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Hip Hop Convention 

Hip Hop Logic alerted me to surprisingly good coverage of the National Hip-Hop Political Convention from


Arts, Queers, Politics 

Jeff Chang gives an insider's perspective on the National Hip-Hop Political Convention.

25th Annual Queer Issue of the Village Voice.

More news regarding the governmental attack on so-called bioterror artists.

Bay Area Indymedia has released its first issue of Fault Lines, available in the Bay Area or as a pdf download.

Interview with Joan Blades of


The Smoking Gun 

The Smoking Gun now has memos on U.S. interrogation and torture techniques approved by Rumsfeld and documents on the less important but more entertaining story of the jerkoff judge.


Fahrenheit 9/11 

So now a conservative group is trying to block ads for Fahrenheit 9/11 by invoking campaign laws. People are so scared of this movie that I guess I'll have to go ahead and see it now, rather than waiting for the dvd like usual! If you're obsessed by Michael Moore and/or this particular movie, Yahoo has a Michael Moore news page to keep you occupied.

Mentally Ill Republicans Swilling Fluoride 

Mental illness is a serious problem and it pisses me off that the Republicans address it by turning healthcare into a surveillance program designed to benefit big pharmaceutical companies.

Speaking of mentally ill Republicans, I haven't said anything about the death of Reagan. I missed my friends' drunken celebration and I think I'd put this blog on vacation so I haven't given you all those links that point out that it was under Reagan that homelessness really took off bolstered in part by dumping mentally ill people out of hospitals and into the streets. He did lots of other shitty things too that I hope you were reading about rather than watching the circle jerk around his coffin in the mass media.

If I was really old school I'd be ranting about fluoride in the water.


National Hip-Hop Political Convention 

Over at Hip Hop Logic, Clyde's been posting news items about the National Hip-Hop Political Convention that's wrapping up this weekend. Where Russell Simmons's Hip Hop Summit Action Network focuses on star power to get young people to register to vote, the Convention brings together grassroots activists as well as newcomers to the political scene. If you catch this post at a later date, coverage of the Convention at Hip Hop Logic starts with this post.


They Keep Lying 

When They Should Be Resigning

Even though I'm glad to see a wide range of opposition to the Bush administration centered on the debacle in Iraq, the fact that so many people believe that Saddam Hussein was connected with al-Qaida, even though no credible evidence has ever been offered, is a strong reminder that people will choose belief over evidence as often as possible. That's something I was trying to get at before I took my recent break in an initial post with a followup. And I think that a lot of the Bush admin's statements are intended to reach the voters and to benefit from the relatively polite discourse among U.S. politicians and the U.S. press regarding the war. They keep lying when they should be resigning.


A Slow Return 

I'm going to return to action very slowly but I just wanted you to know that Jim Hightower has a convincing argument for the strength of people's media and that Dave Winer is an asshole.


Support the Critical Art Ensemble 

Artist to appear before grand jury in relation to possible bioterrorism charges. Other members of CAE subpoenaed.

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