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suicide of hooker van duesen cover

Peloria Publications


The Suicide of Hooker Van Dusen John Dancy-Jones
Illustrated by David Larson
40 pp. paperback $5.00

Kamikaze Polar Bear Sinks Nuclear Submarine Roger Lell
Poetry chapbook $5.00

The King of Spain Clark Holtzman
Poetry chapbook $3.00

City Renewing Itself Tom Heffernan
Poetry chapbook $3.00

The Baby Boom Blues Gerry Dawson
Poetry chapbook $3.00

Whole Poems Karen Bartlett
Poetry chapbook $3.00


Half Moon Press


Windcar, Selected Poems of Virgil Hinds Virgil Hinds
Poetry chapbook $6.00
Nostalgia and technology mingle in these elegiac pieces.

Designs For A Utopian Zoo David Wiley
92 pp. paperback $6.00
1990. ISBN 0-929170-51-2.




Parallel Lines David Weaver
54 pp. paperback $6.00
Two stories by this short story master.
1991. ISBN 0-929170-50-4.

Shovel Love Cindy Floyd
70 pp. paperback $6.00
These poems may recall for you the legendary no-script performances of the 1980's.


Miscellaneous Small Press Titles


Mind Snakes Richard Butner & Michael Carter
Richard Butner is an established speculative fiction writer.  This early work, done in blended concert with Carter as artist, blends declamatory and concrete styles of poetry with black and white illustrations that take you right back to the sixties.
ISBN 0-92913301-3          $5.00

23 HOURS. Lee Moore, Nicole Welch, Karen Kletter, eds.
This 2003 art magazine was released as part of a huge retrospective/reunion show at Bickett Gallery in Raleigh, NC.  Reviews, essays, confessionals, art and photography all serve to present a montage of Raleigh alternative culture from the last twenty years of the 20th century.          $4.00

The Golden Legend Jeffery Beam
48 pp. paperback. $5.00
First book of this wonderful N.C. poet.
1981. Floating Island Publications.

Seeking Shelter Clyde Smith
Poetry chapbook $5.00
Political scatology meets personal angst. Buckle up for a ride with Clyde!
1989. Clear Words.

PostModern Cannibalism. Illustrated by David Larson. Roger Lell
Poetry chapbook $10.00
Larson's scratchboard etchings are unsettling and wonderful.

Citizenship Papers Clark Hanjian
Pamphlet $3.00
How to expatriate yourself politely .
1988. Clark Hanjian.

Frank Porter Graham: A Southern Liberal Warren Ashby
385 pp. hardback. original price 20.00 $10.00
This OP remainder is a treasure for any liberal, any Southern Democrat, any UNC alumnus, anyone interested in the political history of the South. The late Dr. Ashby of UNC-G documents and illuminates the illustrious career of the statesman and university president.
1980. Blair Publishing. ISBN 0-89587-009-6.


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