Truly OdD, C-Minus, and J.Rocc have always showed us respect for what we do and have had us up on the show a few times so we wanted to show support for keeping the show on the air, please read:

This is a release done from a fan of the show..."For the past 8 years the Fantastik Four Crew, which features DJs Mr. Choc and J. Rocc, C-Minus and Truly OdD, have provided a critical outlet for underground Hip-Hop in Southern California, the nation's second largest market.

According to Fantastik 4our group members, there was no official warning of the cancellation and that listeners will not receive a farewell show.

As the radio market in the US becomes more monopolized it's harder & harder for artists who aren't on major record labels to get exposure on the air waves. Thus, you hear the same 16 songs when you turn on the radio. Friday Night Flavas has filled that void for a decade & provided many artists you see on MTV & BET now their first platform to get their music to listeners.

While Power 106 has not indicated reasons for the cancellation of the weekly three-hour show, industry insiders speculated that the reason for the move is to make room for a more commercial oriented radio show. After its inception, Friday Night Flavas experienced major success and helped Power 106 to open its door to Hip-Hop and to their current slogan "Where Hip-Hop Lives."

If Power 106 is where Hip Hop lives - Then they should embrace the realest Hip Hop they have - Friday Night Flavas."

Click here to save Friday Night Flavas:

If you would like to support the Fantastik 4our please click below to get some of their underground releases on; Fantastik 4our - 4ourty 4our Freestyles MIX, Active Magazine DVD

# # #

Stronghouse Marketing


Latino rap hit-maker Abusivo, will represent Los Angeles in a
performance at ASCAP's Urban Latino Showcase at the Rumba Room. Among
the songs he will perform will be his hit single Cuidala from his new
album De Hotel a Hotel, available on Machete Music.

WHAT: ASCAP Urban Latino Showcase

WHEN: Thursday, January 26, 2006
3:30 pm to 10:00 pm

WHERE: Rumba Room
Upper Level at Universal Citywalk
1000 Universal Studios Blvd. #208
Universal City, CA

WHO: Hosted by Nico Jones of Latino 96.3
Performances by Abusivo, Beibi G, Lil Rob, Locura Terminal, and


Talia RodrĂ­guez-Shakur at the number above

Streetropical Media, LLC
(323) 644-0606


Oakland, California -- (ArriveNet - Jan 16, 2006) -- Spoken Word Artist Omekongo Dibinga, also known as Mr. Culture whose commitment to writing and performing thought-provoking prose through his educational programs, spoken word performances and the poetry that he writes poetry and his collaborations with the Alvin Ailey summer camp series, the Maryland County Correctional Facility (MCCF) and numerous other programs designed to inspire children and adults to embrace poetry, has just released Bootleg a rap cd in partnership with producer, rapper and activist Bomani D Mite Armah. Bootleg is being released on Martin Luther Kings birthday to honor his legacy. While the cd is not a civil rights message, it does capture a rich, youthful sound to its rap selections, and manages to caution listeners about amassing consumer debt, bemoan the current political climate both nationally and internationally and to keep families close without nary a foul word or intimation of keeping in real through drug use and coveted prison sentences. In stead, Omekongos brand of rap music closely mirrors the poetry hes produced over the years by staying true to his own values.

Bottom line is, I create my poetry and music which are born out of my own personal experiences and the experiences of my immediate family and others before them. For me that equates to academic achievement,
perseverance, and self respect, all important messages that resonate with everything Ive ever read about Dr. King Omekongo said. Others have their own ideas about what keeping it real means in the rap music industry and in many cases thats about idealizing failure or the gangsta lifestyle. While I dont judge what others do, I try to stay focused on my creative process and quite frankly, Im overjoyed at the prospect that not only am I creating and expressing myself through my lyrics and music, but that Im sharing them with folks who just might appreciate the messages that inspire them to go the extra mile where managing finances, working hard in school, and staying committed to family are concerned. Omekongo is a living testament to the lyrics he writes and performs and is currently a PhD student at the University of Maryland where he is working on his PhD in International Education Policy.

This cd really does nicely complement the poetry Ive written and the performances Ive delivered worldwide, my hope is that my particular style and content of rap lyrics will be embraced and appreciated so much that other artist will be inspired similarly, Dibinga added. Copies of Bootleg may be purchased directly from Omekongo Dibingas website at

About the poet:
Omekongo Dibinga is an activist, educator, spoken word artist and Founder and CEO of Free Your Mind Publishing in Boston. Omekongo is a first generation Congolese-American who writes and performs poetry in English, French and Swahili and has occasionally used Wolof in his writings. In addition to his new rap CD: Bootleg, he has released two spoken word CDs: A Young Black Mans Anthem: Love, Afrika and Revolution Revisited; and Signs of the Time. Omekongo is the recipient of the 2003 Cambridge Poetry Award for best CD. He has performed extensively throughout the United States and within in numerous African, European, and South American countries. Omekongo has also performed on stage with Amira Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Dennis Brutus and has appeared on television and radio stations broadcast to 30 countries. His first book, From the Limbs of My Poetree was released in November 2004. His second book, an anthology of middle school students entitled: Poems from the Future, Poetic Reflections from the Next Generation, was released in August 2005.

From the Limbs of My Poetree
By Omekongo Dibinga
Free Your Mind Publishing
ISBN: 0-97 60056-0-3
Publication: November 2004

Black Goddess Communications

Music Alive! Magazine Celebrates Black History Month With African-American Stars Past and Present

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In celebration of February as Black History Month, Music Alive!, the educational music magazine and listening program for teenagers, will bring the sounds of exciting African-American music masters into music classrooms across the country.

The February issue includes feature coverage on Pop/R&B trio Destiny's Child; folk legend Odetta; the royal family of jazz, the Marsalis Family; historic gospel performers Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mahalia Jackson, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers; and rock guitar greats Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. A "Who's News" segment showcases emerging composer/violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain, who has written 24 "Hip-Hop Studies and Etudes" and serves as Chair of Music Theory and Composition at the Harlem School for the Arts.

So that students can hear exactly why these musical luminaries have had such great impact, February's accompanying Music Alive! Classroom CD provides recordings by Destiny's Child, Odetta, the Marsalis Family, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Edwin Hawkins Singers, Bob Marley, and Daniel Bernard Roumain.

This month's "Cool Careers" interview is with Warner Music Group Executive VP Kevin Liles, the hip-hop visionary who evolved from unpaid intern to label president of Def Jam Records and has recently articulated his inspiration and street-smarts in Make It Happen: The Hip-Hop Generation Guide to Success.

"The amazing varieties of music we cover all season long would not be the same without the extraordinary contributions from black cultures," says Editor in Chief Caroline Horn. "It's not just the African hand drum or cow bell or gospel choir that you might hear woven into a pop arrangement. We're talking about the actual foundations of rock 'n' roll, the Jamaican-immigrant origins of hip-hop--and let's not forgot the entire musical idioms of blues and jazz! There isn't one genre of pop or world music that hasn't been invented or transformed by talented musicians of color."

Every month during the school year (October through May), Music Alive! provides 30 copies of the colorful Student Magazine, a Teacher's Guide of complete lesson plans keyed to National Standards for music education and literacy reinforcement, and a Classroom CD of relevant recordings. Homeschool subscriptions are also available.

Founded in 1981 by acclaimed record producer Milton Okun, Music Alive! is a not-for-profit initiative published by the Cherry Lane Music Foundation, Inc. The magazine is advertisement-free and always screened for classroom appropriateness.

Editor: Ms. Horn available for interview. Photos available.

Cherry Lane Music Foundation, Inc.
Abigail Tuller, 212-561-3021

Syndicated Columnist Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck Collaborates With Unsigned Music Magazine

Providing quality content for our readers has always been of paramount importance to us

Atlanta, GA -- (ArriveNet - Jan 16, 2006) -- Beginning in February 2006 UNSIGNED Music Magazine ("") will add MuzikMan Reviews by Keith Hannaleck as a new monthly review column. The column will center on reviews of independent artists all across the globe. Keith Hannaleck, owner of ("") provides quality reviews of independent artists, major-label re-issues and publicity/press release announcements.

Providing quality content for our readers has always been of paramount importance to us, said Kenneth Hamlett UNSIGNEDs publisher, Thats one of the reasons why we decided to bring Keiths column on board.

The constantly growing indie music market relies heavily on good quality reviews, commented Ian Cole, artist liaison for UNSIGNED, We are overwhelmed with requests for reviews and we hope by adding more review features we can better service this ever growing market.

UNSIGNED Music Magazine provides full-length interviews, reviews, and commentaries about unsigned and independent artists. The magazine also produces a monthly podcast available on iTunes and co-produces with KCSG Television an independent artists music video show called The Echo, available to 1+ million subscribers in Utah.

Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck has been providing quality content since 1998 and is a member of the Association of Music Writers and Photographers. His website is ("") and his content is currently available on more than 27 websites.


Kenneth Hamlett
UNSIGNED Music Magazine
6980 Roswell Road
Suite 06
Atlanta, GA 30328
Tel: 678-234-5243
Fax: 612-233-7743
Email ("")

PodOmatic Makes Video Podcasting Easy and Free

New Web-based Tools Enable Users to Create Videocasts and Distribute them to any PC, Portable Video Device or TiVo box

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- PodOmatic(TM), the leader in free services enabling anyone to easily to find, create, distribute, promote and listen to podcasts, announced today the addition of video podcasting support to its comprehensive suite of products and services. With just a couple of mouse clicks, anyone can now easily create videocasts and distribute them to any PC, portable video device or TiVo box. The new web-based tools are free to registered users of the PodOmatic network.

PodOmatic's video podcasting support provides an easy and free method for users to create videocasts directly on the company's website, without having to download any software or understand complicated audio/video mixing techniques. All that is required is a PC or Mac, webcam and microphone to create a videocast. PodOmatic syndication wizards enable users to easily place their videocasts in the most popular directories (i.e. Yahoo!, iTunes, etc) and viral marketing tools, for promoting videocasts, are also provided at no cost.

"Our goal at PodOmatic has always been to drop the barrier of entry for people interested in producing podcasts," said Brian Woods, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of PodOmatic, Inc. "With today's announcement, we've enabled just about anyone to participate in this powerful new communications channel for reaching audiences that share similar interests with video content."

Videocasters can now also podMail(TM) their videos directly to any PC, portable video device or TiVo box. Free and available exclusively through PodOmatic, podMail allows users to "email" audio and video messages to anyone, directly into their computer or portable audio and video devices. Users can also receive audio and video "emails" in their podMail account. Patent pending, PodOmatic podMail is just as easy as using regular email and, unlike podcast syndication (RSS), allows for private one-to-one, one-to-many communications.

The leading provider of simple-to-use, web-based podcast and videocast creation and hosting services, PodOmatic is quickly becoming the premiere destination for content producers and consumers, alike. All of PodOmatic's basic podcasting and videocasting services are free to registered users. PodOmatic also offers PodOmatic Plus accounts at $9.99 per month for podcasters and videocasters with successful shows, requiring additional storage and bandwidth. For additional information on PodOmatic, visit To join PodOmatic's growing network of podcasters and begin creating podcasts and videocasts, simply and at no cost, register now at

About PodOmatic, Inc.

PodOmatic, Inc. specializes in the creation of sophisticated tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to podcasts and videocasts. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company's comprehensive suite of free products and services offers powerful communication and connection tools for podcasters and listeners in the emerging content-on-demand media market. For additional information, visit

PodOmatic, podMail and podAmigo are trademarks or registered trademarks of PodOmatic, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks used herein are the properties of their respective owners.

Source: PodOmatic, Inc.

CONTACT: Scot Howard of Blueline PR for PodOmatic, Inc.,

Web site:

Rap Icons Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Release ANGRY SAMOANS 1/31/06

Think of the icons of west coast gangsta rap and hip-hop and the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. are one of the first names to come to mind.

These legendary, hard hitting Samoan rap artists are from Carson, California. They emerged on the hip-hop and rap scene in the era of legendary gangsta rapper Ice Cube and have been cutting tracks since 1988. The Compton influence is still present in their music and their swagger. Its likely these are physically the biggest and heaviest rappers ever, and their music is equally heavy!

Along with the great albums and collaborations they have done over the years and their affiliation to the Mob Piru Bloods, the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. has built a huge and faithful worldwide fan base, and they have toured the world from Europe to Japan and New Zealand.

On January 31, 2006 The Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. will release in the US ANGRY SAMOANS. Mix the lyrics and harmonies of the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. with rock/metal and you indeed have - ANGRY SAMOANS.

Being one of very few rap or hip-hop groups who play live music on stage, The Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is unique in many ways. From hard core gangsta rap to rap mixed with rock music the Bo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. are truly one of a kind artists.

ANGRY SAMOANS is a unique blend of rap and rock/metal. Unlike their WEST KOSTA NOSTRA album, ANGRY SAMOANS lets the rock in these Samoans out. The music is as hard hitting as their harmonies and vocals. If youre a Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. fan this may be a side of them you have yet to experience.

ANGRY SAMOANS will be released in the US on January 31st, on First Kut Organization, a Division of Kent Entertainment Group Inc., and Samoan Mafia Records. If you cant wait, the album is available now for early release at .

The Boo-Yaa Tribe, originally consisting of the Devoux brothers Roscoe, Danny, Paul, Ted, Vincent and Donald-- are sons of a Baptist minister. Their skillz of surviving have brought them more street credibility than any other rap artists out there. They all served prison sentences, but after one brother was shot dead they decided to concentrate on their music. They have survived in the music industry with great music and great projects over the years. Donald has left the group but his brother Vincent has taken his place.

The brothers Devoux explained in an interview the meaning of the name Boo-Yaa Tribe. "Boo-Yaa, at that time was slang in the neighborhood for the sound of a shotgun, so we used the term to describe the impact of us on stage, blowing people away, and T.R.I.B.E. = "Too Rough International Boo-Yaa Empire."

Be sure to check out Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.s ANGRY SAMOANS January 31st and hear when rap meets metal and join the Boo-Yaa Empire.

A promotional CD giveaway contest will start February 1st on

Track List for ANGRY SAMOANS:

No Free Ride (Intro)

Skared for Lyfe

Breakin' Lyfe Sykos

Buried Alive

Full Metal Jack Move

Kill For the Family


Boogie Man

Where U Want It

Gang Bangin'

Mr. Mister Redeyes

Angry Samoans

No Free Ride (Outro)


Clinton Sparks & Kanye West Present: Touch the Sky

January 14th, 2006
Boston, MA- After recently being named one of Hiphops top 10 Mixtape artists by Rolling Stone magazine, Clinton Sparks and Grammy Award-winning artist/producer Kanye West fly into 2006 with Touch the Sky, a massive preview of Clintons Official album release, Get Familiar Vol. 1, due later this year.

Touch the Sky features all exclusive and original new tracks all produced by Clinton Sparks with guest appearances by Pharrell, D. Block, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Lil Kim, Mike Jones, Ludacris, Slim Thug, Dipset, Nore, Diddy, Freeway, Nas and of course Kanye West (six new tracks).

Also featured on the mixtape are exclusive freestyles by Q-Tip, Remy Ma, Peedi Crack & Young Chris and Pharrell, all featured on Clintons #1 rated worldwide radio show, Smashtime Radio.

Co-signed by the legendary Kanye West whose respect for Clintons relentless work ethic moved him to team up with the award-winning mixtape DJ and radio show host, Touch the Sky hits the streets January 17th, and is sure to be one of the biggest CDs of 2006.

Clinton Sparks is a tastemaker, trendsetter and entrepreneur. With his non-stop hustle, Clinton will be permanent major fixture on the scene for quite sometime--- so Get Familiar!

*****The mailout for Clinton Sparks and Kanye Wests Touch The Sky is currently being prepped, but in the meantime I have included a sampler link for you to peruse in the meantime.

The official Tracklisting for Clinton Sparks & Kanye Wests Touch The Sky will be sent out via e-mail on 1-17-06:

Clinton Sparks is now available for all press inquiries, to setup an interview please contact:

Matt Conaway@ Movement Marketing
Business #: 410-360-5957
Cell#: 410-903-7568
Alt E-Mail:
AOL IM: Matthewbrn

For more information on Clinton Sparks and his forthcoming album, please visit:


A-List Movie Stars, Hip Hop Artists, Celebrities And Sociologists Weigh-In
On The Controversy That Still Surrounds Use Of The Explosive N Word

(Los Angeles, California January 12, 2006) Urbanworks Entertainment will release the hard-hitting documentary THE N-WORD in stores nationwide on DVD beginning Tuesday, January 24TH, 2006. Written and directed by Todd Larkins, produced by Helena Echegoyen and executive produced by cultural critic and best-selling author Nelson George, THE N-WORD takes an entertaining, insightful and in-depth look at the use of one of the most controversial and explosive words in the English language.

The documentary features some of the nations leading celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Russell Simmons, Chuck D, Quincy Jones, Bryant Gumbel, George Carlin, Regina King and many more sharing their most candid and personal experiences surrounding the N word. It's a word thats been seared into the American psyche, says the films writer/director Todd Larkins. It's used to insult, enrage, demean, and oddly enough endear. It was a subject that begged for deeper examination.

The documentary serves up differing perspectives on the N word, many of which are based on generational differences. For example, Grammy Award winning composer/arranger and legendary star-maker Quincy Jones believes Americans should leave the word and all of its derivative baggage in the past. Conversely, Russell Simmons, who is largely credited with ushering hip hop into the mainstream American cultural landscape, believes the N word has evolved into a non-racial, familial _expression among todays youth that is often used as a term of endearment.

THE N-WORD producer Helena Echegoyen, who is responsible for developing some of the most profitable urban film franchises of the last decade, including Friday, the House Party trilogy and Set It Off, says she does not believe the N word should be extricated from the American cultural landscape. Its like being a little pregnant, no such thing. Its happened, lets deal with.

THE N-WORD combines dramatic, historical footage with performances by such contemporary artists as: the late great Richard Pryor, who used the N word extensively in his act before publicly renouncing it years later; and Chris Rock whose racially charged stage routines have earned him countless awards and a reputation as the leading stand-up comedian in the nation.

THE N-WORD hits stores nationwide on Tuesday, January 24, 2006.
It runs 85 minutes and will be sold for $19.99.

UrbanWorks Entertainment is dedicated to the acquisition, production and distribution of quality content to meet the needs of urban entertainment consumers. They are the creators and producers of the franchise, Platinum Comedy Series, which includes original, independent stand-up comedy programs starring Dave Chappelle, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Mo'Nique, Robert Townsend and many others. In addition to being the exclusive distributor of the BET Arabesque film series, UrbanWorks Entertainment has also been selected as the exclusive North American distributor for the classic animated series Fat Albert. In just a few short years, UrbanWorks has secured over 45% market share in the urban non-theatrical home entertainment market. Their mission is to continue to be the undisputed leader in this genre by providing a wide assortment of quality-driven titles from a variety of segments that contribute to the $890 billion urban consumer market. More information can be found on

Ventura Entertainment Enterprises, a dynamic 12-year old home entertainment company is the parent company of Ventura Distribution, UrbanWorks Entertainment, StudioWorks Entertainment, Studio Latino, Ventura Select and Ventura International. Ventura Entertainment Enterprises is a full-service sales, marketing, acquisition, product development, manufacturing and distribution company for independent producers and studios. For more information on Ventura Entertainment, please go to or

Filmmakers will be available for interviews. Actors are unavailable. Interested journalists please contact:

Anna Fuson
(818) 242-3780

Vancouver 2nd Annual RezX After Party @ Sonar Night Club Jan 27

Native Threads Fashion Show, Kiera, and Lakota Jones Added to the line up! 360sFinest, and Featuring Rezofficial.

The 2nd Annual RezX After Party set for Friday, January 27th at Sonar Night Club just keeps getting bigger and better! American clothing company, Native Threads have recently became sponsors and will host a fashion show with models provided by SAMAYA Photography to start off the evening. Also, sexy Aboriginal R&B artist Kiera from Yellowknife, NWT will perform as well as female hip hop sensation Lakota Jones from Ottowa, ON (the latest member of the Rezofficial family). All of this excellent entertainment will be added to the already confirmed performances from 306's Finest (Skye Stoney and J-Ross) and ofcourse Rezofficial! Organizers from RezX are also promising more surprise guest appearances and performances as the event draws near!

"All I can say right now is that this is going to be the biggest after party of the night for anyone coming from the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards that evening, it will be the hottest spot in Vancouver as far as Aboriginal entertainment is concerned and we will have some surprises along the way" explained Chris Ross, RezX promoter.

$12.00 Advance tickets On Sale Now!
Purchase TODAY (Advance Tix $12) by contacting Suzette from SAMAYA Photography @ 1-604-889-8615 You can now reserve your VIP tickets ($25) as they are already going fast by calling Suzette or e-mailing: (Door cover is $15.00).

Ticket sales for out of towners;
For people coming from Saskatchewan call Dave @ 306-477-5646
For people coming from Alberta call Chris @ 780-240-4413
For people coming from Manitoba call RezX @ 1-866-485-2380

Check out Sonar's VIP section and club @

They don't call us RezX Promotions for nothing!

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