Clay Richards, anarchist blogger, writes about politics, art, sexuality and emerging digital realities. More poststructuralist than postmodern, politically incorrect to some, harshly critical to others, the Postmodern Anarchist believes in anarchy without anarchists, yet will freely discuss anarchism at the drop of a hat. Contact: postmodernanarchist(at)netweed(dot)com

The Postmodern Anarchist now resides at!


Ah, Vacation! 

Clay Richards has decided to take as much time off as possible this summer. Stay tuned for his inevitable return.


Fahrenheit 9/11, BODYWORLDS, Graduation Implants 

indieWIRE interviews Michael Moore and discusses Fahrenheit 9/11's world box office potential.

BODYWORLDS, featuring the "Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies," is now showing in L.A.

Not sure about that important gift for a special young lady? Try giving her breast implants!

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