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Back Into Retirement 

I didn't want Hunter S. Thompson's suicide to be my last post, but there it is, though this announcement is not nearly so final. Yes, I'm going back into retirement but, unlike Jay-Z, I won't be playing weekend warrior (plus I don't have his cash flow). The problem is that I've become the blogger I despise, who posts just often enough that people check back, hoping for something mildly interesting and being disappointed over and over again.

This blog is now officially in archival mode until further notice. Please don't hold your breath cause I could get sued if you suffer brain damage and whatnot. Do consider keeping up with things via netweed's Headline News and Anarchy pages. In general, we've tried to feature some choice newsfeeds throughout netweed's Web Directory & News section. Check it out and live the current trend of moving from search to discovery.

Till next time,
Clay Richards
The Postmodern Anarchist


Hunter S. Thompson Commits Suicide 

I've always had sort of a love/hate thing going for Hunter S. Thompson and I'm torn between sadness and lack of surprise at his suicide. I've enjoyed what I've read of his writing, especially from the 60s and early 70s. His approach really seemed appropriate to the time, although I read the stuff after the fact. And he became one of my favorite Doonesbury characters, back when I read Doonesbury.


First Monday Still Rocks 

I've always loved the online journal First Monday, but the February issue is especially hot, with articles on such topics as:
Media portrayal of hackers and hacktivism before and after 9/11
The social structure of free/open software development
[social structures i would think, but it depends on the appoach]
Discovering use patterns in digital library and Web–based information resources
[yeah, i'm a geek]
and some sort of reflection on digital music.

I'm sure it's all well worth your time, even if I'm just working off the table of contents.

Blog Alert: Orcinus 

I'm sure the name is meaningful, I just don't know why. But this blog by journalist David Neiwert is a great source for following the suppression of free speech and related issues.


Military Humor and Political Correctness 

I'm not sure I contributed much to the military and political correctness discussion over at the blog of GoDaddy boss Bob Parsons. But I gave 'em my 2 cents and that's a lot for me these days. You know, when GoDaddy took on Verisign (multiple times), they really stood for the people while doing alright for themselves. But I've yet to see anybody use the term politically correct in an intelligent way, at least since the Maoists and lesbian separatists stopped using it. Now it mostly seems to be a way for reactionaries to defend stupid comments and justify their lack of interest in social responsibility.

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