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The Paper Plant

Handmade Paper Products & Papermaking Classes

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Handmade/Hand-Laid Papers

Stationary sets . Five notecards with tipped-in writing sheet and handmade all-deckle envelopes. The cards incorporate various combinations of dried flowers including cornflowers, statice, bee balm, delphinium, honesty, larkspur and peony.
Select by envelope color: white, cream, lavender or rose.

Marbled sets . As above except a tipped panel of marbled paper instead of flowers.
Select by envelope color: white, cream, blue, green and violet.

Set of 5 cards & envelopes with ribbon $12.50


Blank books . Linen cured two-sided paper inside, with a handmade collage incorporated into the cover. The collages are unique objects which may contain lace, postage stamps, feathers or other 2-D objects. We will try to match your stated preferences for color and ingredients.
Select by inside paper: white, cream, or buff.

32 pp. 6"x9" Blank book $21.00
24 pp. 4"x6" blank book $12.50


Portfolios . A specially created combination of 6"x9" handmade stationary sheets with envelopes in a matching multi-color collage folder with pockets.

9"x12" folder with 16 sheets and 8 envelopes $25.00


Handmade recycled papers . 50% cotton or flax, 50% high quality scrap.
5 sheet minimum, order by color: white, cream & buff.

8 1/2"x12" laid paper $1.50@
12"x18" wove paper $3.50@


We will be glad to discuss commissions for larger sizes and quantities as well as any other special needs for handmade paper that you have.


About Our Handmade Paper

Our handmade or hand-laid paper is formed one sheet at a time with a mould and deckle, then "couched" onto wool felts and pressed. Usually it is dried Japanese style on boards, providing one textured and one smooth side. The pulp is made from "linters," a textile by-product consisting of cotton fibers, and high quality scrap collected from framers, printers, and artists. The paper is moderately sized with potato starch or methyl cellulose - tricky but usable for calligraphy, perfect for any type of printmaking.

Marbling is an ancient process from Persia first used on fabrics. Pure pigments are mixed with oxgall, making them buoyant and non-mixing. These are applied to the surface of thickened water, and swirled with pins and combs. The unique image thus created is transferred when a piece of paper is laid on the surface of the water.



John Dancy-Jones offers introductory single sessions for $25 ($20@ for 3 or more). The workshop is conducted in our residential studio, usually lasts less than three hours, and should provide opportunity to make about a dozen sheets of paper.

Call (919) 839-8277


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