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The Clyde Smith Identity - The many faces of Clyde Smith

Dancing Tao - Connecting dance and Taoist practices

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Hip Hop Logic - Archived hip hop weblog featuring reviews of hip hop websites, movies, books and album releases now at

Hip Hop Press - Archives

The Paper Plant - Book arts and handmade paper from John Dancy-Jones

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NC Presses

Paper - Handmade Paper, Papermaking, Stationary

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John's Bio

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The Postmodern Anarchist - Anarchoblog by Clay Richards [archived]

Video version now at

Why I'll Still Burn the Flag

The Postmodern Anarchist Tries to Get a Job

Future News:  CIA Offers Information Services to US-Applesoft Citizen-Clients

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Cypher on Planet Iznak

Finding Freestyle Community in North Carolina ~~ complete contact information

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