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Austin, Texas 

Meant to mention I'm visiting Austin and checking out the scene. It's interesting here and, for the moment, home to that netweed guy, Clyde Smith. It's also the home of The Vortex, which is where I saw Tim Miller perform "Us." I also got to have lunch with Tim and, as I mentioned last time, told him about the Peter Brook show called "US." Anyway, he may or may not refer to it in the show. He's an artist and they're often unpredictable!

In case you're ever in Austin, there are some things that most anarchists would probably appreciate. Top of the list would be Monkeywrench Books, a very cool anarchist book store and community center. They've been open about a year, maybe a little more, and have done very well. They seem like they'll be around for awhile. They also have some interesting stores next to them including a sex shop, second hand shops and other cool stuff.

An older institution is Wheatsville Food Co-op. You don't have to be a member to shop there and it's mostly a well run coop from what I can tell. Decent range of goods without being too uptight about what they'll carry but definitely carrying a lot of good stuff.

The Austin Chronicle is one thing to check to see what's going on more generally. The print version that comes out on Thursdays is much better than the online version but you can still get an idea of the kinds of things that happen here.

I wish I could recommend a great bookstore, especially for you theory heads. Bookpeople is worth visiting, it is locally owned but pays its booksellers very low salaries. The selection is good as long as you're not trying to get too deep. The used bookstores here are a little disappointing though I haven't checked much out. Half Price Books is huge here and people don't seem to realize that it's a national chain. I bet they're patronized by lots of people who think they're supporting a local business. I've heard of some interesting locally owned used bookstores but haven't checked them out.

I may add more about Austin but I'll definitely start doing more scene reports when I travel more or find out more. If you know of anarchist or theory head spots worth mentioning that have a web presence, let me know. I'll try to start covering more of such things.



Tim Miller's "Us" 

Just got back from seeing Tim Miller's new show "Us." For those who don't know, Tim Miller is a queer performance artist who got famous for being part of the NEA 4 way back when. His new show is still a little shaky but worth seeing. Like many of his shows, it mixes autobiography, flights of imagination, everyday objects transformed into metaphor and political commentary.

I like Tim's work and this one makes some nice points on the state of gay rights in the U.S. at a time when Tim is having to leave the States to be with his partner who is being forced to leave the country. Since the Texas sodomy laws just went down there was mention of that along with discussion of gay marriage.

However the most interesting component was his use of his childhood interest in and identification with musicals, organized around the issue of whether or not he should pack those old records for his exit from the States. At one point he lays the album covers on the ground and uses them like a stone walkway as he builds up to his identification with Oliver. As he lays the covers down, he talks about the political implications of each one. From an antiracist reading of South Pacific to an antichurch reading of Sound of Music plus multiple queer readings of various shows.

One thing I'm going to ask him about if I get a chance is whether or not he knew of Peter Brook's late 1960s antiwar production "US" done in England during the Vietnam War. Probably not or he would have mentioned it during the sections of his piece that discuss the Vietnam War, especially since he talks quite a bit about his affectation of an English accent as a queer youth and England is where he's headed in a few months. Maybe I can influence his art in this tiny regard!! I'll report back if I get a chance to pass on this info.

I don't know if Tim would call himself an anarchist but he's done a lot of political action in the streets as well as on stage and he could certainly be considered a fellow traveler at the very least. Check out his last tour before exile, though certainly not his last tour of the States.

- Clay Richards

just another fucking anarchoblog 

i can't write essays any more. i just don't have time. but i know some of you are feeling me, even if you're not feeling me up. links to old essays are in the upper right corner. i'll write the about one soon. really, i swear. till then.

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