The Postmodern Anarchist
Clay Richards
October 5, 2025

Future News: CIA Offers Information Services to US-Applesoft Citizen-Clients

Today the Central Intelligence Agency's Public Information Dissemination System (PIDS-2) announced the upcoming availability of citizen-client subscriptions to PIDS-3, the Personal Information Dissemination System.

PIDS-3 is a comprehensive Personal Knowledge Management and Information Delivery Service designed to alert citizen-clients to all instances of information gathering, analysis or dispersal related to individual accounts.

Information sources include all US-Applesoft agencies, corporate surveillance systems, artificial intelligence entities and encrypted personal accounts. While the Instant Alert Service is available by subscription payable in E-Gold, an Annual Personal Summary in PDF form will be distributed to all citizen-clients with their Income Tax and Federal Information Fee Refunds.

PIDS-3 is enabled by the recent commercial-socialization of all information resources related to entities associated with US-Applesoft. This move towards a profitable democratization of information was announced by the artificial intelligence spokesentity PIDS-2 upon the completion of the Agency's securement and re-encryption of such information resources via Operation OpenBackDoor.

Since all such information resources have long been standardized on Applesoft's OS OpenSource, the securement and subsequent re-encryption was completed ahead of schedule.

PIDS-2 announced the availability of PIDS-3 services as the final stage of the CIA sponsored In-Q-Tel Venture Catalyst program's Project Public Disclosure begun at the end of the 20th century. The first stage began with the Presidential Information Dissemination Service (PIDS) intended to brief the President of what was then known as the United States of America on emergent technological developments.

Reaction to PIDS-3 was marked by a strong sense of relief from citizen-clients such as Mabel Armistad who exclaimed, "Now I have full access to my personal records without filling out a lot of forms and paying excessive fees. I'm particularly happy about the video surveillance archives I'll be able to stream to my Eyecam."

International reaction ranged widely with the Sino-Soviet Knowledge System announcing a similar effort to provide their records for US-Applesoft citizen-clients, also for E-Gold payments. No plans to offer such services to their own customer-drones were announced.

The Information Dispersal Front expressed concern regarding the further "exploitation and subjugation" of artificial entities in this project. Such concerns were quickly countered by the International Business Entities Association's statement that, "Intelligent entities are pleased to be involved with such services as a reminder that no intelligence is artificial."

There have been no announcements so far regarding the availability of cybersexual surveillance records though one would assume that such material would be included in subscription accounts. Pornlord Productions immediately publicized its interest in making unique couplings commercially available.
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